EU Server: Upcoming Anniversary Missions

Thanks to Glitch for letting me know about this.

Hello everyone,

I usually don’t post upcoming missions, but the missions, that are coming, are very, very interesting.

These missions will be active from Saturday morning (12.4.2014) to Tuesday morning (15.4.2014). These missions are:

- get 10k XP total (while being in top 10 of the team), get 30g
- win 5 random battles while being in top 5 XP-wise, get 30g
- cause 7000 damage in platoon, get 3x gold repair kit

All these missions are apparently repeatable!


- complete all of the above at least once, get 3 days of premium account

Not bad!

49 thoughts on “EU Server: Upcoming Anniversary Missions

  1. Damn, just as I will have to spend 12 hours a day at the university…
    That is not fair. :/

    • I guess since they say ingame that missionreset is at 6 o clock.
      But hey, 180g + 3 day Premium for just a few games. And the best is that this time will no “timed out” happen. :D

  2. Iam pretty sure that they are repeatable, once per day :D
    You know Wargaming… always stingy.

  3. I will be happy even if the missions appear to be 1x/day . I need 20g for another garage slot.
    + some nice bonus codes… OK!

  4. Pal, you start to writing in all beginning of sentences with “I usually don’t post …” :P
    I tought better than my english but funny 8)

    • I think what he meant was, “I don’t usually post about upcoming missions; but when i do, i prefer to post damn good missions.” :-)

      Eh…i kinda failed with the Dos Equis parody, ah well.

    • The FCM is the best limited-matchmaking T8 premium. It is also one of the most pretentious limited-matchmaking T8 premium to play in terms of focus and skill. Lack any of them in any measure and you’ll be better off playing a T5 Prem.

      Get the IS6 if you want a relaxed cash-farming tank.

  5. Good missions? I call them shitty all round. 50K xp is roughly what you can expect from doing a bunch of daily doubles without spending 24/7 on the game. That is, drumroll, 150 gold. YiHaaaaa! Give me a good old credit mission or bonus experience instead.

      • Great, how? You cannot do anything with it that really matters. A solid credit mission saves you time, same one with xp missions, but this thing does nothing for anybody except the people completely unwilling to spend a dime. And even to those it is not really worthwhile. The gold codes being bandied about are worth more than what you can get here.

  6. Why u talk about 180 gold, ss said its repeat able. Only once per day or so often u can between the 2.4.2014 to Tuesday morning 15.4.2014?

  7. People, please bear in mind the amount of…. not so skilled players wanting to get these missions done as well.

    If it helps illustrate my point, think of how random battles are when there is a x5 exp event……

  8. Very poor tbh. Even if they are repeatable you’d have to win 50 games just for a crappy 300 gold, which is worth about €1. How long would it take to win 50 games, lets say 50% W/R, thats 100 games of about 5min each… thats a f’kin lot of hours just for €1.

    Same with the 10k xp, maybe 5-10 games (if it includes doubles) and that is still an hour for 30g (about 10cent worth lol).

    Total waste of time.

    • Its not 50 battles, its 5 battles.
      Also remember that after the first day you get premium for 3 days..

      Lets say you play 5 different tanks (That you are good with).
      That should average on around at least 2000 xp per win when you have a double. (And if not, then you get some from the losses aswell)
      Lets say you lose once with every tank before you win with it. then that is 10 games..
      During those 10 games you should be able to produce 7k dmg.

      So 10 games a day for 3 days, and you get 180g, 3 days premium and 9 large repairkits.
      That is quite easy imo and if you dont feel like playing 10 games, then you might not need the gold anyway, since you have something better to do than playing this game.

  9. It’s the first time they’re giving gold as mission rewards and I won’t be able to play during the event.
    Epic :))

  10. And for asia, we have free garage slots by being in a clan while beng top 3 dmg dealers for 2nd anniversary lol

  11. why is everyone so excited, ever heard of WG EU fail, it’s gonna be 30 silver, not 30 gold

  12. Let’s be quite frank here, spending 1 hour minimum for 30 gold? And more realistically 2 hours minimum for most people/tanks. Now, unless you live in Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, this is really not worth farming. It’s better than nothing if you’re playing anyway, but I don’t share the excitement.

    Am hoping for x5 experience for first victory instead, high tier tank discounts, gold ammo discount, equipment discount.

  13. Oh snap… this sounds good…

    Well, my priorities:
    1# WoT Anniversary = 30 gold for 10k XP (Result are reset daily at 07:00)
    2# Long May He Live = 30 gold for 5 victories (Result are reset daily at 07:00)

    With my capabilities and crazy random MM probably can be done just in…. emmm… 2-3 hrs. XD
    If everything goes right in total i can get 180 gold, which i think is quiet good for those who desperately need gold.
    And WAY WAY WAY BETTER than limited bonus codes.

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