No more Codes in Streams in the Future…

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming probably got fed up with the crowds of code beggars in every stream and decided not to put out any more codes in streams:


Let’s be honest: it makes sense. The begging during WGL finals was terrible.

34 thoughts on “No more Codes in Streams in the Future…

      • At first I was genuinely interested to watch it, but then I found it boring.
        Then I watched once or twice to get a code. But then the pathetic beggars pissed me off.

        Watching only to get a code is one thing. Begging for one like a spoiled brat is a different matter.

      • Yes please. At least I can watch it in high res and don’t worry about video feed to buffer. It was very annoying.

  1. Typical mentality of the “entitlement generation”…
    I hope WG doesn’t give out anything anymore..

  2. to be honst the codes were the main reason I watched the stream. However later on I enjoyed those matches. :)
    It’s the right decision of Wargaming to cancal such giveaways. But I hope they will still have QR Codes for Gamescom in Cologne.^^

  3. LOL

    Yeah, totally not an “incentive” aka bribe to watch their streams. Maybe some people are genuinely interested in watching them but I know for certain that the majority were there for the free stuff.

  4. Well personal i think its good, that they stop the codes in stream thing, but I think they dont do it cause of code spammers. That text reads more like someone from Misnk said:” You stupid noobs in Paris fucked up the code images and the code distribution in the stream. Therefore we wont let you do anything like that in the future again”.

  5. Wish they would just stop giving codes out altogether. Keep that stuff for VERY special events like Christmas/New Year and then just give one code for everyone, 1 time use for all. These number limited codes are a recipe for disaster.

    Much better to put more missions in the game like the current T2 Light Premium one, or the old IS-6 one we had a few months back.

  6. I only recently know that I can get bonus codes on stream, so I was excited to watch the WGL Grand Finals stream, although I get some bonus codes but most of those codes is used up. And then I heard this leaked bonus code, so I search some bonus code and asked in FB WoT Groups.

    Currently I have 987 Gold from bonus codes and “change your password event”.

  7. If the codes where given away as “a good will gesture” then why put a user limit on them and piss everyone off? That’s not my idea of good will. If you don’t put a user limit on then who cares if they get leaked? . What they should do is make all the codes that were given out open to all users, then its FAIR TO EVERYONE.

  8. i saw one stream and it was just crap, so the code is/was the only reason to watch it

  9. Not a bribe same way as they won Golden Joystick without any support, just by sheer players’ love.

    If I like a game, I play the game, not lick a candy through glass watching a stream.

  10. Either lose the freeloaders who whine in chat all the time or lose those interested in watching the event who are turned off by the whiners.

  11. lol as if they are going to admit : yes we gave out the codes so we can bribe you!

  12. the french one had about 400 watcher and it was still full of english speaking beggars. i wonder how many were actually wanted to see the stream :)

    • Well I find it perfectly normal. WG spammed that event everywhere for weeks and few people are actually interested, so of course people expect to receive something if they are to watch the stream.

  13. It looks like they are now going to give gold out for missions, which is a much better idea.

    It would also be neat if they gave out gold for completion of in garage surveys.

    Example: they introduce a new map. When you’ve played it ten times, up pops a survey asking you for feedback on specifics of the map. If you do Ty he survey, get some gold.

  14. Vhaaaaaaaaaaat? Free 2 Play games and beggers? No Way Josey! Why you reckon WoT for Xbox won the “best” Game of Europe on Consoles. On consoles there are even more cheapass/broke people/kids. Beggars first class.