Possible WoT Occulus Rift Support? Needs 5-10 mil sold

Thanks to Orkel and Morten MotherBomb for this info.

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Hello everyone,

if you did read FTR yesterday, you might have noticed that Big Boss Viktor Kislyi (Wargaming CEO) gave series of interviews during the WGL finals in Poland to various magazines and portals. This time, he was talking about Occulus Rift support.



He said that they are aware of the thing and although impressive, the fact that World of Tanks is a F2P MMO that depends on massive numbers of players means that it will be supported only if the number of its users reaches 5-10 million, because otherwise, it doesn’t pay off. Same rule applies for Xbox One for example.

26 thoughts on “Possible WoT Occulus Rift Support? Needs 5-10 mil sold

  1. Wait. Does OR just need to have 5-10 million users/customers, or does Wargaming need to have a guarantee that at least 10 million WoT players will use this feature?

    Virtual reality in general is going to take off. It could even replace the amount of time we spend using our screens. I really don’t see Wargaming missing an opportunity here, not if War Thunder and possibly even Armored Warfare adopt it from the start. I sure hope they’re doing their research on this.

    • “Does OR just need to have 5-10 million users/customers”

      This. Only a fraction of those would play WoT, so the total number needs to be high enough.

  2. Wat. That doesn’t make any sense, Oculus Rift isn’t platform, its a feature, that shouldn’t taky very long time to implement. Well … maybe for WG, it would take some time.

      • Having Oculus Rift support doesn’t mean that they have to pay Zuckerberg. Not as far as I know. I mean, yeah they’ll have to buy one or two Rifts to test it themselves, but the support for it in-game is built by the company.

  3. WoT would need a totally new interface to work with VR
    switching ammo, using kits and fire extinguisher is done via key press or a series of 2 keys
    and keep in mind they banned keyboard macros – had a macro for repairing you tracks? forget it

    also this logic of theirs it totally bullshit
    wait for VR to sell, then they’ll support it, but it won’t sell if devs aren’t supporting it – it’s a chicken and egg thing

    • take PS4, it sold more than 6mil units world wide with XB1 close behind
      but you don’t hear WG planning a current gen console version of WoT, instead they made a X360 version that god only knows it won’t end up to WoWp fate

      • I’m waiting for the Gameboy version… (sold 118 million units…plus 81 million GBA (and GBA SP))
        Or a Nintendo 64DD version (at least N64 would use it’s ethernet once again!!!).

    • Nah, the old displays weren’t of sufficient quality for a good experience. OR has just barely reached the point where it can work, where you have a high enough resolution and response time, and that’s 2014.

  4. Implementing OR support in a game like WoT takes a couple of days for one programmer, not more. So you don’t need millions of users for it to pay off – that’s complete bullsh!t. How I could know that? Simple: I implemented OR support in a 3D game.

    • What exactly has to be implemented?
      I thought it’s a matter oft a driver… Nvidia out of the box or some 3rd party for ATI.
      At least that’s how my 3D glasses worked.
      Btw was not real pleasure using them in top of my own correcting glasses.

      • OR aren’t regular 3D glasses, so you need to change a few things in the renderer for them. Nothing spectacular though, and a piece of cake for every halfway decent graphics engine coder.

        • Yea, designing and implementing VR interface is likely to take much more resources than the whole rendering thing.

  5. Well…

    I’m using TrackIR with Warthunder, both for planes and tanks…

    It’s free, works with your webcam and works f-king great…

    You can “enhance” its abilities by making a “headset”, basically a cap with 3, 5, or more points to let it track your head in full 3D… ( Tinfoil hat time..!!!…)

    It doesn’t “need” this, I don’t use anything at all, it just tracks your head movements based on the T structure of your eyes, nose, mouth. I only have a £10 logitech cam and once you set up the deadzones and graphs etc, it works perfectly well…

    Very good in the planes.. just needs a little more tinkering (at my end) for tanks…

    Its been in Warthunder for 2+ years now…

  6. On the video, it shows some cinematics with AMX 50B on siegfried line then later comes along with other tank going to a ridge of something overlooking to an area of destruction, so what is that? Did I missed some video or is it an old video I didn’t saw before? Thanks and will appreciate if there’s a link.

  7. I don’t quite understand, how would it make wot better experience? There’s wouldn’t be any use for head movement tracking that I could think of and is it really that good on 3rd person games anyway? I’ve never tried oculus though…