34 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

            • Does there HAVE to be such videos? Especially in the context of the german tanks representing nazi germany. I know there are many many stupid ppl out there, but are u really crying about him not letting nazi germany win in his videos?

                • What was ur argument? “MIMIMI russian bias, hes not letting my lovly nazi nation win mimimimimi”

                  Btw that “no argument, so u use nazi” crying only works if u use the nazi term in a context where its not needed, but here its a fact that those “german” tanks represent nazi germany ;)

                • “My lovely nazi nation” ? Are you retarded ? I never said that. Just do yourself a favour and put your shitty arguments down your pie hole.

            • Professor Borsig is the best villain.

              Also he has tutorials on how to do animations like these perhaps some of the german tank fans can do the same? who knows!

        • He doesn’t even have videos where Germans win. Still his videos are funny for me,I just don’t have to take them seriously.

  1. I dont care about the fact that germans are always defeated in Ranzar, but it simply is not funny. Never. I watch it each time SS post it and i am even more disappointed every time :/ At least its well made.

  2. Ranzer video kind of lacking lately imo
    I missed the Hellcat & Chaffee duo episode more

    As for the German Vs. Russian tank?
    “No Comment”

  3. The problem with RanZars videos lately is not really german tanks, or even making fun of teh Fuhrarr – but rather the increasing amount of very obvious stalinism / russian patriotic fanservice that has been slowly creeping up, and is running pretty rampant in this very episode.

    This a pretty drastic change in style compared to his first videos, where it was all about quirky gameplay references, which also had german + russian tanks closely playing together, sometimes even as friends helping each other out. This surprised me personally, because most russians tend not to be like that at all.

    But it seems that the good RanZar finally collapsed under the pressure of his rabid nationalistic fanboy crowd, which he frantically tries to appease with his latest work. Pretty sad, if you ask me. Lots of talent going to waste like that.

  4. It’s in WW2 setting (stalin/hitler) so of course in this context german tanks represent nazi germany.

    • sry but i cant understand ur sentence… French and victories in one sentence without a negative, what should this mean, can u even use those words this way?
      *Na just joking*

  5. Vodka Drunkenski T-34 and his stellar work ethic always manages to crack me up.

    Am I the only one who mentally dubs the KV-2 with “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this”…?