Conspiracy, Russian Style – WG controlled by Gays!

On the NA forums, there are lots of conspiracy theories. RNG rigging, favourable matchmaking for top clans, Russian bias. These are old and tired. In the Russian community, it’s much more fun.


I worked there for almost a year. The developers are specifically chosen to be gays. This project is sponsored by the West. When they told me I had to go on a date with the department head (male), I had to quit.

It’s about 80% gays. Our department had less, but the rest have tons. Why do they pick out gays? It is simple. Their hate of normal family life gives them additional stimulation to work. They also use “25th frame” subliminal messaging and subconscious zombifying. The main goal of this game is to drag the male population of this country into the web of addition, and destroy the family as a part of society. Also it gives massive profits from addicted gamers.

I know of suicides because of this game, mostly teenagers. The company knows this and spends massive amounts of money to hide it. I would advise unhappy wives to write to the Belorussian KGB with the goal of forbidding the game on the territory of the CIS.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Yuri Pasholok embraces his secret nature.

So next time you post about a conspiracy theory on the forums, get creative!


63 thoughts on “Conspiracy, Russian Style – WG controlled by Gays!

    • Unless its the truth and its unbelieveableness is its cover, or, “Cloak of Gayvisibility”……..Sounds Sith to me, but I dy gress.

    • It’s sad but most people in the ex-soviet block would actually believe this.

      The “eurogay” union is one of the things that Moscow is making all of its payed trolls bitch and moan about.

      And older people actually believe this nonsense.

      I’m kind of shocked that the Russian propaganda and lies are kind of working. :|

      • That’s what i was thinking. Look at SS and everyone here just going “ha ha look at those silly russians” but this is the reason why human rights are problematic in these countries. People genuinly believe this, they believe people can be “recruited” to be gay and equally can be turned straight as if it is a choise. Stephen Fry did a pretty nice TV program on the subject i suggest watching it before making fun of the subject because it is a genuin problem. It also still extends to stuff like sexism and just discrimination in general for a lot of these countries (like how the USSR treated it’s maimed veterans after the war, complete disgrace).

  1. Wow, lots of politics over there. That is pretty extreme and would be insane if true.

  2. the escalation levels of this conspiracy is of the chart!

    what’s next? aliens? space vampires? zombie dinosaurs?

  3. So WG is not only reconstructing a Maus, but also a sacred band of Thebes. SO MUCH STRONK

  4. So i was right all along about Yuri being just a homophobe homosexual who trolls mainly to get attention. :)

  5. SS i feel you should post an addendum to this post to explain shortly the attitude of russians in terms of gays and family structure. It seems like it is an important issue in russia currently. A short explanation would help readers understand the basis of the conspiracy theory…

    • The entire issue is completely overblown. The “gay hate issue” before the Olympics was aritificially inflated, the alleged “anti-gay” law is actually not nearly as bad as the western media portrayed it. I don’t think there is any big social issue there.

      • Sorry, SS, but I have to disagree with you there. Maybe not regarding the wording of the laws discussed, I don’t know the texts, but overall the level of violence, verbal and physical both from the government and private people is very high in Russia and has always been like that.

        • You are right. You just need to watch a pride video on Moscow – even those called policemen don`t want to stop fights where participants of pride are being beaten. Its very serious issue in Russian Federation (together with other problems like racism, violence and discrimination all together), but still there is a lot of western advocacy too.

          • Russian policemen (at least the enlisted ranks) are not particularly inclined to do much of anything. There is a disagreement whether they consist of those too stupid to go work at McDonald’s or the other way around.

  6. I’m preeetty sure this one is just a joke… But who knows, Poe’s law and all that.

  7. The only solution to the WGay domination is to invade Ukraine as revenge for the Gay Conspiracy ruining the olympics. It was called operation “Gays of the Patriots”.

  8. This guy got it all wrong. WarGaming is actually Ga Wami’ngr, secret interstellar society of reptilian aliens feeding on rage. They are doing their best to make WoT annoy you a lot but also attract new players to feed on.
    One of the major reptilians is SerB known on his homeworld as Sgreyebur’ka the Yvskiov , legendary Lizard Overlord.

  9. “Also it gives massive profits from addicted gamers.”

    I do believe that this is what every single video game that you either pay money for or pay for in game items, in the world does.

  10. Some sick humor, probably “typically Russian”.

    Been to that 2nd World shithole btw, never ever going there again. Maffia and corrupt cops are pulling the strings behind the scenes, ordinary people are struggling to survive. Important human rights like freedom of expression like we’re used in the West, are being slanderd by media under Putin’s controle only to justify and/or mask his undemocratic (totalitarian) regime. But this can only be achieved with the acceptance of the people… It is not for nothing that Russians where ruled by dictators for centuries, the Tsars, then the Communists and now Putin. They where always to weak to fight them of, so they assimilated that flaw into their culture, justifying their weakness and covering their shame.

    Every nation gets the government it deserves. (Joseph de Maistre, 1811)

  11. Well .. it IS a game where you want to PENETRATE the REAR of others with your BIG GUN! ;)
    Quite obvious isn’t it? And think of those tankers in their cramp accommodations.. Hurr-durr!

  12. They also use “25th frame” subliminal messaging and subconscious zombifying.


    guess their agenda is to fuck your brainz out LQL