Storm talks about 9.1 Balance Changes


Hello everyone,

Storm just disclosed some info as to what will happen in patch 9.1.

- TD camouflage bonus after shooting will be removed (SS: currently, when shooting, TD’s don’t lose as much camo as other classes, this will be a nasty nerf especially to very fragile TD’s with big guns, such as the Borsig and WT Panzer IV)
- some light tanks will be buffed (at the very least, MT-25 and VK2801), MT-25 should be buffed approximately to the old T-50-2 level
- tier 4+ light tanks will have their MM tier spread reduced (there will be exceptions for certain vehicles)
- 12 of the worst tanks (statistically) will be buffed and 8 of the best will be nerfed

From the discussion:

- Veider states that the camo issue concerns all TD’s, they are too stealthy, this is caused a lot by the TD stealth bonuses
- after the nerf, TD’s without armor will have to keep more distance from their targets
- the list of “good” and “bad” tanks will not be disclosed now
- Aufklärungspanzer Panther will not be rebalanced in 9.1, but later
- Tiger I will be nerfed a bit
- rear-turret VK4502B will not be buffed or nerfed
- improved anti-aliasing will come until the end of the year along with Dx11 support
- Tortoise is slightly OP, but the armor change (nerf) in 9.0 will have some effect, if it’s not enough, it will be nerfed
- FV 215b (183) is apparently doing fine
- rebalance is not based only on winrate

173 thoughts on “Storm talks about 9.1 Balance Changes

  1. - 12 of the worst tanks (statistically) will be buffed and 8 of the best will be nerfed
    Let the guessing begin!

    • KV-1S will be nerfed, possibly Hellcat…
      and of course MAX 40, armour reduced to 10 to allow for some penetrations :P

      • naaah, kv1s will be buffed, didn’t you hear that cry about long reload and bad accuracy?


      • KV-1S will receive no nerf, neither will the Hellcat.
        AMX-40 will not be nerfed either.

      • How is rebalancing the outliers a bad approach? Other than starting from scratch that is how you ALWAYS rebalance a game, nerf the OP flavor of the month and buff the things that are bad enough that people don’t want to play them. (The are fundamental problems to fix, like the TD camo, but that is essentially a partial “start from scratch” as every tank in that category gets hit by it , good tank or bad)

        Do you want them to buff the best 10 and nerf the worst 8?

    • Buff:
      AMX-40, D1, D2, SU-100M1, SU-101 and some arties i would say
      OP-1S, Hellcat, Borsig, T18, Hetzer, SU-100

      feel free to disagree

      • The camo nerf will hurt the hellcat plenty. It’s otherwise a well balanced vehicle and no amount of butthurt whining can change that. I’d expect no other changes.

        • Bullshit

          90mm is makes it a beast.

          Remove the 90mm and you can keep your camo bonus.

          • The logic here is appalling. Just because you lose frequently to some hellcats with camo skill, doesn’t mean the tank is OP. Learn to play. The hellcat is very difficult to learn and is a high risk/high reward tank. Plenty of tanks can one-shot a hellcat. The KV-1s is both too fast, too well armored, and has too much HP. It takes little more skill to play than knowing when to hang back while reloading.

              • There is no reason to nerf the Hellcat, especially given the pending TD camo nerf. (Admittedly, that camo nerf won’t hurt the Hellcat as badly as other TDs given the common use of it as a front-line combat TD, rather than as pure fire support.)

                The hellcat might be good, but it isn’t unreasonably so. I have not yet driven a German tank of same or higher tier that was not able to handle a Hellcat with relative ease. It’s armor is not that strong, only the frontal armor is decent with its slope. Any tanker worth his salt can find an opportunity to hit his side armor or a weak point on the front.

                The Hetzer in no way needs a nerf. It’s very well balanced and performs its role on a battlefield well, but not so well to warrant a downgrade. Yes, it is MEANT to bounce a lot of front shots. Meanwhile it has practically no armor on the sides and back, has a MASSIVE weak plate on the bottom of his front side for any smart tanker to shoot instead of his slope, and its firepower is not that wonderful. Only the derpgun is something that could be called “good” firepower, and it isn’t wonderful in all situations.. A derpgun Hetzer is good at popping the smaller, weaker tanks that think of the Hetzer as an easy target. But take that Derpzer against a heavier target, especially if at range where it can keep its side armor protected, and it has a noticeable disadvantage against another TD or heavy/heavy-medium.

                KV-1S is undeniably in need of a nerf.

                DW2 is just as much (or more tbh) in need of a buff. God couldn’t save that thing.

                Pz III however has no need of a buff, it’s an excellent tank. Too many just try to use it as a “stand with angled armor and shoot at your target” tank, when its advantage lies in mobility and fairly good firepower, not in it’s ability to go toe-to-toe with anything.

                SU-100 could definitely use a nerf.

                AMX-40 could use a slight RoF boost imo.

                T18 doesn’t need modified. It already got a nerf, but it was beatable by a tanker who knew its weakpoints even before that nerf. Now it’s easy to kill if you know where to shoot it, or if you flank it.

      • T18 was already nerfed. Hetzer, Borsig, Hellcat, SU-100 and Underpowered-1S will not be nerfed.
        And AMX-40 might get one, it’s slim, higher chance of the Pz III and DW2 getting a buff.

      • Once it was tell, WR, rating is not most important. Good op rating is compare etc player overall wr and on one tank.
        T57 Heavy is OP, but only in good hand, if u not play wisely u die instantly. same WT auf. E 100.

  2. “MT-25 should be buffed approximately to the old T-50-2 level”


    • I was wondering because T-50-2 was quite an OP scout and was replaced because of this so… now they buff MT-25 to make it the same ? Coupled with TD camo nerf makes it more of an overhaul of game-play ;D

      • they didnt replaced him because he was OP but because T-50-2 was in reality slow infantry support tank (from what i remember)

        • “[...] because T-50-2 was in reality slow infantry support tank.”
          You mean the only one that was used in Leningrad and had no record of how it worked?
          BTW Pz2 & Pz1 are also “sluggish infantry support tank” in every historybook.

      • It was also because real-life t50-2 wasn’t quite “reactive”. mt25, on the other hand…

    • Hallelujah? Fuck that decision. T-50-2 was OP, we don’t need another OP rally car in game.

        • I think not as WTs will get nerfed for 100% and as Storm said lights will get better MM. We do not need T-50-2 running and killing every Pz IV other newbs.

    • To the people complaining about the T-50-2 being OP, do remember this:

      LTs take skill to drive. A T-50-2 driven by a red will get taken out easily (compared to the same player driving a KV-1S, who will at least do 400 damage in a single game). The T-50-2 was OP, but only when the player using it knew how to drive it.

      • 970 battles in the old T-50-2, miss this beauty so much! :<

        If they buff the MT-25 to T-50-2 lvl, I may rebuy it, but it will never be the same…

        • Only 380 here, but I still miss it. It was simply so much fun, and I really hope the MT-25 will be a decent active scout.

      • remember the time before physics? even “red” tomato could wreak havoc in a T-50-2 antigravitation tank if it was supported by 5+ hightier arties on Malinovka

    • I already like the MT-25 as it is now. It’s fun in tier 9 and under battles, could use some help in tier 10 battles. So many targets it can hurt with all these low armor German TD’s running around, not to mention mediums and American heavies with bad rear armor.

  3. - rear-turret VK4502B will not be buffed or nerfed

    The temptation to winge about the turret roof being overmatched is so hard to resist..

    • It’s going to be replaced by one of Maus prototypes anyway so I guess they won’t touch it unless some serious imbalance occurs, untill then sit back and drive it to battle just like in the good ol’ days ;D It’s still a king of side scraping so make him an honor and play him ’till he’s no more ;D

  4. - 12 of the worst tanks (statistically) will be buffed and 8 of the best will be nerfed
    ohh yes pleas, but still no KV-5 buff? i only got 46% on that tank, but my acc got 50+ ^^
    i really wait for that list though, finaly i can drive my IS-7 on himmelsdortf, agresive and dont have to worrie about getting one shotted by death star or getting murderd by waffenträger :) sorry for bad english

  5. - some light tanks will be buffed (at the very least, MT-25 and VK2801), MT-25 should be buffed approximately to the old T-50-2 level

    I have been waiting for this day. Old T-50-2, it was just awesome. MT-25, not really.

    And then a question. Do you know what happened to that so called “new method”, which came some time ago? Storm said that he will pass that to statistic department or what ever that was, but WG knew about that. Did they started to use it? Or did not?

    • T-50-2 was awesome to the point of making other tanks unawesome, that’s why it got replaced with more modest MT-25 :D but now… I guess the game needs a hardcore scout.

      • i would be more happy to see my T-50-2 once again as it was before than that MT-abonimation-25…

      • Nope. There’s a lot of us. :D Though knowing WG we’ll probably end up with something like aim time reduced by 0.1 sec… Offset by turret rotation and depression nerf ;)

  6. “Best” and “Worst” are highly subjective terms.
    I dare you to find *1* “worst” tank that everyone could agree on. Won’t happen.

    But to start things off, here are some that could use some help
    M3 Lee

    I’ll be pissed when (if) they nerf the Tiger 1

    • You might not get everyone to agree on *THE* worst tank, but there are a handful on everyone’s list. The ARL TD and the DW2 come to mind immediately.

      I’d like them to do some balancing by tier, to be honest. The AMX M4 isn’t the worst tank in the game, but it is the worst Tier 7 Heavy by quite a lot. It’s a heavy tank that mediums a tier below it can take out with ease.

      • T7 is actually a very good tier for heavies and the AMX M4 is hardly bad. You just can’t play it as a front line tank. Like all of the French heavies after the B1, it does far better as a 2nd line tank supporting another heavy: with a very good gun but lighter armor (didn’t stop me from getting a Steel Wall in it tho)

        Edit: In fact, if you look at the “new method” graphs for tank performance (here: you’ll notice that it is doing quite fine.

        • I got M4 45 and it’s a really pleasureful vehicle. It plays a lot like the FCM 50t, i.e. mix of heavy with medium. Very good, medium-like gun, good mobility (hell, with the top engine this thing ROCKS!) and so so armor.

          • I enjoyed the m4. The 105 with gold rounds was nice. I would have kept it but the t29 is just better and I wanted to help pay for 50 100. I am thinking of re buying the tiger but if they plan on nerfing it then probably not. Mainly wanted it for the HD model.

          • The Panzer III is better at being a heavy tank that the DW2 (80 mm of frontal armor vs 50 mm – you tell me which you’d rather have).

      • The big problem with the Lee is that it’s an unexpected gameplay change. Players who are used to driving tank destroyers with inaccurate but high DPM guns (the Lee’s DPM is a whopping 2200 – that’s on the level of a tier 7 medium) will feel right at home, but drivers who don’t like the playstyle should probably skip it.

        That being said, if and when it gets to use the 37 mm turret-mounted gun on it, while not being of much use for killing anything except for the occasional pesky light tank that tries to flank it, would still have a use that could make it exceedingly dangerous: blow the tracks off a tank in front of you, then spam 37 mm shells to keep them tracked, which allows you time to aim your 75 mm gun at a stationary target rather than a moving one, allowing you to make full use of your DPM with an otherwise inaccurate gun.

        Of course, the alternative that I’ve considered suggesting to WG would be to add another option to the game as a tier 4 medium: the T6 (aka M4 Sherman Prototype), which would have a more painful stock grind and worse performance on the same top gun, but at least has a turret so people will stop whining about the Lee’s lack of one. People who like TDs can have the Lee, and people who like mediums can have the T6. Everybody’s happy.

          • They said it would be once WoWS is released (because, you know, multi-turreted aiming is kind of required if you’re aiming the guns of a BATTLESHIP at the same target rather than just in a general direction), which won’t be for a while since it’s an alpha and from what I understand they’re still not sure how to make it work.

  7. - Tortoise is slightly OP, but the armor change (nerf) in 9.0 will have some effect, if it’s not enough, it will be nerfed

    That’s the biggest BS I’ve ever heard.

    • I’ve never, ever been in a game and thought “Oh no! A Tortoise! We’re in trouble now.”

    • 4k DPM is not OP ? The one of few TD capable of angling not OP ? Oh c’mon that’s just plain ruse what you have written.

        • Bacause the armor changes are not viewed as a nerf per se by WG. In the end (after the full HD rework) all Tanks should have more defined and different armor areas and that might even things out.

      • It’s not 4K dpm it’s 3,380. And armor angleing? lol now with the armor changes a 75mm can overmatch any part of the roof of the tank and no amount of angling is gonna make ur tumor any smaller. Everything other then the gun is utter garbage on the tortoise. I’ve never once feared a tortoise, especially if im driving a teir 9 or 10.

      • They’re nerfing the DPM because anything having higher DPM than their stronk Object 268 is blasphemy. :D

  8. TD nerf and top 8 tank nerf at the same time? Well… the waffles will be completely worthless now… Which is most likely WG’s plan.

    • Working as intended ™.

      Introduce OP high tier tanks into the game, get statpadders to throw gold at the game to rush the research, then nerf them “because balance”. It’s not the first time, nor the last.

  9. So if they nerf the TDs camo, can i complain about the E25? Because the strength of E25 is the invisibility. They said, they dont nerf any premium tank(because this is a huge nerf for E25), so can i get back the gold of E25? That’s not a SU-122-44 or a Dicker Max. That’s the E25 who has weak gun (but fast), weak armor (but fast speed). Now this tank is useful only for scouting after this nerf.

    • 1. It’s not just stealth but also mobility and small size
      2. It’s premium, I think it’s out of the question to change any characteristics of prem tanks especially when you remind yourself about Super Pershing’s shitstorm.
      3. It’s most likely that when any serious change do happen to E-25 you’ll get an option to receive a refund in gold. Just like in Super Persh’s case

      • So i want them to nerf Su-122-44. Then I would buy SP again. I truly regret selling that lil mothafucka

        • As an SU-122-44 driver…I’ll second that. It is a bit overpowered for its tier. Seriously, I’ve had tier 9 games with it where I did over 4000 damage with very little effort – provided I had the patience and the time to allow the gun to aim completely before firing (one time while outperforming my entire team combined, and naturally we lost that one – too bad this was a couple of patches ago, a high-caliber medal would have been nice for that game).

      • Moblity is good for scouting and fighting with turreted tanks, but this tank is turretless! I dont want a Tier 7 ELC AMX! (but the ELC still better because it has a small turning degree and big alpha). Small size means nothing, just more chance to not be shooted by blind KV-1S. (There are only few tank with bigger aiming circle than the E-25, so the size is pointless, and still this is a turretless tank so you can’t hulldown)

        • Then why did you buy it?

          Play the E-25 like a mobile sniper (like the Hellcat or Centurions). You take your shots, zip across to another flank that needs support, zip back, repeat. No one is telling you to scout (you can tho), or to rush arty (but you can), or flank (yep you can). You keep playing it as a TD but instead of sitting in 1 spot like slow turtle, you zip around picking people off for your team, where ever they need help.

          • I agree with but this tactic is useful only when the end-game comes (when 5-7 enemy tank alive). Until this you have to sit in a bush or scout. Now the only option is scouting.

            I buyed it because it’s stealthy, fast, and small(in the endgame the small size is good for close fighting because some tank doesn’t have enought gun depression to shoot you). Now they remove the stealthy ability, so it’s just an ELC.

            • What? How do you play any other TD? Are you one of the tomatoes that rushes the front in their Nashorn or Toaster? I run out of ammo on my E25 more often then I did on my Hellcat.

              • Shooting huge alpha, reload while changing position, and shoot again. Or shoot huge alpha and if he doesn’t bother you, shoot another big alpha.

                And i run only to some lone tank, like IS or any other tank with small gun depression(that my end-game tactic if it’s alone and it doesn’t have enough gun depression, so no rush to Nashorn :) )

              • E-25 has low alpha, so it’s reasonable for the vehicle to have lower camo penalty after shot.

                Seriously, deal 390 damage, got lit up, hide for 10 seconds for another chance? Fine!
                But 135 damage every 10 seconds? You must be kidding me!

            • An ELC without having its full camo whilst moving at full speed (light tanks have that as a camo bonus)

  10. So the release of 9.1 will mark the day when the waffle line dies as a whole. We all saw that coming sooner or later, for multiple reasons.

  11. - after the nerf, TD’s without armor will have to keep more distance from their targets

    Fine… but they better increase the view range then… and if they fire, they’re still going to get lit, this just gives them a chance to get a shot off before the barrage comes back at them.

    • I seriously can’t get my head around the idea, how that change is supposed to improve overall gameplay. It’s just promoting the use of high alpha TDs, and as many of the derps can’t really pen heavies it’s just a question of med hunting…

    • They won’t increase the view range. This change will force TDs that want to stay invisible to rely on their teammates more like most already are forced to as they can’t spot their own targets. The main change this will have is late game when you get things like 2 TDs sitting on base who are invisible and are one shotting the 10 enemy tanks that their team managed to weaken.

      And also the TD is still being usefull if they are having the entire team shooting them after they shoot(Learn to not just sit out in the open but have a way to pull into cover after firing from now on then and this won’t happen) then the TDs own team will now be able to shoot the enemies who are distracted. Again improving teamplay over TDs who can just camp a corner and solo half the enemy team no matter how stupid their own team is.

      • Promoting teamplay in randoms as a solution is an illusion, sorry.

        I must admit, that I am not experienced with the high tiers, but on lower tiers (up to/including T8) teamplay is most often as much an illusion as the notion of ” 2 TDs sitting on base who are invisible and are one shotting the 10 enemy tanks that their team managed to weaken” or “TDs who can just camp a corner and solo half the enemy team”.
        Keeping fire lanes for sniping open? Nope, just park that heavy right in front of the enemy, or right in that bush 15m of that TD! What’s a KV-2 good for? Sniping from third line of course!

        With all due understanding that some TDs are “OP” and the need for a nerf, I still don’t see how changing the camo-gameplay for more than 70 TDs so massively because of 3-6 “OP” vehicles can be ragarded as a good solution.
        In most normal games TDs that are blindly camping and trying to hold, are dead within seconds of firing the first shot already.
        If that TD was a 105mm T40 on tier 4 (or 152mm SU-152 on T7), then a target is dead as well. If it was a Marder 38t, then the enemy has lost about 110hp and the TD is down. If it was a turreted american TD, chances are good the enemy has lost about 100-250HP (based on tier) and the TD has vanished with hits for the same amount of damage…
        Personally I think TDs are one of the few vehicles trees that are still a little distinct in how they perform, and a one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work.

  12. Lol tortoise. Tortoise practically doesnt have a loader, because he is killed at the beginning of every single battle. I love to fight against Tortexperience.

    I hope they wont nerf bushes, i dont care about anything else in my Borsig.

  13. My E-25 is going to cringe….

    Aaaaand I’ll be pissed off if they nerf the Tiger…

    • E-25 has small gun. I believe that it won’t get as big a nerf as other TDs because if I recall somewhere the camo loss after firing a gun is affected by the caliber of the gun.

  14. ‘- rear-turret VK4502B will not be buffed or nerfed’

    Sorry but wtf. That tank hasn’t been touched in years, it was shit 2 years ago and its even more shit now thanks to gold ammo everywhere. The ONLY thing it has ever had going for it is strong front armour, now with premium ammo everywhere in tier 9/10 games it doesn’t even have that. The top gun is also piss poor these days, another relic from beta which hasn’t been touched.

    As usual, Russian tanks will get the buff treatment (new OP T-50-2 incoming) and the Germans will get the nerfbat (Tiger already confirmed). E-75 will be nerfed as well, probably the E-100 as well because since everyone started using premium ammo with it (its unplayable without) its probably doing too well.

    Oh and if they still don’t nerf that f’king KV-1S and Hellcat, not to mention T18, I’m gonna go ape shit.

    • [quote]ExoNut on April 15, 2014 at 5:07 pm said:

      It’s going to be replaced by one of Maus prototypes anyway so I guess they won’t touch it unless some serious imbalance occurs, untill then sit back and drive it to battle just like in the good ol’ days ;D It’s still a king of side scraping so make him an honor and play him ’till he’s no more ;D

      What he said, sometimes reading previous comments before writing your own helps…

      • That’s the only edge it has over the other tier 7s. Everything else about it is something that the other all do better at in one way or another. The Black Prince and Tiger P have better armor on the hull, the T29 has better turret armor and gun depression, the IS and T29 are more mobile and have better alpha damage. I won’t even mention the Chinese IS-2, since all of the same points of the Russian IS apply to it as well.

        The Tiger I is a bit like the M36 Jackson: good, but overshadowed in nearly every category by at least one other vehicle (in the Jackson’s case, it’s armor compared to the Hellcat). For the Tiger, it’s the DPM, because accuracy and penetration will only save you if the enemy isn’t shooting back at you, and that’s usually only the case if you’re sniping from the back (and even then it’s a crapshoot, as heavy tanks aren’t known for having a good camo index as a general rule).

      • Caernavon can only dream about Tiger DPM and has even LOWER ALPHA lol

        Tiger beats caernavon in standoff – despite being T7 vs T8.

        • I wasn’t talking about tier 8s, I was talking about tier 7s. The Caernarvon also has better mobility, and a gun better suited to sniping (1.9 second aiming time and 0.32 accuracy? Yes please!)

          Speaking of those, I forgot the AMX M4 1945, but that’s more like an oversized medium tank than a heavy, has comparable guns to the Tiger, and has even worse armor but is a lot more mobile.

          • What are you smoking, M4 is definitly not a medium, it s huge , sluggish and only has to be played like one because of piss poor armor, it will underperfom by both all medium and all heavy of the same tier.
            The gun isn’t the same AT ALL and is worse in every aspect 240 dmg 212pen 7rpm 0,36accu, 2,9 aim time, vs 240dmg 203pen 9rpm 0,34 accu 2,7 aim time, it s a LOT better.
            Add to that the fact that tiger has 300 more hp and actually lot better armor than amx M4 .

            Doesn’t mean tiger is really OP more mean that AMX M4 needs a buff , although tiger should get a slight hp nerf and little reduction in dpm.

  15. The tortoise’s armor is being nerfed??

    In tiers 5 to 7, the armor is fantastic, maybe OP.

    However, in tiers 8 and 9 the armor stays the same and you start seeing high tier matches with high pen guns and your armor is really not as relevant. The TD camo bonus nerf will likely be enough.

    • Good thing the gun is stellar then.

      Good accuracy
      Good damage
      Good pen
      Good RoF
      Good traverse

      The way gold ammo is tossed around, you can’t rely on the armor anyways. And with such good gun handling why not play second line fighter with it. Snipe and move in as needed (and that doesn’t mean camp, just far enough back to make killing the loader more difficult).

  16. Just great more nerfs, looks like I will be playing some of my other games until World of dumb ass nerfs gets fixed. Bad developers no money for you!

    • I really doubt the fact an average player will even notice the TD camo nerf, I never played sniper TDs anyway. How are you gonna hide T30? Far away, sure, but then you won’t hit shit. or SU-152. or anything like that… The only tanks that get nerfed are E-25 and the Borsig, which are both OP anyway.

        • It isn’t a serious nerf. You know what was a serious nerf? Stripping all the armour off Superpershing!!! E-25 is still the smallest tier 7 vehicle and it won’t be hurt that much by the camo nerf.
          Not like you play it as a sniper anyway.

      • Actually the entire Waffentraeger line is basically nerfed by this, as is all of the French TDs up until and including tier 8, and both Russian tier 10 TDs (and maybe the SU-122-54).

  17. Tortoise OP? lol! i see more and more of them only for a few seconds. Then they go boom instantly. Not to mention they are also rare.

  18. - Tortoise is slightly OP, but the armor change (nerf) in 9.0 will have some effect, if it’s not enough, it will be nerfed.

    Are they fucking with us? Worst tank ever. Every time I see it I’m like nice free dmg. And it was one of the most frustrating grinds.

  19. Tiger I will be nerfed a bit

    LOLOLOLOL, the biggest dissapointment from Tier 7 heavies: Tiger 1, they ruined that tank long ago and plan another nerf ? hmm maybe i did the right think to sell him as soon as i got Tiger 2…

    • Because it is a jagdpanther with turret, turret armor and sidescraping potential. Nerf it to 1450 HP and increase loading time by 0,1s :D

    • maybe you need to learn to play if you think the Tiger (especially after the huge buff it received not long ago) is bad.

  20. Very interesting…

    - TD camouflage bonus after shooting will be removed (SS: currently, when shooting, TD’s don’t lose as much camo as other classes, this will be a nasty nerf especially to very fragile TD’s with big guns, such as the Borsig and WT Panzer IV)
    My A> YES YES

    - some light tanks will be buffed (at the very least, MT-25 and VK2801), MT-25 should be buffed approximately to the old T-50-2 level
    my A> I better repurchase it

    - tier 4+ light tanks will have their MM tier spread reduced (there will be exceptions for certain vehicles)
    My A> about time but the damage has been done

  21. So, Tiger is finally competitive at T7 and they just can’t stand it so they have to nerf it. It has no armor whatsoever and it’s gun and DPM is the only thing that tank is about. I find it amazing how WG reacts fast and it immediately becomes their highest priority when some of the german tanks are doing fine(not OP), but when their fucking comrade machine such as KV-1S is overperforming for years now it’s still “fine” and low priority. They are disgusting pieces of sovjet shitbags. On the other hand waffleshit e100 is so broken it should be removed from the game and they don’t give a fuck because that piece of shit is making them tons of cash. DISGUSTING.

      • If it’s overpowered, then so is the T29, which is considered the best tank at tier 7 of all classes by most of the players.

        • We never said T29 is not, now did we?

          What players consider best and worst is very subjective…
          Check the EU forums, people are calling the Tiger 2 a bad tank… How do you achieve that level of potato??

          • Siemkas. That is all.

            The Tiger II, like the Tiger I, has a steep learning curve in order to figure out how to make the most use of your tank, but once you figure it out, it’s deadly, unlike a tank such as the IS which basically has no learning curve at all other than ‘don’t sit out in the open like a moron waiting to be shot while reloading’)

          • No, you didnt say t29 isnt OP, but what are you saying then? Only the Tiger needs nerfing now we’ve established people can actually do something in it? It finally has the gun that is on par with the IS dmg-wise, and it needs to be nerfed because smart players play it to it’s max potential? Give me a break.

  22. These changes will be very welcome. They may nerf one of my favourite tanks, but still I’m for overall better balance.

    Scout buff and TD camo nerf also sounds like there will be a lot less of those boring campfests. Can’t wait.

  23. the JPE too stealthy?

    bwahahah…..*starts crying at the thought of being spotted no matter where on a map he is*

  24. - after the nerf, TD’s without armor will have to keep more distance from their targets

    I bet i will still see flakbus (400m viewrange) in the first line ;)

  25. Of course.

    Fucking of course.


    Sorry. I had to do it. I can’t stand against nerfs anymore.

    • Did u miss the extrem Tiger Rof buff and gun depression buff making it one of the best tier 7 tanks?

      • It’s still no T29. It’s more like a medium tank than a heavy: no armor (angling only works if you’re getting shot at from only one direction, and with so many medium tanks an tank destroyers around that’s usually not the case), decently mobile (not IS levels of mobility, but good) and a good gun that, while accurate and having high pen, doesn’t have the alpha of the guns on the IS or T29.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tank, and I love it to death, but seriously WG, stop yanking our chains already! You have your fun with the Russians and Americans having the metagame shifted so ridiculously in their favor much of the time with their higher alpha that it’s ridiculous. Nerf the tanks that are actually overperforming (KV-1S, Hellcat, T18 etc.), not the ones that have their stats artificially inflated by players that actually know what they’re doing.

        • Your not saying that there are many good tiger drivers?

          Just look at all those witman and Rommels reincarnations that are to stupid to make use of tigers main advantage: The gun and especially the DMP/Rof.

          And pls, IS and mobile? Do u play another game?

  26. Re: nerfing

    Seems to me that historically (and yes, I know this game isn’t accurate, but they keep playing on those edges) some tanks were crap,and some were excellent (the Tiger springs to mind there) so why not just leave them that way? This constant attempt to level the playing field will make every tank the same, and make the game boring.

    Some tanks are crap, plain pure and simple.

    • It wont make the tanks the same.
      Balance =/= same tanks.
      Just almost as effective overall.
      The actual tanks may be VERY different, but if their + and – work out to the same degree overall, then the tanks are balanced.
      Also some tanks may have higher skill requirements too.
      StarCraft is considered very balanced. Terran=Protoss=Zerg
      Skill wise, Terrans are easiest to learn for a new player. Does not mean Terran are best, just that they are easiest on average to learn.

      Ohh and Tiger 1 was not exactly excellent :P

      • It was pretty good when everything was in working order. Definitely not as good as the myths made it out to be, but historically it was a match for the IS-1s in most respects (we’re talking about the IS with an 85 or 100 mm gun, not with the 122 mm gun). That being said, in-game it already has a mountain to climb, what with all the tank destroyers at higher tiers, and the fact that the undisputed best tier 7 heavy (if not the best tier 7 tank), the T29, SHOULD be at tier 8, as it was designed to counter the Tiger II originally (it was originally intended to be a production vehicle, and only became repurposed as an experimental gun platform when it became clear that the war would be over before it could be put into production in appreciable numbers).

        • OK, if T29 is at tier 8, then I have 2 questions:
          1. What about T32?
          2. What will be tier 7?

          Tiger 1 was a match for IS-1 with 85mm with bad optics (real 100mm D10T was close to 88L71 in both penetration and accuracy… if not more accurate), however the WoT Tiger mounts an 88L71!
          The IS-2 and Soviet IS-1/2 are decent tanks. Nothing exceptional and I like them. Tier 7 aint too bad balance wise, it can be fixed.

  27. hellcat is not OP, it may have a good speed and gun, but zero armor, and slow turret/hull traverse. its like one of the tanks which are good in pro hands.
    while kv1s is… so fking overpowered. speed, troll armor, and 4x122mm at tier6, oneshotting all tier4, lots of tier5, taking half of tier6s, even tier8 has to fear it – you may bounce from the side of it, but the sniper 122 will hit your gun port from 700m. but eh what will happen, they nerf some ok or underpowered tonk to useless level, while little russian kids can pwn anything in their stronk communist fairytale op1s.

  28. no DONT NERF THE CHAFFEE!!! please i just got it !!!!!
    You did not mention it on the post !
    i have not played it once, because im still traning my crew!!!!

  29. Woooohoooo after nerf and re-nerf and re-re-nerf VK2801 will finally get some love? Woooooohoooooooo, love it :)

  30. “…tier 4+ light tanks will have their MM tier spread reduced (there will be exceptions for certain vehicles)…”

    tier 4+” SCOUTS” need their MM tier spread reduced

    please buff the view range on the T-50, it plays like a tier 4 medium at the moment….

    • Also the PZIII/IV view range is 320m at tier 5 ?
      some tier 2 have that!!!
      the sherman gets 370m, the M7 gets 380m, the PZ4 gets 350m even the russian t34 gets 350m?

      • Yup, but said Panzer III/IV is a decent combination of excellent mobility, okay frontal armour and relatively good gun. You can’t have everything.

    • I hope the A-20 gets its MM reduced to a max of tier 7. That would be enough for me to buy it back. I like the speed and the 45mm gun, but it’s such a bad passive scout that it needs to be limited to battles where it can damage at least some of the tanks it faces.

  31. - 12 of the worst tanks (statistically) will be buffed and 8 of the best will be nerfed
    RIP T-54, Hellcat, KV-1S, and Rhoomba

    • T-54 is underpowered. Hellcat and KV-1S are the most balanced tanks in the game. And what the hell is a Rhoomba?

      • And what the hell are you smoking?

        T-54 underpowered? ARE YOU KIDDING?

        Wait… i get it… you are sarcastic :D

        • Considering the tier 9 Chinese WZ Med and the Centurion 7/1 are statistically better, no, I am just stating a fact.

  32. - after the nerf, TD’s without armor will have to keep more distance from their targets
    Or in other words: “Camp harder!”

  33. How exactly is one supposed to “keep more distance” on maps literally riddle with chokepoints, obstacles, turns, ridges, etc etc etc?

    Yeah, you keep mentioning the WTF E-100, Rhm B, E-25 (and for good reason, mind you), but MOST Tank Destroyers up to Tier 8 or 9 rely on not getting spotted. Ever.

    First that comes into mind is the lovely (I don’t think anyone in their right mind can say that it’s OP) Sturmgeschutz III, with its bat-level of view range. Or even the SU-85, that is completely mediocre (leaning towards “bad”), with equally bad view range.

    Those are just 2 examples out of many possible (mostly TDs that have no armor whatsoever able to bounce shots, so they must rely on being ninja killers); seriously, am I the only one APPALLED by the idea of actually letting my retarded potato teammates do the spotting for me?! Y’know, usually I’m doing doing the spotting for the rest of my team in the first place…

  34. FINALLY the MT-25 is getting buffed. It’s been sitting in my garage forever.

  35. - TD camouflage bonus after shooting will be removed (SS: currently, when shooting, TD’s don’t lose as much camo as other classes, this will be a nasty nerf especially to very fragile TD’s with big guns, such as the Borsig and WT Panzer IV)
    - some light tanks will be buffed (at the very least, MT-25 and VK2801), MT-25 should be buffed approximately to the old T-50-2 level
    - tier 4+ light tanks will have their MM tier spread reduced (there will be exceptions for certain vehicles)
    - 12 of the worst tanks (statistically) will be buffed and 8 of the best will be nerfed

    *Looks at calendar*
    Nooooo…. it’s not April the 1st?

  36. “Tortoise is slightly OP, but the armor change (nerf) in 9.0 will have some effect, if it’s not enough, it will be nerfed”


    armor on tort is worse than the at-15 a tier below it. only good thing is the gun, otherwise it’s shit

  37. You gotta love those WG devs – I can bet all my ingame gold on this one, that after the TD nerfs everyone will start to cry about OP heavies and meds. WG, why u so silly and don’t learn from your mistakes at all?

  38. No way the Tiger I will be nerfed again? :(
    In the beginning this tank was shooting strait and far just like the real one (historical)…… good sniper tank.
    But after the first few nerfs it keeps on pulling my hit ratio down,
    and it be came useless to play as a sniper tank.
    So who knows now with the reworked auto aiming hits on critical parts of the tank body (big joke rarely used it)
    the Tiger1 becomes again the sniper tank? explains maybe this nerf again.

  39. “Tortoise is slightly OP, but the armor change (nerf) in 9.0 will have some effect, if it’s not enough, it will be nerfed”

    you cant be serious right? who the hell comes up with these statements..the only good thing about the tortoise is the gun, the armor is complete garbage, yet its considered OP when its tier 10 counterpart can roll for over 1700 damage? i mean really WG…..if anything the tortoise needs an armor buff.

  40. If i understood corectly, technically, KV-1S won’t be nerfed or buffed – it will be split.
    Those bastards want to nerf my beloved Tiger, i’m pretty sure it will get a ROF nerf, I’m sad. :(
    Poor Hellcat, loosing camo bonus will make him a piece of crap, tier 4and 5 fast scouts will make fun of him.

  41. I hope they will reduce the Pz I C mm to tier 3-4… It cant do anything to tier 5 tanks (except for LT’s and the T49)!