9.0 “Feedback”

Well… I’ll be brief. I downloaded the patch 9.0 and installed it just like everyone else. My computer is not good, but it’s also not utter crap. Previously, I ran WoT on medium terrain setting, high model setting, shadows turned off, medium lighting, medium post processing and all that. My FPS was between 30-50, depended on the map. Map loading was quite comfortable (apart from the winter Himmelsdorf and Windstorm, those loaded very long for some reason). Without even trying historical battles, I went straight for random with my old settings in place – and the result?

The game was completely unplayable for me. Same settings – 10-15 FPS. Absolute nightmare. This shit wasn’t there on the test, first test worked just fine for me at least…

And to top it off, the battle (Himmelsdorf) loaded TWO FUCKING MINUTES. Same settings, mind you – earlier, 10-15 seconds, now two minutes. Very skill, many programming, wow.

Alright then, out of battle and change settings.

- textures: medium (I refuse to play on “low”, fuck that shit, played on “high” before)
- pretty much everything changed to low or off

Another battle, new Pearl River. This time, map loads significantly faster (15 seconds or so). 15-30 FPS (VERY fluctuating, depending on what goes on the screen), but what is worse, everytime I switch to sniper mode, there is a 0,5-1s “lag” where the computer loads something from the HD. This used to be a problem for me until it was fixed like half a year ago, not sure by what, but it’s back. Another issue, even with low post-processing (or that thingie that according to the tooltip controls the smoke quality), artillery explosions cause MASSIVE FPS drop for me (to 5 FPS or so).

Result: the game is completely unplayable for me. Sure, I could (again, after a year and something) return to the old render (not sure it would even help, the improved render gave me more FPS), but… no. I’ve had it. The game is laggy as fuck (normal on patch day, but it was laggy even before today) and now that the FPS is gone as well without making the game look like shit, there is no real reason for me to stay, especially when Elder Scrolls on my computer run smoothly on medium/high details, without the game looking like something from 2001.

Sorry, that’s it. I am quitting WoT.

Edit: before anyone panicks, no, FTR is not going away, I wouldn’t be such an asshole. After all, I already took the money. I’ll keep running it, I just won’t play anymore.

Edit 2: As you well know, I am quick to anger – so after chilling a bit, I will try cleaning up the computer, updating drivers etc. and we’ll see.

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          • We’ll see? Not talking about myself, but SS, how do you think people will react when they donated gold to you and you just go “after a month, we’ll see about FTR”? I don’t think that’s fair to anybody who donated, even if it was their own free will donation.

              • I didnt say forcing him to play, i wasnt even talking about playing at all.
                If SS will quit WoT, will FTR stay still or will it after a month be gone too. If that happens, it would bring a massive bad reputation to SS and it wouldn’t be fair to all those donators who willingly gave SS money and gold.

                • He doesnt make any gameplays, nor testings so whats the problem? Will it be fair if he will continue to play World of Tanks with 10 FPS, just because someone gave him 30 days of premium? Comon man, just let him decide what he wants. PEACE.

                • @SS: technically ye, but WILL you do it in the long run?

                  @FegelStation: funny that you don’t understand anything.. 30 days of premium or a big money(not gold) donation is a big difference… Ask Silent and he will tell you.

                • Safirius, with the taxes, card fees and deduction (transfer paypal fees), I am actually STILL PAYING for running FTR from my own money, because the “donations” (including the Patreon) barely cover it. At least I did this month. Pardon if I don’t feel exactly “employed” – the subscription system was a necessity, not a way to become rich off FTR. As such, I do not consider it immoral or wrong to drop FTR anytime I want.

    • Just buy a refurbished machine, I like my Asus, get the Maint in the dea from the factory for a year. Its time to upgrade my friend, you cant run a tank site on a non tanking PC, lol.

    • Not suprised…every patch kills the game! For me since 8.8 the game is being quite inferior for what it is used to be. Funny i noticed 9.0 optimized the sniper mode for me at least, a little bit but the utter shit lag on normal mode is awfull! Im gonna wait and try some mods later to see if i can turn my FPS better but if not, i will play something else….

    • Was stupid.
      I get <10 FPS w/ all settings low or off and I am still playing. Then again, 9.0 isn't in NA yet.
      Tomorrow I'll see how bad this really is.

  1. My fps droped too, but only a little on high settings. On test server (1st one) it was better. IDK what caused it. About lags. I have much better ping (20-50 better).

        • I got this when I opened that file: 久抡䄀偄䵃潃敤獣倀当䕐䙒剏䅍䍎彅䥆䕘彄偆S卐偟剅但䵒乁䕃䱟䑏䵟䱕T卐偟剅但䵒乁䕃䱟䑏佟䙆䕓T卐偟剅但䵒乁䕃䵟塁䙟卐倀当䕐䙒剏䅍䍎彅䥍彎偆S卐偟剅但䵒乁䕃卟䕐䑅䵟䱕T慐瑲捩敬祓瑳浥愀捣汥牥瑡䕥摮愀捣汥牥瑡剥瑡e捡散敬慲整瑓牡t捡散獳潍楮潴r污潬啷汮慯d湡浩瑡潩n牢慥佫䅮汬捯摉戀敲歡湏敌歡挀捡敨晅敦瑣s慣敭慲挀浡牥偡瑩档灓敥d慣敭慲慙卷数摥挀浯楢慮楴湯挀湯牴汯灟楯瑮束楲彤瑳灥挀湯牴汯灟楯瑮桟慭彰景獦瑥搀扥杵搀扥杵敋獹搀物捥楴湯畃獲牯搀獩扡敬啇I楤慳汢健敲潬摡s楤慳汢卥䥌攀晦捥t湥扡敬慂慬据䍥啐攀慮汢䕥摮瑓灯灁p湥扡敬牐景汩牥攀慮汢摥攀普牯散牐汥慯獤攀瑮瑩敩s湥楴祴潃汬獩潩n牥潲䱲癥汥攀瑸湥楳湯昀牡汐湡䑥獩t汦牯噡卂穩e潦捲彥獵彥睢损汯楬楳湯昀慲敭䍳畯瑮最浡慭潃牲捥楴湯湉楳敤最浡慭潃牲捥楴湯畏獴摩e慧浭䍡牯敲瑣潩卮数摥栀敒s慨䑳癥汥灯敭瑮獁敳瑲潩獮椀普畬x湩敶瑲敖瑲捩污潍敶敭瑮欀祥氀慯楤杮敔瑸氀杯敧䥲D潬歯硁獩慍x潬歯硁獩楍n潬歯灓楲杮氀潯卫牰湩䥧汤呥浩e潬歯灓楲杮湏潍敶氀潯卫牰湩剧瑡e潬歯慔汢e慭䙸慲敭慒整洀硡楌瑳湥牥灓敥d慭偸瑩档洀硡潓湵卤数摥洀摥慩慐桴洀湩楐捴h潭獵䡥䉖慩s潭獵卥湥楳楴楶祴洀癯浥湥呴牨獥潨摬渀浡e敮睴牯啫摰瑡獥瀀牡楴汣獥捁楴敶瀀牥潳慮楬祴瀀瑩档瀀敲敦敲据獥瀀潲敪瑣爀摥捵摥牆浡剥瑡e敲摮牥牥猀牣敥卮潨t敳瑴湩獧猀浩汰䝥極猀景睴牡䍥慨湮汥s潳湵䵤牧猀畯摮慢歮s灳慥敫䍲湯楦g瑳慲敦慲整猀牴慥䍭捡敨楓敺䉋猀灵牥桓瑯甀i獵䱥瑡湥佴捣畬楳湯畑牥敩s楶瑲慵䍬慨湮汥s慹w᐀ 䠐̀ 䩐ሀ Ḑጀ 䵀蘀  ꜀ ഀ딀 一혀 圀ﴀ ଀ﴀ ⽀︀ ᡀ㘀⌀开堀缀ᄀἀᤀ輀倀ꄀ܀�ᜀ刀㘀㐀㜀脠麩牰晥牥湥散⹳浸Ŭ က 䀀䀀,က+က-
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  2. update drivers and maybe clear your HDD

    this doesnt look like fault of the game (especially as ppl are reporting more fps)

        • I was playing in my FV304 and was about 5 minutes into a battle (having supported the team and taken out two tanks) when I got a CTD.

          Never mind, start t the game and get back into the battle. CTD. Again get back in just as the battle ends and CTD. Tried to get back in twice more – first time CTD then find I’ve been disconnected from the sever.

          If the graphic setting was a problem why was I able to play for 5 minutes in the first place?

  3. yeah i too played few games today, aaaaaaaaand they fucked it! 8.11 was a charm to play this now is so bad that its unplayable.. uninstall and quit, done!
    gonna play warcraft III :D

      • ha WATCHDOGS this could be divine.
        pre-ordered for mere 37$ in cdKeyhouse.

        what can you do in WoT for 37$? buy more silly gold and crappy premium account.

        i’m safe to say i’m over with buying anything on WoT feels soo good, now it’s only some fun randoms here and there… the spell has broken thank god.

  4. Well, I have 40 on MAX had 30 before. Whatever they did, some hardware setups work some don’t. Maybe we can organize a survey which setups work and which don’t. I guess we won’t get much help there from WG…

  5. I think u not use SSD HDD? Then use defragmentation, maybe u get faster load time.
    Second, don’t compare old “high” to new “high” is different so is not same, at result u maybe get better graphic.

    PS regarding Elder Scrolls, they use GPU, WoT in this patch only touch, but is good they start doing something with this shit graphic engin.

  6. I played one match pretty and everything was fine. I had lag, but that was due to my brother hogging the bandwidth.

  7. Considering the mixed results everyone is getting with this patch, I think I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling with a full client. I think the last time I did that was 7.something. If this is typical WG programming, it’ll probably help.

    • Good point. Installation from scratch couldn’t be wrong after a certain amount of patch. Problem is with new HD model the download will be very very long now…
      But i think for 9.0 it is time to renew the whole installation and that’s what i will do.

  8. Seems to be a well written and long rage quit. That’s not saying it isn’t warranted…judging by previous performance of WoT it probably is appropriate.

  9. Damn… I was having old render all the time (the new was a little bit laggy, though it said ~30FPS) 25-40FPS depending on what is going on the screen. Now I have 50-60. And significantly better ping… Don’t want to be a devil’s advocate, but for me the patch seems quite good from technical POV…

  10. 3D render 90%,texture,lighting,shadow @ maximum,extra effects flora @high, extra crap in sniper @ med post processing @ max, terrain,water,decals,obj lod,foliage @ high,drawn distance @ maximum no grass in sniper and I got an easy 27-40 fps depending on the map, on a intel core 2 duo e6750,4 gb ram and gtx460se 768mb vram, Win 7 pro x64,of course the OS uses ~1,1-1,2Gb on start up.

  11. On the contrary, it is likely very much the game that is the problem. This game has been riddled with horrid optimization problems. In my house I run 3 Alienware machines. All of them are fairly high end, the newest of which is 2 years old. The desktops both use ATI 7950′s and the game runs at 30fps on one and 40 on the other. Both have issues with “Microfreezes” and drops in FPS for seemingly no reason. The desktops can play other games that are MUCH MORE TAXING on video and CPU at max resolution. For example. I can run Warthunder at over 120fps.

    This laptop is a bit older, but again, runs warthunder at 50+fps but its damn near unplayable 15fps or worse. This machine runs a dual core 2.4ghz Intel with 4870m series ATI video card. I know that my friends that run Nvidia GPUs get a bit better performance than I do, even with lower end machines, but there is no doubt in my mind that their engine has severe optimization problems some of the WORST in currently supported games.

    • No matter what SS needs a new pc. I hope more will donate, so he can afford it.

  12. Say it isn’t so! You know better, Russian programmink is stronk, and the issues will be overcome shortly.

  13. This is interesting…I play on laptop with i3 3110 2,4Ghz and Ati 7670 and on standard graphic i have +10fps (~40-60fps), on improved +5fps (23~40 fps). On improved graph. laptop are little too hot and i prefered standard graph.

  14. That’s russians for you. Literally cannot even do the simplest of things without causing a FUBAR

  15. Hey SS

    i think it may be your drivers on the videocard, russian forums have put some fixes due their faulty ass crap drivers, or just because indeed, wg doesnt optimize much

    but i can run wot 9.0 in a crappy intel HD 3000, which is not even considered a “gaming” card.. on a laptop! which is often underclocked, and i run it at a strady 35 fps in high texture settings but low terrain settings without shadows and lighning and medium extra effects on arcade and sniper mode

    9.0 has made me very happy, you should try to find a workaround in your drivers first,

    your announcement that “quitting wot” may cause players to think its not worth funding ftr, just a heads up

    ps: hmm i could have sworn i read this same thing earlier on ftr on another moment..

    • Lol. Same thing happened to me. Deja vu. I think i read something like this before :D

  16. My normal routine on patchday is to uninstall the game, clear out the dedicated WoT partition and install the game from scratch. A bunch of problems can be avoided with this (rather cumbersome) routine.

  17. 1. completely lagging out after ammo rack explosion
    2. client crashing every 2 minutes.
    3. all around lag which should never happen.

  18. I have a 2012 Laptop i5 with dedicated graphic card and it runs pretty well, not much has changed. I play with high textures and minimum settings, i get around 30-60 fps and that´s the same as it was before so i´m pleased with the patch, i thought i would lose some frames.

    The new lighting is almost completely shut off, but the game has now a very high brightness and some textures don´t look so good anymore.. but its ok :)

  19. You cannot be serious.

    You played two or three battles, after getting paid 400 USD, and quit WoT forever and ever.

    You’re a joke, SS.

    • he said he was going to keep the blog up until that money ran dry, you blind mongoloid nitwit.

      • He had to edit that part in, shitlord. Somebody even gave him a premium tank code when the call for donations went out, and he gives the game exactly zero time to work through the first day of the patch before pulling the plug indefinitely.

        Go fuck yourself.

  20. i remember when i started to play WoT, ive played it on medium / high settings. after previous patch i had to set it on low.. but now after this 9.0 patch – the graphic on low is better, added some effects, and some of those effects doesnt work if u have clicked improved graphics, instead of standart. FPS droped about 10-20 only, so now its ~ 90, and ping 40-50 . I can play most of the 2012 / 13 games on max and even ultra high graphic, but i have to play WoT on low.. so i guess that soon enough, after some more HD models and some other staff that will be added, i wont be able to play even on low …

  21. Can somebody please help me, I have downloaded the 0.9.0 update and now my grapichs are crappy. I have turned all of the grapichs settings to maximum but it’s still the same thing. Please help!!!

  22. SS, can you send us your hardware components?

    It would help to investigate. My FPS got higher. Just because of the new cpu balancing. My Graphic Cards was good on my gaming laptopt, just the single core 2.4ghz speed of my I7 wasnt the best for wot, now it works better.

  23. My experience:
    Yesterday I uninstalled WoT and installed 8.11 before going to be ( so as to have fresh install)
    Today I patched game.
    Here is my system: i5 750 CPU; 4GB RAM; ATI HD 5770 ; 1680×1050 resolution.
    Here are 8.11 settings : – Textures, models, water and lighting on max; AA on; Shadows on high; no Object blur.
    FPS : 45-75 (my max :P ) avg armound 55
    Today: – Settings are the same, again textures, water etc on ultra. Lightning high, AA on no Object Blur.
    FPS 40-65. So almost same for me, even in T-54; Maus tanks

    HOWEVER! There is a VERY annoying lag every time I start a map for first time since patch. Swamps was bad for 1 minute, then it was fixed :D; same for rest.
    It is not that bad, but VERY annoying. 9.0 is still overall fine for me, though WG has to fix this issue.

  24. I might be impolite but calm ya titties. Try going supersayan, load your pc with KI and it will help. Before 9.0 i had 60 fps on max settings, now 30-40.
    Not to mention that i grew out of WoT hype. It isn’t satisfying to shoot to tanks and shit. I simply got bored. And i started to play some olschool singleplayer games (like GTA San Andreas). SS please take some days off, you are too much focused on WoT, maybe try to enjoy spring time or i dont know, bake a cake. We are all humans and it’s human to get bored.

  25. About the slow loading time, restarting PC should help. Problem is that patching process eats up a lot of … memory, and it doesn’t clean up after that. So when WoT try to load new map, the memory must be … prepared, so it take much more time, than it would take normally.

  26. So much stronk rage quit. You’ll be back.

    Also will let you know, how my little pc handled the update. Not expecting any fockups as i never had problems though, even when players were puking with “ohmahgawd fps droops cant play 111″ many times before.

  27. Dunno why, but patch download via launcher will take ages for me. Downloading literally at 40-50 kbps. It’s fucking amazing how they gave us x2 exp special on a fucking patch day. It will take hours to DL and then i need to set up mods. I’ll be happy if get to play at midnight.

  28. Did SS try out the latest test client? If he didn’t get these issues then it is likely to do with the patching process. Of course try defrag first and disable all mods, but then do a complete clean reinstall.

  29. You should just chill out. You put so much effort to this site already and it would not be possible without passion for this game. Why the hell would you quit because of single “stupid” patch and fps problems. There are always a lot of steps you can do with online games to make them run better and i am sure that they are working on hotfixes already.

    Sometimes repair / reinstall is a very magical thing because when you play a game for a longer period of time and after some amount of updates, something can just fk up (even easier when you use mods into it).

  30. Further proves WoT’s total inability to efficiently harness the processing power of modern CPUs.

    • it runs well on my Arduino Uno

      it was written by game analyists, F2P model can not produce quality level games because it’s against their biz model… they need the minimum level of development to continue. it’s not like their devs are bad, i bet they are very good but their Masters gives them very low budget compare to their marketing activities… need the big numbers of loosers to play for those holy 5%-10% paying customers , i mean suckers that get low quality product cause “it’s free to play”
      bla bla bla

  31. People quit and don’t give the game time, so if you just quit and you don’t let them fix it then what’s the point in playing in the first place? In my opinion I think it’s stupid, but you’re one of the people which will be missed.

      • Which they do, not all problems can be fixed over the cause of one patch and some problems can occur when a patch goes live, but no bugs, errors or problems can be fixed instantly. It doesn’t matter how long they have been trying to fix it.

        • but they havent. there are still huge, glaring issues with the game like lack of multicore support, godawful optimization which causes even modern behemoth PCs to run this game at sub-30fps and the fact that they service NA from the other side of the planet.

          • Multi Core support is coming, optimization issues with Behemoth computers will be present in most games, not just WoT and the NA Server is not really a concern to me, I don’t use it.

            Also they have fixed a lot of issues, and they will continue to fix them, whether the results are noticeable or not.

  32. SS, please don’t ragequit. just take some time and step back.

    This site is wonderful, I love it and check it every day multiple times.

    I’m sure you’ll find the solution to the problems you are having!

  33. SS, you have just experienced something I had noticed during the tests.

    During test 1, my FPS was fine, if not higher than before, even at higher settings. But during test 3, I don’t know what WG did, but the game became unplayable for me. FPS dropped to 10-15, usually on 10, and very laggy. I decreased my setting to the lowest possible, but the problems persisted.
    I also noticed a general decrease in old vehicle models texture quality, as you can see in the images below

    9.0 High quality

    8.11 medium quality

    WG should be more worried about game balancing instead of breaking the performance of the game.

    • Yes, the slider was way down to about 30% on the 3D rendering for me, and the game looked trash… I have been playing around with graphics setting and I came to a compromise between looks and performance, but 8.11 still looked better and performed better for me. Not sure what to make of 9.0.

  34. Laggy like fuck? Simply DEACTIVATE torrent in the launcher! Otherwise your bandwith is used for upload while You Need it for playing.

      • Actually it does, because ADSL connections are not full duplex, but only half duplex, meaning e.g. using 50% of your upload rate lowers your DL rate by 50% as well (even if as in my case DL is 200MBit/sec and UL is 5MBit/sec)

  35. I don’t have any noticable changes in map loading. Same as before, but it’s maybe because I play WoT on my SSD.

  36. I made the decision to quit WoT a few weeks back, but not because of FPS or something like that since I could run it on maximum without problems. I just felt frustrated every time I played and felt somewhat forced to play for dailies or missions rather than enjoying the game. But if the game is unplayable for you, it’s better not to play it rather than do so on low settings. WoT looks like a 2005 game and runs like a 2013 one with much better graphics than WoT will ever have.

  37. It is like how to screw up wot in one patch
    I admire War Thunder but not as a fanboy who is like “screw everything else just xy (which is my favourite)
    I played wot a lot but now I don’t
    I dont have serious problem with the HP system, however I prefer demage model system; But what I dont like is how the makers screw up this good game
    I started 1 year and 3-4 months ago, that time I loved it, but now: nah…..
    Hope they make it better, becouse if war thunder did it (with lower budget), then wargaming can do it whoes has millions of dollars, they should chage the engine of the phisics/graphics for starting, then the whole game reballance, remake…

  38. Oh shut the hell up and upgrade your damn machine! If you were running this game on medium settings you had to know you wouldn’t be able to handle the upgrade (yet alone the havok update).

  39. My rig is like 4 years old and since 8.6 or something i have to play it on mimimum settings.
    Without mods I achieved 60-70 fps. I get the same performance on minimum again with 9.0 Vanilla.
    I made a fresh install and quit with the old folder littered with sweetFX etc.
    Maybe a complete frehs start remedies the situation for others as well.

  40. since there are so many comments and ym chance of being read are quite low i am going to try it none the less.

    SS and all the other having performance issues like me try this:


    turn off all the useless stuff liek exhaust smoke, smoke from destroyed tanks and possibly even the skybox.
    instead you will have nice clean skies with perfect weather :P

    that way you can get a few more FPS without making your game look like play’doh clay.
    try to lower the setting overall that you dont really need. i foudn out that i dont need to have amximum vehicle textures anymroe at least on the new tanks as well as LOD.
    i am back to 50 fps on a less than stellar pc:
    5 gigs RAM (1 gig got busted)
    amd x4 2.5ghz quadcore
    geforce 9600 gt PASSIVE COOLING!!!! HUEHUEHUE

    overall wot is poorly optimized. looking worse than warthunder groundforces while eating up more hardware. maybe one day they bring out an optimization patch :P

  41. NO CHANGES AT ALL. JUST GAME FREEZING AFTER 10 MIN OF PLAYING. (My PC spec: CPU i7, 8GB DDR, Nvidia GeForce GTX760M)…. So…. WTF ?????

  42. Same Problems for me….
    Big fps drop in 3rd person view, from around constant 50 to around 20 to 30 but very unstable,
    but in sniper view a big increase to around 80.
    The loading times got so long, i am happy if i still see the counter showing a number higher then 10 sec.
    And my game runs now on lower settings an looks like crap….
    GJ WG!

    edit: already run defrag and no mods atm

  43. SS, since the site brings you money, and you even started with the subscribtion think, you really want to quit the site after the month if the game isn’t good anymore?
    Seems like alot of work has been put into FTR and you would throw it away? I don’t think that would be nice to all the donators you got..
    Just my thought..

  44. I love your blog and most of the stuff you post Silentstalker, but this is utter whine and pointless, honestly.
    You say “My computer is not good, but it’s also not utter crap.” So what’s your specs? Without saying what you’re running the game with it’s a completely meaningless post.
    Also, who would want to make a game that is aimed for an audience with 8+ year old hardware? And who would want to play a game that isn’t improving the game/ the technology involved etc? You honestly strike me as someone who is against “progress.”

    Yes it’s frustrating when you can’t play with the same settings, but when new technology such as PBS is introduced it will also mean more load for your computer, (and it might of course be extremely unoptimized in this case).

  45. @SS: had the same graphically induced anger issues today, especially because even the garage graphic looked terribly shitty. almost pondered about quitting too, but then I opened a training battle and fiddled with the settings.

    eventually it worked with the settings on 100% resolution (anything below looks like shit causing eye cancer) and the significant settings like this:
    -graphics improved
    -texture qty: med
    -light qty: low
    -shadow qty: low

    -extra effects: low
    -extra effects (sniper mode), flora density, pp: all off

    with these settings the game seems to run just like before on my i5-460M with GeForce GT 420M, 4GB DDR 3).
    ping around 40ms, 25FPS only, but I’ll keep improving. so do not quit yet, pls. not all hope is lost (yet).
    garage graphics run either shitty looking or with a noticable, annoying input-lag (mouse reacting too slow).

    • and don’t forget, there has been ONE improvement to the game: there are now 10 complaints per day!! (this is the one upgrade that I longed for the most)

  46. SS, plz don’t rage at the game itself, as it clearly doesn’t look like WOT client problem. Most likely your computer is somehow infected with nasty stuff, or probably there is some driver/software fails or miscomunication, errors, etc.
    And last but not least – those long loading times and FPS drops could even mean physical problems with your HDD/VGA/RAM.
    In your place I would start with fresh PC reinstall with only the newest official drivers on it, then trying WOT without any mods and then checking – is it any better. If not, then maybe you can try to run WOT from different HDD or with different VGA.

    Btw, what is your PC config?

  47. Completely agree. On my 6850 I had to turn off almost everything and leave the texture on high. No shadows, no effects, no traces etc. I just can’t see the point why they take their time implementing flying turrets, lighting effect, more poligons when you cannot enjoy it, while other next gen games run smoothly on your computer at decent framerates. So there you go, I’m lucky, I have the same shit as before, nothing spectacular to see because I can’t turn them on unless I want the game to be unplayable at 17-20 fps. Job well done, thx for no multicore still. Well done WG!

  48. SS:
    try to “play” with the settings.

    texture quality does NOT affect performance, if you got enough video memory.
    That means, if you got 1GB+ video ram it does not matter if you play on ultra textures or super low.
    fps drops are only if the textures take up more memory than the card has. Then it’s swapped to regular RAM which is way slower. but if you got 1GB vram and textures take 750MB, it runs as smooth as if they took 1MB.

    Terrain quality is the biggest fps eater in this game – almost no “visible” difference in medium/max, but it runs like crap on max…

    try medium shadows., trees quality (foliage) minimum. again, you wont see the difference in trees that are near to you, only on those far away.

    best way to try, is in battle, when you die, switch to some other tank and play with the settings on the fly…

    • You don’t even have to be in real battle to test graphical settings – just load some replay and test everithing all day long without having to sacrifise real game results.

  49. I’ve noticed a severe increase in FPS after lowering the water quality. I think it’s the water shaders that are too CPU intensive.

  50. OFFS, the front page is in “English” but the actual text is in French, I thought they had fixed that bug.

  51. I too have quite the decrease in FPS, but the sounds are a bit odd as well. Track and engine sounds often don’t play, and I’m using default sounds for those. Not only that, but I’ve also had a CTD (Close To Desktop) twice already, something I’ve never ever had before in WoT.

  52. Man, it does not matter, whether you clean up your pc or not. I tried MANY things and this doesn’t help at all.
    My Acer 5750g laptop with Core i5 and GT 540M is not a state-of-the art machine, but it runs games like Crysis or (that’s damn funny) War Thunder with graphics several times better and these games run much smoother than WOT. It just won’t help. I recently tried “magic” GF beta drivers that are somehow optimized for DX games, but no luck (I assume that optimized games are only DX11 titles, so no optimization for such shit games like WOT.)
    After years of playing computer games, I can absolutely say that WOT is the most unoptimized game i have ever played. What is outrageous, the developers are not willing to do anything about that (or I haven’t noticed any promises)

    • Also, SS, you are welcome to try War Thunder, much better graphics even on ultra low setting.

      (I can allready see the mob with the torches coming to burn my house)

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