WoT “Crash Bug” – Update

Well, the “fix” did not help with the crashes, this “fix” is allegedlysupposed to help with the FPS drops and disconnects – at least thus was the original post edited. It is good that they keep us updated, isn’t it…

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  1. Yeah, and we posted this fix on forums 2 days ago already. Really funny WG. You react so fast!

  2. Funny how I install the fix and it increases the instances of CTD!!!! WP WG CNUTS

  3. i also have more ctd. please , can someone uploead the original config file? so dissapointed with every patch problems. i am going to take a brake from the game and give it another try after releases a fotfix update.

  4. WG: We made something… thing is, we’re not really sure what it does but hey, go ahead and use it. After all, we’re professionals and everything we do is ok.

    • same as when wowp was in beta.. they introduced patch that fucked everything and they were working two patches to fix that :)

  5. Crash to desktop is not something I have. The problem I have is when I enter the battle, within a timeframe of 1 minute, I get these total internet connection losses, like my computer loses internet connection, I can’t even browse the web. It’s only when I go into battle, it seems fine when I just sit in the garage. When I close down WoT and browse the web or play any other games, the connection seems fine. Is anyone else having something similar?

    • Νot exactly this, but I get disconnected from the server when the battle ends but in a very specific way. Everything freezes for a few minutes and then I get the disconnection message. This happens each and every time on a fresh installation with no mods whatsoever.

      • My problem occurs with and without mods. This problem only comes up when I’m playing in battle. I have open ports, I have allowed WoT applications through the Windows Firewall and the router firewall but nothing helps. I checked the routers System Log and it also says the whole connection just drops. Aside from that, when I don’t play WoT, everything just works fine.

      • Have the same issue. It’s very boring to wait 5 minutes after each battle to ‘unfreeze’ :-(
        Haven’t found any info on this issue.
        Edit: Running with NO mods (yet:-)

  6. Hold up, everyone. Let’s try not to insult Wargaming. We’re talking after two days after the patch, in the conditions that the common test worked out pretty well and not a lot of people complaint about these CTDs. Bare with them, they are working on a hotfix.

    • They can change things after the end of the public test without doing public testing. And their hotfixes don’t always hotfix. Here wondering when the HD tanks stop looking like plastic toys.

  7. I’ve had one crash and once I was stuck at the loading screen a whole game, but it only happened once. Gotta wait and see if anything else happens.

  8. I worked hard to get 25k xp 3 days in a row… now I can’t even make it through a battle without crashing… hope WG gives us a free Dicker Max. To compensate for this shitty crashing.

  9. So far didn’t had not one ctd *knocks on the wood* so i haven’t tried this “fix”. Thinking about trying it to see if it’s gonna do anything to my fps(hopefully increase it a bit), but i’m quite sceptical about it. :/

  10. My father’s one-core laptop crashed once AND he managed to get back to battle.
    So its multicore problim for sure.

  11. No problems in FPS loss og crashes, but i have constant Lagg….it jumps from 50-60 fps to 200-300 all the time…….completely ruins the game:-(

  12. It’s weird, when I played the test server, I got a large bump in FPS and I thought “great! They’ve fixed the speed issue” but on the main game, after the 9.0 was put out, I’m getting less than 20 fps, whereas before I was in the 50+ range.

    No crashes yet, but it’s irritating that the patches on the test server don’t seem to be the same as on the normal game…

    • The test server is fresh out of the box, so it works better. The normal client has old cache stored and all sorts of stuff, there was a post on how to fix your framerate.

      • I cleaned out the cache and such. Where is the post on the framerate fix please?

  13. I’ve only ran 8 battles so far, but I have Max settings, and a constant fps of 61.. so, for me, its atleast running fine.. even ran the hellcat for a few, and no crash..

  14. The game crashed and after four attempts to get back into the game I was playing I had to reboot my PC. Managed to almost get back into the game just long enough to see who was still alive. On the last one there was only my AT2 and an SU85 so I thought game lost. Had to restart PC to get WOT to work and we won so the SU must have rammed me and died.

  15. I was under the impression that any file that had to go to res can go to res_mods.9.0 instead to protect the original game files. Is the engine XML different and does it HAVE to go to res?

  16. I haven’t installed the hotfix. I’ve had some CTDs but it’s not frequent (around 1 in 10 games) and it happens at or near the end where the battle is already decided anyway.

    I’ve been playing short battles in mid-tiers to minimize the risk of throwing an expensive/difficult battle away.

    I’m just going to wait for the official patches in the launcher.

  17. I was playing with original “engine_config.xml” file today and I had around 25 FPS with my old settings (used to have around 60 FPS). I opened up the Task Manager and set the Processor Affinity for WoT to use both cores on my dual core CPU. Switched back to game. This time I had around 35 FPS, but after a few seconds I got “Connection interrupted” message. Reconnected. Played for 10 seconds, “Connection interrupted” again. Tried again but with the same results. Couldn’t play until I was killed. Game worked from then on. So I started another battle, and right when I got out of cap circle same thing happened. I reverted the Affinity settings back to one core and it worked but with poor performance…

    I’ll try to apply this “fix” and see what happens…

    EDIT: Never had CTD bug…
    EDIT2: Or I’ll just go and play my Dead Space I got for free from Origin, again.

  18. Wot is a 32 bits app which can have only max 2go Ram allocate by windows
    when you play in low tier there is no problem
    when you go in a battle where is tank hd like M4, hellcat or tiger, there will be crash because needs in ram are increased and limited max to 2go ram

    the solution is to go on 64bitsapp , wot will can use more than 2go ram or use standard graphics than hd improved

    and sorry for my english

    • Actually a 32-bit app on 64-bit system can adress up to ~3.5 GB if I remember (compiled with LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch).

  19. Anyone else has problems joining the Kursk HB? Tried with Ferdi, 1s and T70 now. Haven’t gotten into one yet. The only other battle i have tanks for is Battle of the Bulge (M4) and I usually don’t wait longer then 30 seconds to join that.

  20. this patch came out rather sloppy. maybe they need to do even more rounds of testing from now on

  21. More than 3k employees but nobody there seems to be able to release a stable and tested update…

  22. I have a bug where it just keeps showing me “upgrading Tankers” when i try to join or creat a platoon -.-

  23. I thought that was just me.. Indeed I’ve been having the same problem all day today, random lag spikes leading to total loss of connection, so frustating having to quit the game to log back in so I don;t die in battle.
    This did not happen the last 2 days.. it only started while playing today

  24. * This problem is connected to changes in new renderer. Try to use “standard graphics” – QTDs will stop. *

  25. I filed a ticket with support, and gave them the files they requested including a dxdiag save file. They reply back saying to update my video card drivers…. I looked back in the file I sent and sure enough it has the driver version I’m running which is up to date. What a bunch of useless toolbags. Why bother having me send in files if they are too stupid to even read them?? I told them to screw off, that I wasn’t going to spend any more money with them and I closed the Damn ticket. Sending in those files was a complete waste of time…. This has to be the dumbest company I have ever delt with for tech support and development in general. How did these bugs not show up in the THREE TEST SERVERS they had?

  26. cant even make some money to get a tier 5 :/
    maybe someone could do some research on the crashes?

  27. I have done two things:
    disable Multi-core
    set graphics to “standard”

    I have a ton of mods (sound, skins, sights, xvm, etc) and no crashes after a dozen games or so.