46 thoughts on “Tank You Very Much?

  1. Well that’s all very nice but it’s not a tank, it’s a FV433 Abbot SPG.
    WG knows how WoT players are with Arty….red rag to a bull..

    • What exactly is the definition of a tank (not designation)?
      I’d say: “Tracked armoured vehicle armed with a gun in a traversible turret”
      Now the Abbot has all of the above. Sure it was designed and designated as an SPG but most people will still say “that’s a tank!” When they see it.

      • A tank is actully an infantry support vechicle thats also can destroy tanks but they aint designed for that, while a Tank Destroyer is only focues on destroying other tanks and other armoured vechicles.

          • I think you are refering to Mortar. SPG is a bombardment vechicle = destroying buildings/bunkers and sometimes other vechiles:)

  2. Good to see WG have enough front (IE: more than Harrods) to pump out dross like this onto the portals but haven’t got enough time to issue a “Houston, we have a little bug problem” article.
    Like I said somewhere else, the chances of me opening my wallet again are riding off into the sunset…

    • And you think any of these people (cameramans, directors, actors, tankers) could help with the bug?

      You think you can actually buy more people that work on a single issue in programming without hindering each other’s processes (and without having to give them a month of education on how to work with WG’s system)?

      Oh, how naïve.

      • Apparently WG could actually use more people. We could have hotfixes and micro patches avaliable for download the moment they are put together, like in WT, and we wouldn’t have to wait for major patch releases.

        They could also use more people to look after the business on weekends. To communicate with players. To translate devs Q&A’s even.

        No, the filming crew can’t do that. But they take away the resources that would allow to hire people to do other stuff, improving the quality of customer experience, not just to make few people giggle.

    • Nya-chan Production, just wondering how you made the leap in interpreting my post as having meant that a video production outfit may be involved with bugfixing?
      Release arguably the most buggy update yet, but do it over a holiday period… Keep posting dross to the portal, but admit nothing about the crashing…
      In your defence you at least end your post with a description of your own post. gg

    • Yeah, I just thought exactly the same: That’s were our money goes. What a useless … what the hell was that even?! Was it supposed to be entertaining? Effing waste of money and time…

  3. So that’s where our money goes too… Ah, never mind, It’s always nice to se Olga :)

  4. At first I raged about using my money to make useless videos… but when I saw this demolition… Take my wallet!

    • Much like the British monarchy. Sure they pay them a lot but they rake in twice as more.

  5. They have time and money for this nonsense, yet my game still crashes every third match. Seems legit.

  6. Nice advertising, I’d say. Never hurts to make more videos about tanks.

    Also to all of those “money whiners”: Pretty sure this is actually fairly cheap. It’s a 150s video with some editing. the borrowing of a tank was probably the most expensive part.

  7. I’d say “money well spent”, and apparently I’m not the only person here who thinks that this kind of “entertainment” that we, players, pay for is a kick in the balls for those who would prefer to see their money reinvested in improving the game’s quality. Another dumb WTF video (à la 8-bit tales) aimed at the lowest common denominator in WG player base : 15 year-old kids who will be “zomg tankz croosh carz lol want !!!11!”.
    Expected a Chieftain Hatch-like series, with interesting and/or fun facts about tanks, presented in an amusing way, and WG never fails to disappoint. There could have been opportunities to talk about driving a tank, neutral steering, etc, but, no, let´s do it the retard way.

    Only good point : they crush shitty French cars.

  8. well spent money wg well spent,
    -”hey serb meaby give 5 000 pounds to any graphic painter so hi paint and develop 100 new historical medals to historical modes, cos nobody playing it? ”
    -”BITH PLS lets borow some spg for a money then crush some BUYED car to make funy video, players want it more than any incentive to play historical battles oh sory i shoud say battles with historical vehicles MUHAHAHAHAH”

  9. Oh yea this was so f****** entertaining and educational…I had no idea you can park a tank, thanks WG for letting me know.

  10. How much more stupid can WG video get?
    Mrs. Olga, for a professional translator, your English is AWFUL!
    Ffs, can’t the find a really nice moderator instead of this no-brain twat?

  11. That was pretty funny…and they do have a point. It IS easy to park a tank…just hard to pay the insurance premiums after you do LOL