Storm talks about 9.0 Crashes and Long Map Loading


Hello everyone,

this is third of Storm’s posts regarding the technical issues in 9.0 – truth to be told, I have never before seen so many developer posts and reactions patch bugs, 9.0 must really be messed up.

First, Storm is asking players, whether (and if so, how often) are they experiencing game crashes (and at which moments). The fact this is the second time Storm asks about this kind of stuff does not look very promising, when it comes to fast solution of the issue.

Storm is asking you: if you suffer from crashes and want to help, please upload somewhere your dxdiag log (you can learn for example here how to make it) and the file “python.log” from your World of Tanks directory and post a link in the comments. If there are enough, I will make Storm aware of that.

The same goes for the issue of long map loading. Apparently, some (enough to draw Storm’s attention) of people complained that the maps load significantly slower (I can confirm that, happened for me as well) in 9.0. If you want to help Storm with this and suffer from this issue, make screenshots of your settings plus a dxdiag log (see above) and post them in comments as well.

Please note that you may not post more than 5 links per one post. Usually it’s two, but I increased for the purposes of this post.

49 thoughts on “Storm talks about 9.0 Crashes and Long Map Loading

    • Agree,before 9.0 70FPS now with luck 40FPS with same graphic setings,WT after update from avg 80 at max settings 100-130FPS…

      • Wargaming rushed 9.0,becaus of WT making 1.39 and as you see,War thunder relased 1.39 before WG and it’s still better

        • But Gaijin promised tanks on Live Server for those with CBT access “later this week”. Well, the week is over and no announcement and no CBT access on Live Server.

          So, a game that crashes versus a game who’s server isn’t even up? Hmmm.

            • well they moved tanks on the main server,give them some time,and you said a game that crashes or a game whit servers down i go whit server downs becaus i can play war thunder i don’t care about tanks i play planes :P

  1. It has lots of new content and functionalities (even though some blind players will tell you there’s nothing in the patch), so I kinda expected lots of broken stuff.

  2. TBH, no crashes or longer loading times. Only patch day lag for me. The garage certainly canes my graphics card though.

  3. Only one crash in historical battles.
    No long load times…

    Whilst my FPS is the same, as soon as I turn my screen at a newly spotted enemy or ally HD MODEL tank, the game FREEZES for 2-7 seconds.
    I spot enemy Panther – imobilized for 5 seconds.
    I spot enemy E-100 – Normal
    I see newly arrived friend Centurion – 4 second freeze…

    And I used to play on Ultra before the patch…

    • I too am experiencing not crashes but constant 0,5-2 sec freezes during gameplay. Don’t know about the cause though. I also noticed that the ALT+TAB time back to the game has increased like 3x.
      This could be a low ram issue as far as I know but I have 4GB ram and a 5850 1GB that should be enough considering I’m playing with a bit reduced autoconfiguration settings.
      No change in fps between 8.11 and 9.0.

  4. If WG is too incompetent to make multicore support or HD or whatever is causing this problem without crashes/issues, they shouldn’t attempt to do it or take their time.

  5. Don’t wanna make this post look like they have bad intentions, they clearly want to fix that stuff, but still, word of advice guys, be aware what you are uploading, normally they cant check mods on your client, but from what i’ve heard and afaik, they can with python.log file. So beware guys, if you are not sure about your current or past mods, don’t upload python log file.

    • Even if you are running something silly like defoliant mod, python.log does not contain anything that can be used to identify your user account, it only contains BigWorld engine errors and warnings. Unless you give the log to tech support via ticket, they cannot know who you are or even care who you are.

      Don’t scare people away from submitting their CTD littered logs with pointless paranoia, please.

  6. No crash, not even once
    map loading is fine, same as before
    only problem is FPS drop due to tank explosions roughly about 5-7 frames (example from 38 to 30) and few lag spikes during gameplay
    also to improve FPS reduce FOV to 95 from 105 it helped me alot

    settings 1080p everything max except flora, foliage, motion (those disabled)

  7. No crashes but after 15 or so games I get a warning in match that I should restart my computer for not enough memory. I have 3.5 Gb ram pentrium D 3.20 Ghz GeForce 9800GTX+ 1 Gb graphics memory and im running Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. Anyone else had memory issues with 9.0? Im wondering if 9.0 may have a memory leak problem or it could simply be that the new graphics sucks up alot of the memory.

  8. No crashes, flawless FPS, and ping, fast loading, max graphics. Same for my father(combination of medium a max graphics), and his PC worths less than 300 €.

  9. I don’t have any issues, running 60+ fps on max settings, maps load the same as before and no crashes.

  10. Before 9.0 i could easily load on 30 sek countdown.
    Now i can get best on 20 sek. or even 3 sek before start of game.
    So much longer map load.

  11. I had problem with map loading times. I downloaded Defraggler ( – a nice deframentation program by Piriform (it’s known from its CCleaner tool). I’ve chosen it to defragment just the res/packages folder, and it worked miracles! No other job was needed. Hope it helps you too!

  12. Today got 2 crashes – both on Abbey map
    And… I coudn’t load again till those battle ended.

  13. Hello,

    I have in 9.0 the problem, that the game crashes and with massively low FPS.

    Now we delete the “preferences.xml” and start the game new.
    Also we changed in “\World_of_Tanks\res\packages\vehicles_american_hd.pkg – vehicles_british_hd.pkg – vehicles_german_hd.pkg – vehicles_russian_hd.pkg into the “vehicles_X_pkg (without _hd)” and rename the data in “vehicles_X_hd.pkg”.

    The result: Until now no game crashed since 40 matches. No FPS Drops in zoom. And comparable FPS near 8.11.

  14. I haven’t had a single CTD or a long loading time to be honest, however I’m suffering greatly with massive lag when switching to sniper mode, it kills my game for a second or two. FPS dropped too, couldn’t play it with full resolution had to lower it.

  15. A friend of mine has changed nothing. He is at max graphics. Friday night crashed every few games. Saturday no crashes. SO it may be a server side issue or internet issue. My fix for the problem is to go to standard graphics. My frame rate went from 40 to 110. Looks like crap, but is very playable. So I am not convinced it is anything on our computers.

  16. For me some a lot of game freezes (by death, enemy spotted, sometimes entering sniper more etc.), lower fps in general, map loading and some absolute game freezes (can`t enter into the battle). 9.0 stronk patch. Observation:the more they advertise the upcoming patch, the crapier it becomes.

  17. Hello,
    in fact: on my system the 9.0-Update runs fine except (relativly rare) CTDs. What maybe is an worthful information: yesterday I played in a 2-man-platoon and we had 2 crashes complete simultan, same second. This happend in complete different situations (one time we were both alive near the end of the battle, one time I was alive and my comrade already dead) and with different tank-combinations.
    Maybe this is intresting for the developers…


    • Yes, I can confirm that. Died and watched a player from my team having a ctd. Another player not far away had a ctd at the same time. I told the team in chat that they have had ctd’s, about 10-20 seconds after that I had a ctd as well, while I was spectating.

  18. I’m the only one who doesn’t have crashs or FPS drops?
    My FPS really increased and not a single one crash for me :D

  19. As for me i got fps drops from 30 fps on ultra settings in 8.11 to 15-20 fps on lowest possible settings in 9.0. I got often freezez/lag spikes etc when spotting enemys, destroying them, after explosions, to many tanks moving etc. The game seems to use much more RAM. Now it uses about 1GB more than before and i get constantly this “lack of memory, restart computer” messages…

  20. FPS stayed the same for me. Not sure if I should be happy about that or sad. When I hear about all the others suffering from huge fps-loss, I’m happy. But I’m absolutely not satisfied with fluctuating 40-60 fps. I wasn’t before 9.0 and I’m not afterwards. Especially since they implemented that multi-core support. Thought it would grant me a whole bunch of fps more but it seems it has no effect at all. Don’t know what they did there.

    I also don’t have any problems with longer loading times.

    What I do have problems with is the annoying ctd-bug. But I think regarding this one I can still consider myself happy, because it only happens once every 10-20 battles. I know some people who can’t play the game at all anymore, because it crashes every time.

    There seems to be absolutely no pattern, though. Personally I have the feeling it only happens in certain tanks to me. But when I read about what others write, it appears it’s happening in many more tanks. Some people got the opinion it has to do with camo nets and stuff, but it happened to me several times while I was on the move or didn’t even had a camo net equipped.

    Yesterday I got destroyed in a battle and watched some player that seems to have had a ctd (I think he was in a Pz. III/IV; map was Pearl River). Interestingly, a few seconds later a Pz.Sfl. IVc, just a hundred or two hundred meters away had a ctd, too. I watched them both if they manage to come back… and guess what happened: Even as a spectator suddenly I had a ctd and couldn’t rejoin that battle afterwards anymore.

    It happened to me in my M37 and Birch gun several times. Don’t know all the maps anymore, but one was Redshire.
    It seems that when it happens it oftentimes affects several people at nearly the same time (like what I saw there on Pearl River). And it also happened to our hole platoon two days ago on Siegfriedline (two Hellcats, one Cromwell). All of us had a ctd nearly simultaneously after we passed the field.

    There really seems to be no pattern. At least I can’t figure one out.

    Sometimes when you try to rejoin the battle afterwards, you manage to get back into battle for 1-10 seconds. Sometimes you crash back to desktop already during loading screen.

  21. I guess I’m in the minority. I increased my settings and got 10-1 FPS more, with less crashes. Loading is as fast as always.

  22. “this is third of Storm’s posts regarding the technical issues in 9.0 – truth to be told, I have never before seen so many developer posts and reactions patch bugs, 9.0 must really be messed up. ”

    For people affected by the bug(s), it is. My systems tend to be very stable, and I’m getting the crashes to desktop. I hope they fix the bugs ASAP.

  23. First,
    I love 0.9.0 HD graphic.
    I loved WOT.

    I have to signed up. Due to a bug that 0.9.0 kick out.

    many time kick out me from WOT KOR SERVER when i playing to game.
    can not re-join to in game after kick out to the game.
    I had several times embarrassing experience.
    r key is pressed to kick out …
    Be flooded my tanks died.
    Be stopped and beaten the enemy were killed and die.
    Report an ally bots know.

    Why I do not know if these things are occurring.

    You have requested my files are here.



    This document can be solved as soon as possible I hope I am.
    Korea vast majority of players have this annoying bug.

  24. Issues with 9.0:

    Serious ones:
    1) Random game crashes and unable to log back in till the match has ended (Just happened to me in ARL44 on Fjords in ASIA Server). Apparently the issue is not restricted to the type of vehicle that one is playing or the time when that happens
    2) Loss in frames. It is said that some players gained it but by the posts in forums it is clear that most of us lost FPS in 9.0.

    Cosmetics and Time:
    1) Historical battles long waiting times, my clan-mates have reported waiting for more than 20 minutes to get into HB. Long queues make these game modes less attractive to most players.
    2) New look on some tanks makes them hideous (Super Pershing, T29, ARL44 and KV-1 for me) They looked far better in 8.11

    Please release the next “FIX” fast; this one is seriously broken.
    And the crashes are not because of mods, as most have already posted