“Ask Me Anything” on Reddit with Evilly

Hello everyone,

in 30 minutes (18:00 CEST), an “ask me anything” session should commence on Reddit. You will be able to ask WG staff questions about the game. I will later make a summary of what was answered there.

This time, it’s however interesting, since one of the people answering will be Anton “Evilly” Pankov, the Chief of RU community. The thread is not yet open, it will appear apparently only after the session starts.

17 thoughts on ““Ask Me Anything” on Reddit with Evilly

  1. i’ve searched an answer for this one but did not find anything. When a tank\ lands on another one, why do they both lose hp?

      • I know this happens, i saw it many times but what i’m asking is why is happening like that? What’s the logic behind it? There has to be a logic… even if it’s a stupid one!

        • I think it’s only if the game thinks it should lose HP, I am fairly sure I’ve seen some where the upper one didn’t lose HP or lost very few of them. Dunno the exact mechanic, though.

          On why: Probably so you don’t go jumping on others without consequences, to prevent abuse and overusage (it’s not very realistic, let’s face it – you probably wouldn’t do it IRL, unless in rare occasions)

  2. Bryden38 1 point 27 minutes ago

    Dear Wargaming, What is a likely candidate to replace the FV4202, tier X British Medium Tank?

    [–]Evilly_WG 3 points 12 minutes ago

    My favorite is Chieftain :)

    • You do realize that in order for any plan to have any chance of success, one first needs to kill Baldrick?

  3. Why is WG so opposed to friends teaming up and playing every battle mode together?

    • I’d dearly like to know the answer to that one as well. Platoons are limited to 3 (ok, I get that) but why for random battles only?

      • Because balance and matchmaking. As long as WG relies on a business model that actively encourages random noob chaos, they also balance tanks around that idea. In randoms the possible OP nature of 3 powerful machines playing in sync is statistically countered by the horrid teams they have to carry, and the matchmaking has enough material to work with too. In finely tuned (lolz…) historic battles that platoon of 3 tigers or PzIVs would break the game mode… or so they say, i still think that is bullshit.