New Upcoming Hangars


Hello everyone,

apparently, patch 9.0 brought also some nice new hangars. Thanks to Russian LJ user Awasaky, we can have a look at them (…because one hangar heating up your GPU is not enough).

26th of April Hangar (2 years of SEA server?), it can be downloaded here




1st of May US Hangar – can be downloaded here





And 9th of May Hangar – WW2 end and all that, can be downloaded here





Install the hangars to “res_mods\9.0″ folder. It replaces both premium and regular hangar.

47 thoughts on “New Upcoming Hangars

  1. 9th of May? Didn’t WW2 end on 8th of May? Do they teach alternate history in Russia?

    • Well… Lenin was really Ulyanov, Stalin was really Dzugashvili, Great October Revolution was in November… and that’s how it is with everything in Russia :)

      • For Russians it was the 9th, cause according to Moscow Time the German instrument of surrender was signed after midnight.

    • Yes, they do. Try teaching history to Russian immigrant kids, you will be in for quite the surprise.

    • Well actually it already “ended” on May 7 because the Wehrmacht surrendered in Reims that day – but the russians wanted to make sure they were included so they decided to let germany surrender again in berlin – but this time also to russia, not just to the allies. The time in the capitulation document says 23:01 on May 8 but thats wrong – they had issues transmitting the russian text to berlin so in fact they signed it at about 00:15 on May 9.
      But this makes it a completely irrelevant discussion:
      The fact that “23:01 May 8″ is in the document means that this time and date is the “legally relevant” one. Or it would be if we hadn’t already surrendered on May 7…

    • WWII ended on 2 September 1945 after surrender of Japan

      War for Europe ended on 8 May 1945 ( 9 May Moscow time )

  2. As the Soviet representative in Reims (first signing of surrender, May 7th) had no authority to sign the German instrument of surrender, the Soviet leadership proposed to consider Reims surrender as a “preliminary” act. The surrender ceremony was repeated in Berlin on May 8, where the instrument of surrender was signed by supreme German military commander Wilhelm Keitel, by Georgy Zhukov and Allied representatives. Since the Soviet Union was to the east of Germany, it was 9 May Moscow Time when the German military surrender became effective, which is why Russia and most of the former Soviet republics commemorate Victory Day on 9 May instead of 8 May.

  3. offtop
    Does anyone have a working tech hangar (aka batcave) for 9.0? I just can’t make it work anymore with files from 8.11. Thanks in advance.

    • I liked the one on an open air with flags that was somewhere in Autumn / early winter last year. No clue what was a reason for it, but I really liked it.

  4. The May 1 hangar looks nice for those who play mostly American tanks.

    I do not play Soviet or Chinese tanks and it’s annoying that most garages with tanks in them have Soviet tanks prominently sticking out in the background.

  5. Does anyone have the poppy field hangar from last year that still works in 9.0 please? That was my fave and now it’s gone :( I googled, but to no avail.

  6. The odd thing is that Americans *don’t* celebrate May Day, despite it being founded on an event that happened in America. They shifted Labor Day to September in an attempt to defuse the association with organized labor unions. Meanwhile, the rest of the world celebrates May 1st.

    • You mean the northern hemisphere celebrates spring festival on 1 May and some of the rest of the world, though not all, it’s international workers day. In the southern hemisphere it’s neither so it’s not celebrated as a public holiday.

      I can see by your writing of the date Kuad that you regard everything below the equator as not part of the world.

  7. Arlington hangar was my favorite for quite of time, now using minimalistic black hangar , my GPU approves :-)