9.0.1 Hotfix Active

Hello everyone,

this morning, as announced earlier, 9.0.1 hotfix was applied to the game. The hotfix officially has following content:

  • Fixed significant number of the ‘crash to desktop’ or ‘client crash’ issues
  • Fixed “Updating Tankers” issue that occurs when trying to create a Tank Company from Training Room
  • Significantly decreased performance problems when vehicle is destroyed
  • Optimised turret physics when ammo rack explodes
  • Fixed red gun texture issue on destroyed IS-3s
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused writing off gold in case of temporary emblem or inscription purchases

Edit: comments disabled, you can give your feedback under this post (sorry, I didn’t think I’d be making a separate feedback post earlier)

13 thoughts on “9.0.1 Hotfix Active

  1. They chg. in engine_config.xml comp. to orginal 0.9.0
    enableBalanceCPU set true form false
    Add new line for preload explosions and set to true

  2. first game i play:
    Crash To Desktop
    second game i play
    3rd same
    4th finnaly not -_-
    5th CTD again

  3. I’m noticing Audio stuttering and lower FPS on my work laptop using an I5 3320M with the OB graphics. Didn’t happen in 9.0 I may try the triple buffer disable with it and see if that makes it any better.

    • I have same stuttering and FPS drop. Before micropatch I have a decent 25-40fps at Med/High. Now I use same setting and I have significant lover FPS. Tripple buffer doesnt change anything at my side. :-(

  4. i’m using dozens of mods, literally, and had no issues with CTD (except those caused by old vehicle skins) neither before or after micropatch… actually i had no issues that this patch should fix at all

    no change to FPS though :( i dont see any particular improvements when vehicles got destroyed. but, i got few FPS more by disabling triple buffer as stated in previous info

    for me, the real problem is here:

    “- there is a bug in 9.0 – SLI support stopped working. Developers are fixing it. Storm adds that for now, it’s better to use one graphic card and not enable both.”

    i wonder how can they screw piece of technology that worls stable for over 5 years now… thats simply lame

  5. just had the garage open only, no match.. Stug B for 40 mins no crash, had HD Tiger I open in garage only, ten mins and “bump”.. theres my desktop refreshing and no game!.. not tried ingame yet but as i seem to have no change in this issue i see no point as crashes are equally there as well as in garage , running with no mods and medium settings. i have a feeling im going to convert to WT as im quite enjoying playing a game i can finish!

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