Bad Apples…

Hello everyone,

you know what always surprises me? Bad apples in good clans. Let me tell you how I mean that. I guess we all can agree that in World of Tanks, I am an average player – but it wasn’t always so. In other games, such as WoW, I used to be pretty good and that allowed me to “peek” into what – and more importantly, how elite guilds – or in this case, clans – think. And yea, there’s of course the stint with R1SE and all that.

You know, I get it to a point. This is a competitive game (at least from certain level on). In order to succeed, you do need a healthy dose of aggression – no room for the meek on the top! That was always true everywhere and always will be. I myself had pretty nasty rages from time to time, calling people morons and fuckers for doing something extraordinarily stupid, getting me killed etc.

What I never understood is the way that this aggression gets twisted in some people and that their clans tollerate these twists. Take ABSOLUT PANSAR [A-P]. Well-known clan, good reputation (well, I think at least), good players.

And yet…


….a retard and a teamkiller to boot. And this is a fucking RECRUITER for the clan, not just some random guy. Bravo, A-P.

I always somehow thought that the higher on the ladder you go, you get more aggressive players, yes, but you also get “professionals” with a corresponding attitude – you know, cool guys above the idiocy of some random games. Not nazis, teamkillers and morons. Sure, you might say, he got “provoked” (however subjective that might be) – but ask yourself, does any sort of noobishness from your team (and yes, I fully admit there are some very special kinds of people in random battles) justify such a fit? I don’t think so.

I don’t know. I discontinued the Hall of Shame, but perhaps I should start a special category, like Jingles’ “wanker of the week” – “morons of the month” or something.

177 thoughts on “Bad Apples…

    • What a surprise FTR offers me during work and all!

      You rarely see me here or on the forums or any public places, because I rather work behind the limelight.
      But when things like this happen, I have to express myself:

      ABSOLUT PANSAR have very strict policies regarding how we behave and conduct ourselves in random battles, ClanWars and on the forums. Breaking these rules will of course have consequences.
      Consequences for the clan unfortunately and consequences for my players.

      Now it has come to my attention that one of my members have done contrary to what our internal polices say and as some of you have already noted, DJBASIL is no longer a member of A-P.

      Too easy solution maybe some of you think and why should A-P even bother of what one player says in a random match, maybe others think.

      For those of you who have ever driven a top clan with several hundred members, you know how difficult it is to keep track of what all your members are up to.
      To be honest, I have not, but nonetheless, we have rules that all members have to follow if they want to be in A-P with me and they have not been followed in this case.

      He knows that what he did is not in any way acceptable in A-P and he is regretful.
      Or like he expressed it himself: “I fucked up big time – and it pains me to see that FTR makes it a clan issue rather than a personal one.”

      Its really sad that this was not given to me and my deputy’s to deal with but we had to hear about it from members reading FTR.
      Hall of Shame has been removed and still this finds its way out on my favourite page regarding WoT.
      Could it be so that Silentstalker has a little too listening heart of [R1SE] and [PSQD]?

      Just to show 1 side of the coin: ABSOLUT PANSAR is at war on ClanWars map with [PSQD] And this print screen is taken by JackDaniels1994[PSQDX]. [PSQDX] is part of [PSQD].
      If you cant beat them on the battlefield you can at least beat them on the forums…

      Clans where all users have the right to express themselves where and how they want we all have seen plenty of here at FTR. Remember Exnom and [EFE]?

      This was ABSOLUT PANSARs first ever and hopefully last entry on such a matter.

      To all you forum trolls and goblins keep trolling and to the rest of you happy tanking

      PS. To: Louis Dunn -fuck off ;] DS.

      Over and out
      tntAoL Commander A-P

      • Well spoken good sir. But would you still allow him to hang around and recruit if this never had found its way to FTR and you found out about it anyway and sorted it out internally?

        You pointed out this was a CW battle and not random. Even so I would have lost all respect for your clan and would never had anything to do with it after a statement like that and a TD on top of it regardless. Not a good representative

  1. The true test of the quality of any clan isn’t if they have any “bad apples”, it’s what they do about them. I know some clans on the NA server supported/encouraged bad apples where others actively work to remove them.

  2. A-P are fucking clownshoes. No one likes this absolute bunch of shitlords, not even their own clan members like each other. A bigger bunch of clan war failures who rely on pay offs to keep their clan territory from falling, cannot be found on the server. Also known to switch alliances at the drop of a hat because they’re scared of the dreaded “landing battle”… fuck Absolute-Pricks

    • ….and how is your comment better than Basils ingame behaviour ? :)

      ..and switching alliances? since clan wars started our clan have been in 2 alliances.
      First the Pink poodle alliance to kick the greys out of europe, when that was acclompished we joined the greys wich evolved into the alliance we are in today and we changed alliance colour to green. So depending how you look at it I guess it can be counted as 3 alliances since only 1Pad is left from the original grey.

      anyway…….. alot of players rage even tomatoes but yeah they usually refrain from going further then moron etc……..

      oh well……

  3. This is why I switched the battle chat off. It helps me to control my own rage too.

    • I had chat off, but sometimes u need help ur team writing what they should do.

        • sometimes u need chat on…..this week when playing with my arty 2 guys asked me for help cause they were blocked in the terrain and with my help they were later decisive for the rest of the battle

      • Happens once twice in 100 battles there is some usefull info in chat. I decided its not worth of it. The ping command is usually sufficient.

        • That’s right…Turning the chat off was one of the best decisions possible…If other players have st least IQ on the level of a normal human being u can help your team with just the basic commands(help, fall back,…) But if they are morons, retards, or simply annoyance and don’t give a crap for the team and just want to troll than even the allmighty chat won’t help you….it WILL just get you frustrated.

  4. It’s the internet. It wouldn’t be right without cursing flaming and so on. My advice? Get over it, join the next battle if you still play WoT, go outside.
    It’s sad when people feel offended by words on the internet.

    • It doesn’t work like that – there is always a line. There is never an absolute freedom of speech without consequences, never was and never will be. The only question is, where the line.

      • sarcasm on
        We must invade army and bomb whole country for that.
        sarcasm off
        Problem is where the line of such stupidy, its become anoyng.

      • Stupid people will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
        Just don’t pay attention to people like that.
        Words can’t hurt.

      • I agree with you SS, those discriminating chats should be punishable. And for some bizarre reason it’s always again Polish people, I don’t get that, it’s like all people in Europe hate them or something, I do think sometimes it’s annoying some people don’t chat in English, but that’s no reason to wish them dead. Does WG do anything if I report ‘insults and provocation’?

        • Poles are just very numerous in WoT. There were some information once or twice that even most numerous nation on Eu server. Secondly their siema (hi in youth slang) became some kind of symbol of WoT noobs and newbies.

          Some people also rage on using on chat other language then English (which is allowed by WG) and the most often Polish is that other language (or very similar Czech or Slovak which probably look like the same for most “Übermenschen” from the West).

          • An effect of self-fulfilling prophecy worked here. One day, ages ago, someone posted a rage topic on WoT forums saying how one of the players with “PL” in a nickname ruined his game and played like a noob. Then another guy posted in the same topic that he just today had the game with another Polish guy and he sucked hard too.

            After that it was just down the hill and in few weeks time “Polish noob” became a thing.

            Fun fact: How you recognize WoT players in War Thunder? They’re the once calling people “Polish noob” or “Siemka” – otherwise insults like that don’t exist in WT community.

    • What is sad is the fact that there are so many pathetic Nazi assholes. Moron thinks that some nations are worse and some better… Well, for me he do not even deserve to be called human.

      • Racism is, was, and sadly: will be an enormous problem in WoT.

        What’s really sad though is that it seems to be accepted by Wargaming and they don’t do anything at all to prevent it or react on insults, even with provided with overwhelming amount of proves and documentation.

  5. Have you asked their leadership to kick him? Maybe they just didn’t know about it?

    I just don’t want to believe that some commanders don’t kick members like that.

      • True, I hope he contacted the leadership first.

        BTW, I’d love a monthly hall of shame for players from more or less reputable clans (the average no name tard chat screenshots were kinda boring to read).

    • Commander will answer: fuck off ;]
      Not a long time ago i think same, but it not work, because it was commander. Kick yourself?

      • Just because you experienced one commander like that doesn’t mean it’s what every commander is like.

        I’m the commander of a top clan and I’d kick him instantly.

        • Hell, Xen, have you just made this account to comment on this post? :D I mean I read almost every post on this blog and I have seen you around here. :)

      • Not always.

        Sometimes i wrote to clan leaders and the answers?
        - i am sorry, but this is random.
        - not use these in clanwars
        - i alert him to stop it

        Or in random battle i say him – it must be really good clan, if you say one to other / you addres in clan “noob” “idiot” “stupid …” etc.

    • Would you kick a highly skilled fellow clanmate just because some random scrub told you his precious feelings got hurt? Who even guarantees he’s telling you the truth?

      I’d tell him to buzz off too.

      • You kick him, because he as person is idiot, how good in game he is, is not important

        • To be honest, the game is not called World of Nice people. It’s World of Tanks and the main priority in many clans is to get people who are good at playing Tanks. The way that clan members play the game is important to the consideration of whether to keep him in the clan or not. If the clan agenda clearly states:”You should never hurt anyones feelings” then it can be a basis on which to summarily kick players. I’m just not sure if many competent clans put random players’ feelings as top priority. Many clans of adult players have seen more than a few insults during their time on the internet and are not that quick to toss people off just because they got angry. Some of the best leaders and players can be real dicks sometimes

          Holocaust jokes and categorical insults are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to shit you throw at your fellow players in any game but any clan commander that says he will kick out his friend and long-time active contributor from his clan because the guy wrote something in the in-game chat is just being an enormous hypocrite. Reprimand him or give him a warning sure, but they won’t get kicked. If you’ve never met a person who did things beyond his best judgement when he was very angry, I think you’ve lived a protected life. Every case of misbehavior and low comments surely get mentioned and handled inside the clans but there’s not likely to be any kicking unless the case repeats on multiple occasions

      • I’m very…. amused by your attitude guys.

        A long time ago we were trying to enforve some standard of behaviour of our clan members during random battles – and it doesn’t make sense. Why?

        1. Almost everyone, from time to time, needs to blow off some steam. If you get butthurt because someone in random is calling you cheater, hacker, moron, noob, wishes you to die from cancer or to go gas yourself like a jew you probably are (and gay. and mason) then it is very sad. Believe me, it’s better for you to shrug such bullshit off or even laugh from it.

        2. People will not behave differently only because you tell them to. So you will have to kick them out. They will go somewhere else.
        The point of a clan is not to be liked by people who are not and never will play in clan wars – it’s to play in a clan wars.
        There is enough stuff that leadership has to do, adding to that checking whines and butthurts of some people from random battles is not worth anyone’s time. Especially that I’ve seen a lot of cases when someone sent me screenshot of someone from my clan talking profanities – and then in a replay I saw he was just answering to the screenshot sender.

        I was trying to reason with butthurt wankers, but when I told them to go to support they were butthurt even more. So now everytime I get such message I answer “Thank you for bringing that to my attention, I will take neccessary steps as dictated by our clan regulations”.
        There are no regulations in our clan about “behavior in randoms”. My clan is only for CW and not a kindergarten to look at you what are you doing in your free time.

        3. Most cases of such outbursts go unnoticed. I am sure that everyday there is at least 50 cases of someone playing in a clan that is on the map, who loses his shit. Only small percent of them gets reported to the clan leadership. It doesn’t make sense to punish people randomly, based on who had a bad luck to shitstorm the bigger wanker.
        It’s even unfair to reward people who are butthurt enough to write long posts or make a lot of noise out of some spat in randoms.
        How many battles you played? At least 10% of them have someone raging on a chat. Get over it.

        4. It’s a blatant stupidity to shape your opinion about a clan based on what 1 guy from a clan said in randoms. Many players go from clan to clan, they do stupid shit and then go somewhere else. It’s like deciding that all people in London are assholes cause someone bump into you on the sidewalk and didnt apologise – it happens all the time and the guy may have even been a tourist.
        You are part of that Frank. You know as well as me, that such stories happen everyday. It’s more then probable, that some PSQDX player shitstormed some A-P player, but A-P player didn’t made a screenshot from it and didnt go with it to you.
        I understand trashtalk during random battles. I ignore it.
        I don’t understand and don’t like whining about that.

        5. It doesn’t matter if players from a clan are nice or assholes – in random battles, in forums, in clan wars battles.
        What matters if you want to have an opinion over a clan, are it’s leaders, because clan (in CW) will behave the way it’s leaders think.
        I cooperated a lot with both A-P and PSQD and I know who I can trust and who I shouldn’t rely on. No amount of screenshots like that will change this fact.

        • “The point of a clan is not to be liked by people who are not and never will play in clan wars – it’s to play in a clan wars.”

          • Where’s the bullshit, is there a “prom king and queen” popularity vote somewhere that will benefit the clans that fill their ranks with helpful saints? Some clans want to be nicer and others don’t put so much emphasis on pleasing everyone, the only real effect of being outright offensive or nice in the game is the distant possibility of WG putting sanctions on the entire clan

        • 1. This is not about blowing off steam. Sure, everyone has to blow off steam every once in a while and everyone will do that in their own way. But calling names, discriminate, etc. that tells something about the person who does that, AND tells something about the clan he is allowed to stay in. It tells that the clan does not have any decency. I’m not saying that a clan should have decency. It’s all about how you want your clan to be portrayed.

          2. Not bothering about the behavior of your clan members? Again, that tells something about your clan.. I’m not saying you should bother, but you are creating a certain image for your clan a lot of people may not like. I for one don’t.

          3. Punish people randomly?? What is random about kicking someone who, according to your standards, misbehaves?

          4. See points 1 and 2. You are creating an image of your clan by allowing such kind of behavior. London example: Not all people in the clan are losers if one person misbehaves. Using you example in the correct way: If someone gets shot on the street in London and the police walks by, seeing it and doing nothing.. Then London is a very bad place to be in, in my opinion (so that doesn’t mean I don’t like all Londoners).

          5. You can have your opinion, I have mine..

  6. Battle chat disabled — do not want to see all the bullshit flying around and dead whining, and it really helps alot

    In NA server, well-known clans also have some arseholes: arrogant and selfish, if the team wins, it would be all their efforts, if the team loses, they will blame everyone else

      • Is depend is good player, or good camper, in second case he is problem, doing dmg is mean nothing, if whole team dead already.

        • More than half of the games either team gets a huge handicap during the first minutes because of players that don’t want to care about staying safe and get themselves killed. High damage numbers require you to survive long enough to do the damage and since the objective of a match is to remove all enemy tanks, it is the damage that does that. Say what you will but take a challenge to be the last survivor on your team while still meaningfully engaging the enemy. You will enjoy your games more and your team will thank you

          If you already run your XVM and see there is someone that can help you win the game, make sure you’re in a place where he can support you or you can support him. Some players consider themselves good and blame the team from time to time, others consider themselves average and blame the better players of being dicks. How about you help them, it’s a team game after all and your best bet to win by far is to make sure you let the best players on your team have an effect on the match

  7. I will never understand these filthy Neo-Nazis, what is the point of telling people to gas/sniff Zyklon B? What the fuck? Stupid Nazis always has to pick on nationality *Cough Cough* ‘Murica

    • Exactly, call someone idiot or staff like that, I don’t support it but what ever.
      But call on someone cancer or call for gassing Poles is just sick and this ppl should rly think about themselves

      • Help them with advice? Oh boy, you have so much to suffer still :D

        They dont listen
        They dont read
        They dont shoot
        Only those who are green
        They dont cap
        Or decap
        They sit in bushes
        And keep on fap
        Trust them? Nope!
        Get platoon and fuck ‘em up.

        • Is not always work, but sometimes, and win many battle thx to ppl how take my advice.
          Im not great player, but see one flank must move, or other die and win go away, sometimes only chance to win is cap, or decap. Arty should run, before get spoted. Etc.
          Try 10 times, if 1 work, is enough.

            • Because most r “go spot” = “go die”, is not team work if someone want profit for himself.

              • 60% of playerbase are hopeless. 20% of them understands but cant really carry the team. Last 20% are blue to purple stats.

                No point expecting teamwork – platoon can carry all.

                • You just pulled those numbers out of your ass. Greens are top 10%, blues are top 1%, purples are top 0,1% of the playerbase. Usually green roflstomps orange in random, blue is a green who’s been playing well for a long time, and most purples are stat padded re-rolls. Even many blues are only blue because they played like 20 – 30% of their battles on T18 or T49 etc.

                • thats BS. You sound like you cant get unicum stats in this game if you dont statpad enough. I for one managed to get them in like 14k battles or something with first acc and playing mostly higher tiers HTs/MTs. And i know many people who have similar history. I dont mean to show off here, just saying you pulled your numbers out of your ass too.

  8. Haven’t ran into any nazi retard in-game, so far. Some homophobic for sure but very rarely. I must be lucky in some way.
    I keep chat on because I have still a little hope in teamplaying. But i can’t say i’m repaid a lot for it…

    • Pure luck I guess. I don’t remember when was a last weekend where I didn’t see any racist comments.

  9. i dont understand the agression against polish players at all as i know a lot of bad players from other nations………

    • Historically, they’re underdogs of Europe, when Germany or Russia becomes weak, they go “raeptiem betchez” on them, and when they become strong, they whine like dogs.

    • Its easy.
      1. big nation = > many players
      2. nick – many of them use “w” “cz” “pl” etc. => easy to recognize them
      (germany players dont use so much “german” nick)
      3. many players => many good players => many average players => many bad players
      4. good play is “normal”, average play dont make angry
      5. bad play => make angry
      Result? you know …

        • not PepaCZ, but Pliskiewicz or Matcza etc …

          cz in middle of nick = polish

          and other like “rz” “sz” … pyszny … krzymio …. easy to recognize

    • Becouse they are bigest nationalist in EU, most of the time they have PL in the nick, they spam game chat in polish, most of the time they write you in polish, even if they know english. I know russian very well, and i understand polish language too enought, its funny when 45-47% write in chat what a noobs in his team :D

      • Recently I see more arabic letters than Polish (in team/all game chat, because I’m from Poland so…)

      • It often happens that 2 people who know each other run into each other ina battle and talk to each other on a chat.
        If some french guy wants to tell another french guy “hi, good to see you” or suggest sth specifically to him, then he will do that in french and why it should bother me?
        What bother’s me are “language nazis” who at this moment start to write “talk english, it’s eu server you stupid french, you will get chatbanned”

        In random battles there are 30 players at the same time. Not every message is intended for you, so you don’t have to understand all of them

        • Team chat, all chat, is not for u.
          If u want write in french, polish, german etc. do it after battle.
          Or go somewhere to do it. Battle chat is not for it.

      • “Becouse they are bigest nationalist in EU” – you just pulled that BS out of your ass.

  10. DJBasic is one of the nicest and funniest guys in the game! I was with him in the same clan for over a year.
    Fuck off SS.

    • Fuck off. I met many people that sounded nice and good, but most of them were sons of bitches… So are you.

      Die bastard.

      • this is for @Simao10
        ugly basterd!! you see what that noob wrote!
        not care what tank he play but look what HE WROTE!!!
        for me is a top neo=Nazi noob and loser for EVER to be!!!!!! (who care what clan is it, they are 0 of be “human”)
        I wish you and that dog breathe Zyklon B and swallow cyanide for ur Deep loser Stomach!!!
        who you think you are @DJBasic you piece of zombie alien you should be Suffer you stupid BOT!

        SilenceStalker I love you when you put this stuff, this people need Suffer forever!
        Thanks you SilenceStalker ! and @DJBasic and the loser @Simao10 go fall to Hot lava!!
        I wish not see you ever again!!!

    • Me too. At least someone was doing something good in WoT community to improve the quality of chat.

  11. Hell, I rant at noobs a lot, have a bit of an anger mangement problem. I resort to racism occasionally as well. But even I drop that shit after one or two lines in the chat to vent and then move on to the next game and I have never resorted to death threats and the like.

    I don’t particularly feel sorry for noobs getting chewed out. You want it to stop, then git gud. That said, any verbal agression just makes the ranter look dumb and yes that applies to me as well.

    All in all though, is this really something worth writing about? Humans are gigantic assholes by design. What are you gonna do about it? And what does it matter? Afraid someone’s precious feelings get hurt? Everyone catches flak. A lot, in WoT. If I can deal with it so can everyone else.

    As for bad apples in a clan, well, it all depends on how it impacts the image of the clan. I wouldn’t kick someone out for being verbally agressive to outsiders as long as he plays good enough. Skill is a person’s primary value in life.

    • Oh, somebody finally realized how fucked the human race is.


  12. Silent just to let you know, but DJBASIL is in real life a lawyer btw :)

    I was with him in PTS and he was one of those guys you simply ignore. And just try to get along with…

    And yeah… He is a rasist as one can be. His jew jokes and PL jokes were disgusting for my taste.

      • may be.
        but then – so what?
        In random battles it doesnt matter what clan are you from.
        And in Clan Wars DJBASIl has no influence on A-P decisions and movements.
        So why should A-P care? If you care about what people talk in randoms so much to allow random chat to oifnluence your clan wars strategy then you are not worth to cooperate with you anyway.

        I was flamed, hated and called names not only in battle chat – where you are just a tank on map, but often on the forums also, when insults are generated more towards you as a person not as a tank you drive.
        Whatever they wrote to me/about me, was less important then what they did when we agreed on something. And insults from ordinary soldiers in a caln – oh come on, who cares.

        You can tell the size of the man by the size of things that bother him.

        • I feel bad for you and yes I have blamed polish people for loosing the game, but it was more of matter of my rage. Sometimes I cant be ok with 48% 12k guys who dont even know how to camp with their TDs. Sorry polish people, I never called you jews, but I used other bad names. There is bad players in every nation but somehow everybody only blame polaks. Not german rich kids doing dounats with Löwe.

  13. I was with him in the same clan (PTS). If you think he is racist only towards random players, you are wrong. Thats the single most worst shit-brain racist i have ever played with. Hi literally drow away 6 unicum players from the clan because him and his racist friend Sorken (pinkunicorn or smth now) couldnt stand having Balkan clan mates because they considered us subhumans for their Swedish royal ass. A-P must be really low on players to accept this mother fucker in the clan.

    Oh and if you wondered about his background, he is a rich law student (oh the irony), he was spending copious amounts of money to shoot ONLY gold shells long before they were switched to silver (he bragged about it numerous times how he shot gold from day 1). His opinion of all non western eu citizens is about the same as you can see here.

    There are just a few players in game i hate with a passion, DJBASIL is one of them.

    • I absolutely agree with Paaranoja and can confirm this. One of the biggest rasist retards I ever had the pleasure playing in a clan with. He wanted to kick me from PTS bcoz I had my mic muted coz a phonecall and didnt respond to him. Total dumbfuck that person.

      • The sad part is, he actually got DC position in PTS (or something similar)… how its beyojnd me, but we can see the consequences of having people like that run the clan.

        • Yes… The atmosphere was toxic. Even more during the final blow with acusing some core players of espionage lol.

    • LOL, I can only imagine how you feel about your gay lover being racist:
      6 unicum players? There were only like 1 or 2 of the Balkan bitches that actually deserved to be in PTS. All of the other Balkan scrubs you voted in.

    • Nicely skewed view there. Maybe he had a problem with you Balkan guys because a group of Balkan guys were rigging PTS’s entry-by-vote system to get their retard friends in. You guys were no loss to the clan when you left, in fact you people were one of the principle reasons we had to overhaul recruitment to prevent groups like you from trying to make a mockery of what was then a top clan.

      Y’know what Basil and Sorken were? They were *fun*, they take the piss out of *every* racial or national group and take the piss of out *everyone* with nothing being off-limits. PTS was a relaxed clan, always having a laugh, never taking anything too seriously (small wonder you didn’t fit). This is why I’ve been told more than once that it’s PTS TS that’s always good for some fun while other clans’ TS are boring, sterile environments where people show up only for clan wars then go off on their own again.

      The bullshit you guys pulled in PTS was what made you hated by some and you don’t get to play the victim over Balkan guys getting targeted when said bullshit was limited to the Balkan guys in the clan. Live up to stereotypes and you don’t get to complain about them.

  14. Disgusting. I hope the WG are getting harsh on this stuff. Because sooner or later some tabloid journalist will come up with a “WW2 game full of Neo-Nazis must be banned” story. If WG can’t show that they give a dam then they may have an issue.

    Ok the guys made himself look like a moron, but some of us are normal humans who play the game to relax listening to dumb nazi crap isn’t my idea of relaxing. No I will not turn off the chat, it is needed on occasion and much of it is perfectly plesent. No I should not have to “toughen up” or accept “It’s the internet”. Just because your’re hiding in your bedroom and angry with your mother doesn’t make this stuff ok.

    Don’t type anthing in the chat that you wouldn’t say to a random stranger in a pub. And if your not old enough to be in a pub they wash your mouth out and do your homework.

  15. Everytime i go into any public battle solo, i automaticly assume atleast 14 members of my brain are retarded monkeys with the collective intelligence of a coconut – no dissapointments, only surprises.

  16. Had something similar happen to me last night, not as bad mind, but he still demanded I Uninstall WoT and claimed me to be a camper despite i’d travelled further than him…

    Turns out he was the Diplomat to his clan… Some diplomat that was… It also took him and his platoon mate both in E-100′s 3/4 shots to kill an IS-3 on 200 odd hit points. Both of which had the big derp gun on as well…

    I was in a panther 2 and they wanted me to help by spotting? I mean come on i’m barely fast enough to do that. Plus I was sniping with the long 8.8 and actually supporting them from getting shot by the FV215b 183..

    Some thanks I get ey…

      • Even with HE they would have killed him with 2 shots at the most! I used HE on the Su-152 with the stubby derp and dealt no less than 300 damage with it every shot I fired. Was comedy gold when you got behind a Tiger 1 and planted one in the engine though…

        • I wrote irony, n E100 with derp see someone on <300hp load HE all should it know.

  17. I believe in absolute free speech. I would rather people were honest in expressing their opinions than hiding behind a facade. In this case, the guy has made himself clear to all, and now you decide how to react to him. May I suggest ignoring him? Better than finding yourself on one side of a fence.

    • My reaction to him is me using my right to free speach. I am free to react as i deem apropriate short of me inhibiting his freedom. Telling a brownshirt disease to sod off from my clan or my game does not inhibit his freedom, he is free to do it somwhere else.

      The limits of free speach are on the borders where what you say amounts to lies and inciting hatred in a population where it otherwise would not be present. Free speach is constructive dialog and argumentation.

  18. I have to admit that many times offend other players etc, but not on ethnic or nationality. Offended them only when they attacked me various blunt lyrics. Now, I try to respond to them constructively to sensed that his stupidity did not contribute to the conversation.

  19. SS
    Hall of shame will not change the WG additude.
    Thought it will change our additude.
    So please continue HOS, if you want to change our additude.

  20. Nice one…..but we have only half of the story….what were the actions of that S.P?????? I m not trying to justify what DJbasil said but we all have bad days and sorry to say that (but we all know that is true) there is always a siema noob to ruin your efforts to perform and win. I had 3 battles today in Murovanka on “A” base and on all 3 of them 2 guys (in heavies and meds) with “……PL” stood at B0 houses. I dont know if it has to do with nationality but how you can see it differently when the “pl” in the username most of the times (not always) indicates failure.

    PS I would like to see the name of that Super Pershing and too bad you wan to turn this perfectly nice blog into name and shame

  21. As SS already pointed out – There is a Line better not to cross!

    People take it to light hearted when unloading all sort of bull shit and very questionable and even dangerous thought patterns in rage.
    People simply don’t think and then excuse it as just venting frustration.
    hell yeah that is what extremism is all about – venting frustration and targeting specific groups.
    That is where it begins when you cross a line and it is never a simple faux pas.

    You know – I’m not a fancy elite player (nick is madphisto in WOT) but there are still players playing worse than I do.
    Guess what – I have to vent my frustration.
    To the cost of my girlfriend’s silence when reading a book or writing an article I sometimes completely tick off.
    I’m screaming, I’m shouting, I’m raging, I almost smash my keyboard and mouse but…..

    I call people assholes, idiots, jerks, poor souls, mindless, pittyless witts.
    All of which are derogatory terms but still neutral and targeted on a subject not an entire group i.e. nations, religions or cultural collectives or sexes and families.

    I also don’t do this in chat. Worst you can get from me is sarcasm and criticism for certain actions or idiotic commentary like those presented by SS.

    In some cases of rage by myself I realize I also made mistakes in the recap. It is not that good players don’t make mistakes anymore – even unciums fail form time to time.

    Controlled anger!

    If we cross the boarder all too often we might get lost there ending up as a completely social failure and even worse as a threat for the environment as we are open for extremism and fanatism.

    Don’t believe me? Think you just abuse terminology of extremists and fanatics form time to time?
    Wrong – that is where it always starts.

    Frustration -> Swearing -> looking for scapegoats -> making them outcasts -> making them illegal or not worth living -> declaring them sub standard or alien -> concentrating them -> exclude them and even eliminating them….

    Wait where did it start in 1923? The answer is frustration and swearing!

    Guys wthout thinking what you’re doing you get more and more prepared for those you think you could never be transformed to and comitted to movements or actions you’d never thought before.

    • +1

      Solitaire, thank you. This is how the brownshirt desease that spreads across Europe should be combatted. I hope sensible argumentation like yours will suffice and that we shall never have to stand on real barricades put up to stop the brownshirt decendants.

      • yep, thanks you Solitaire, but man think about it you right but….
        those people who swearing Children women and men (girls+boys) is not make it diffrent when is become to be Hurt. sure this game really much disapointing of “team work” or “gameplay”…
        but when see a Nazi is same like a Neo=Nazi, this gays need suffer. Be anger is VERY not Health to be for Heart or Life.
        those people need punish SO hard and WG do noting about it.

  22. Please do explain how this surprises you. I’m in EFE, i know we have some ppl who do things that other players question and then contact leadership figures about (usually not even about anything at all serious). You recently stated that we are part of a “retarded” club, or atleast defined as a clan containing most retards. I wrote to you a message on this expressing my dissatisfaction with such a statement, obviously receiving no reply. Now you turn around and are “surprised” that there are other clans that have members doing FAR WORSE than i’ve seen any EFE member ever achieve in hall of shame (the source where you supposedly got your statement to call us “retards” from, even though i was thoroughly dissapointed with the lack of many EFE appearances in said “hall of shame”). Please explain….. my brain hurts from the lack of logic and consistency in your opinions and views.

    • The fact that for the last unpublished Hall of Shame, EFE had 4 or even 5 candidates. That makes it a record. For me, EFE is like pre-purge Exnom was before.

    • I have to agree that it’s bad idea to blame whole clan if one of them has a bad day. No one should be judged by their worst moments. Crap like this is written to chat every day, but no one cares if the writer is average sub 55 % WR shitter.

      I remember reading that EFE “article” in disbelief. I got the feeling that SilentStalker is bitter because he isn’t top player and in a top clan. Or perhaps that was his bad moment and he shouldn’t be judged based on it. Anyhow, it’s much better to contact these ragers personally and perhaps give them chance to redeem themselves before doing this… or just take screenshots and send to support.

      • It is the responsibility of a clan to make sure their reputation is respected and kept by their members.
        If they chose to have leway here they have to live with the consquences.

        In any clan I have served in my 20 years of clan gaming I have made sure my actions comply with the good reputation of my clan! wearing a clan tag or any type of group identifier makes you a representitive of that group. and all your actions fall back to that group.
        A lot of people forget that single or sub-group actions lead to collective judgement (see: Third Reich = all germans nazis).

        A proper clan leadership and community usually makes an effort to present itself as a unit and a unit preserves its philosophy.
        With everything you do while wearing the clan tag you chose which philosophy the public connects with that clan!

        It is very easy to avoid “worst moments” by ensuring discipline throughout the clan.
        And I am not speaking of some occasional (light) swearing but absolute mental fails like those presented in the article here.

        • My point is; if you want to be somekind of moral beacon it’s better to do it smart way than Afghanistan style public stoning.

          You are embarassing yourself with that Nazi talk. It’s just some swedish kid with anger management issues.

          • This. Silentstalker, if you wrote all this with the direct words of what is happening, everyone would see what this is about. If you take out all the bias and strong language, it reads: “A player from A-P lost his nerve, shouted unsavory holocaust references and teamkilled another player”. But instead the story reads “this retard teamkiller is the recruiter of A-P!”. But neither of these even touches the point of what went down

            How did the SP get the other guy killed, as we see only the chat? Did he drive in front of his shot, making the A-P guy blue which results in his own team then shooting the blue? You don’t really know, you just react to his chat after the fact has already happened. I know this isn’t really journalism that we’re talking about but you’re letting yourself be lead by people who appeal to your commonly known opinions

        • As has been said before, we aren’t babysitters. This is why bad behaviour comes through. You need to remember that we are a clan, not a company. Bad press doesn’t affect our ability to win games or make money. Trust me when i say that decent behaviour between the various members in the clan is enforced (to a point, obviously) and that therefor it’s hard for me to imagine, besides a few persons particular, to say too much seriously wrong stuff outside of it as well, atleast unprovoked.

      • You are wrong people should be judge by their worst moments. Nazi guards in concentration camps were actually nice guys at home so by your logic they are good people as a whole? Someone who cannot control his temper from time to time is more likely to be quite an idiot. And some times you can blame whole community like the clan for things done by some members cause such communities usually attracts same kind of people.

        • So if you condemn all nazi soldiers and camp guards, all soldiers who fought in any war are murderers then? Everyone likes throwing the Nazi card around but you don’t understand that not all of the german population of Nazi Germany were fervent nationalists and not all soldiers want to kill people even though they are commanded to do so and failure to fulfill that order means you may well get shot either by your superiors or your enemy.

          Categorical judgements are just an easy way out to let you avoid understanding the real truth of the matter because it may make your head hurt. It’s okay to have an opinion that you know yourself is biased, just admit that it is biased

  23. Well this is embarrassing…

    I can only apologize for these actions and tell you that we have strict policies regarding our behavior in public and CW-battles and that we value our good reputation.
    We will of course look into it and I can assure you that it will be dealt with accordingly.

    Deputy of A-P

      • In A-P we are not allowed to rage or shit on people in-game or on forums. Generally, I see very little raging and drama in A-P.

        So in regards to djBasil’s brain-fart; I don’t think leadership will be happy today; and I can guess what tonight’s clan meeting will be about.

        • Thats not a brainfart. He is a dick and always will be. He was ALWAYS like this in PTS in public games. Even toxic to his own clan members that were from Eastern Europe.

    • Good to hear that, but tbh I met alot of blatantly trashtalking A-P platoons in randoms.

      I really wonder who got that rasist pig in your clan.

      • @Lord_Lemming you make me Laugh so high when you said this: “I can guess what tonight’s clan meeting will be about.” = good you make clan meeting I was died of Laugh in the moment I heared that! :P punish that guy, damn that was funny man, make him see he wrong, let him feel so bad with himself or let him face the other world.

        p.s – if he not be connected, send him Mail for face the true of his Implications of words.

          • Jag har ingen aning om varför du skriver så här
            Men det var verkligen nödvändigt
            Den gruppen tal bara gör mig att skratta Murder
            Så jag var tvungen att skratta åt det, bara inte straffa denna varelse: D

            • @Lord_Lemming&TripleTripe

              Makes me wonder about you. Anything you want to share with us?

    • Like you actually care, you guys had Basil before we in PTS did, you know what he’s like and you love him for it. It’s ok, you can admit it ;)

  24. I must seriously be out of the loop, but … good reputation? I don’t remember many clan-names as I usually play solo randoms and generally don’t give a crap about other clans, but A-P is one of the few groups that I do remember and always associate with “shit-talking-14-year-olds”, including after battle insults via private chat and all that jazz.

    I don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush, but the fact that just reading the A-P tag ticks off all the wrong boxes for me is pretty telling.

    Maybe really just a few bad apples then, hm …?

  25. I don’t understand those who say: “It’s internetz, what do you expect?”
    Well I expect same behaviour as normal. Why on earth I would behave different in RL and in the game? I dont have split personality.
    If you are in-game NAZI then you are NAZI, simple as that.

    • Well internet is a good tool how to see what person you rly are. Cause there are basically no barriers and little responsibility then in the real life.

      • Why on earth would I act differently at work to how I act at the strip club?! Why?!

        • Its not about how you “act” its what you are if you are pig at strip club you are pig everywhere you only know how to mask it elsewhere. Look at offenders they usually are nice people in regular communities and then bam you see them on TV how they were raping young boys in the park

          • Ummm, ok…nice example. I still think that well adjusted individuals behave differently depending on the environment and circumstances. If this is not true for you, I’m guessing you ain’t much fun at a bbq…especially if you like to talk about pedo activity in the parks :s

  26. DJbasil….y…well known guy with well known behaviour! he was in pts a d…i…head and he will allways be a d.head!!

  27. On the WoWP NA sever you don’t see things like this much. It’s not tolerated. We don’t see much of the trolls like I have seen on the WoT NA server. In fact I have only seen one incident where a racial slur was used. However that WoWP player later complained about his day ban on the forums, which got him another forum ban too in the process. Pretty much the WoWP NA community shuns this type of behavior. The WoWP NA community is very honorable in their actions to other WoWP players.

  28. “I don’t know. I discontinued the Hall of Shame, but perhaps I should start a special category, like Jingles’ “wanker of the week” – “morons of the month” or something.”

    Nice idea, but you should add some kind of category for that so that some people don`t get too but hurt :)

    • Or he quit…..which would be the honorable thing……so he probably got kicked…..

    • Doesn’t eliminate the focal problem though.
      It would be more important that people understand that this is no way how to deal with frustration. Just because nobody is getting physically harmed there is a danger that certain contexts like – in this example the type of gas used for the extermination of jews – is taken light heartedly as a part of an insult against someone who was felt a failure to the team or the own game play.
      And I’m not only seeing this problem because of the holocaust context being trivialized by such action.
      It is the same with cursing or calling people retards or their parents things like whores or whatever.

      I mean “asshole” or “dick” should be more than aggressive enough to express your disgrattitude of someone’s performance or actions. We don’t need to plant a verbal nuclear bomb or seed wrong thought patterns especially if someone is not of that mind set in general!

      Kicking someone out is just a quick measure getting rid of someone who made a mistake to wipe it off from the own coat.
      Does it heal the underlying problem and the possibility to occur again (in the clan)?

      I’d appreciate it more if the offender realizes what he has done and why it is wrong.

  29. I’m glad everybody agrees that their own beliefs and moral standards are superior to all other beliefs and moral standards. The truth is (since everybody else seems entitled to dictating what ‘truth’ is, I feel entitled to spouting my own bs) that 99% of people are plebs and see the world through subservient eyes. I don’t care what the next amazing genius thinks, but if he tries to make me adopt his line of thinking by force, whether as an individual or as a collective, I am prepared to resist this fascist action no matter what the cost.

    Grow some balls you thin-skinned twits. Is that exceptable? Over the line? Idiots :D

  30. Oh, and another thing;

    SS, was your motive in publishing user names in Hall of Shame to shame individuals in the hope they would get a clue and be better people in the future, or was it to destroy their enjoyment of the game as you perceive they ruined the experience of others? Do ‘bad’ people deserve to suffer? Can ‘good’ people decide what a crime is and what the appropriate punishment should be?

    I agree with the user that posted that the size of a man can be determined by the size of the issues that trouble him.

    I just ate shepards pie…mmmm!

  31. there’s a no naming or shaming policy on the world of tanks forum… maybe you should at least pixelate the clan-tag (even though it can easily be searched, but just to show that it may not be a clan-issue as it is mostly not…).
    I mean this player needs a personal teaching and maybe writing with the clan-officers first may be a more diplomatic way… at least i send the replays to the officers so they can deal with them… and if he joins a new clan after 3 or 4 days i send it to the new officers too :p
    there are easier ways to destroy someones fun in a game XD
    but i think my method is kinda working…

  32. As a leader for the Clan (BEARD) allied with Rebel and Sweed, we take these comment’s as a reflection toward our clan. The more people you have that does this kind of stuff makes the whole clan look bad. In BEARD we have and will deal with these tape of people. First with a warning, next the removal of the clan member involved. We set everyone out in the clan recruiter so they may bring in their friends or family to the clan, because at the end we are one big family.

  33. Stupid annoying kids who think that everyone else did wrong… and they learned from their mummy how to curse! How cute! -_-

  34. Did Liverpool have to apologise for Suarez ? I guees, not ?
    blaming clans for their players behaviour its idiots logic.
    He flames on chat ? He will get chatbanned. Isn’t that enough ?
    and yes i dont see anything wrong in writing offensive thing towards arty players. they deserve the worst.
    in other cases… most of the times its being apes quarrel ?

    and btw morons, You have ignore/chat off option.