History of Great Victory, Part 6

Sixth part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with Major-General Vladimir Konstantinovich Polupanov, who – a common combat engineer in 1945 – remembers capturing Fort No.5, one of the toughest fortifications in Königsberg, that posed a direct threat to the movement of the units of the 43rd Soviet Army.

English subtitles are available.



Major-General Vladimir Konstantinovich Polupanov was a squad leader in the 175th Independent Engineer Battalion of 126th Rifle Division of 3rd Belarus Front. He fought at the 1st Baltic, 3rd Belarus and 2nd Belarus Fronts. He helped to liberate Belarus and Lithuania. By an order of the Supreme Soviet of the USSSR presidium from 19.4.1945, for his heroism during the Königsberg fighting and for conquering the fortification, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, with an Order of Lenin medal and the Order of the Golden Star medal.

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