Wargaming to Start its own Radio

Source: http://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancy/810/

Hello everyone,

it seems that Wargaming is going to start their own radio in near future. In Russian of course – they are (for their branch in Minsk) looking for a content manager for this project.

Jobs content:

- Participate in WG Radio media plans development.
- Prepare scripts for various activities and participate in their discussion.
- Write text materials for the air.
- Develop content for WG Radio editorial staff.
- Negotiate with Wargaming representatives and prepare them for going on the air.
- Monitor WG Radio content.

Basically, they want something like me, only for a radio. And Russian language only. So, anyone interested?

Personally, I don’t think game radio is a good idea in general. I mean – who has time to listen to this? When you are playing, do you really want a radio stream eating up your bandwidth in the background? Podcast, on the other hand, would make much more sense. I mean… imagine something like Mingles with Jingles, but with WG staff and without the “generic gameplay footage” video background. That’s something I would enjoy immensely. In English that is. I wish I had Jingles’ voice and accent, I sound terrible on the mic.

20 thoughts on “Wargaming to Start its own Radio

  1. Welcome to WG radio. Here are some messages form our great leader, SerB.

  2. why not a tv station, maybe their own satellite. everyone will be happy, the game will run at 180 fps after these ”upgrades”, guaranteed.

  3. “When you are playing, do you really want a radio stream eating up your bandwidth in the background?”

    Internet radio is like 128-256 kbits of bandwidth.

  4. Are they doing the radio station? Like the 24/7 over the air or just like podcast with schedule? Maybe at first this will be good, but in the long run, the topic will be the same over and over and over again unless there’s a new matchup or any event but kinda boring if you’re unable to see some clip action they are talking about.

  5. “I wish I had Jingles’ voice and accent, I sound terrible on the mic.”
    You didn’t sound so bad on those streams with Rita, and I recall you were ill then.
    Everybody thinks they sound awful on the mic, because it makes their voice different from usual.

    • Mic doesn’t change their voices, but every person hears his voice different than people around him. I’ve watched some documentary about it. To hear your voice like others do you need to block your ears with some cover or something. It was pretty interesting. So when you are listening to yourself after recording it you basically hear yourself like others hear you.

      • Yes, I heard about that, too. You have to cover a specific ear – don’t know anymore if it was the right or the left.

        The thing is, that you normally cannot hear your own voice like it sounds to others, because the source of it lies very close in between your ears and the vibration of your vocal cords distorts your perception – if I remember correctly, usually ones voice will always sound a bit deeper and more powerful to oneself than it actually is.

  6. Online radio’s take up an extremely small amount bandwidth. (Only about 20-30KB/s)
    Even on my middle of the nowhere countryside internet with 3.5Mb/s connection I can play WoT and listen to an internet radio at the same time with no problems.

    Bandwidth is not the issue here. Its the connection Speed to the servers that causes people to lag, using up all your bandwidth from say, downloading causes packets to be put on hold by your network before they can be sent. (Gives me 999+ “Green” ping) – The green light indicates packet loss.

  7. Just a waste of money IMO. It doesn’t promote or improve their product.
    Do they intend to make money through advertisements? Do they think this will keep players hooked on the game? Are they just giving people jobs?

    If there’s anything WG should be doing, it should be developing and marketing their games. They won’t keep their lead if they keep getting side-tracked with stunts like this.

  8. Good morning comrades, you are live with your very own SerB. After listening to the glorious anthem of the Soviet Union, we’ll discuss today’s headlines:
    -WG’s project of balancing the game is going as planned. German tanks will continue to be nerfed and of course we’re gonna balance it with some buffs to the poor underpowered Soviet tanks such as KV-1S;
    -WG’s battle against high FPS is going well, our post-9.0 micropatches are doing an even better job than 9.0 itself at dropping the FPS;
    -Our proud EU studio continues the world record streak of daily fails, uninterrupted for over an year;
    And now DJ Storm will play some proud Soviet opera for you.

  9. Most radio streams have a bitrate of 128 kbit/s.
    WoT itself uses 64 to 96 kbit/s (Excluding built-in Vivox of course).

    If you don’t use team voice chat software such as TeamSpeak, you’re even on a weak 384 kbit/s line good to go bandwidth wise. (Who would listen to radio anyway while in TeamSpeak?)

  10. When you are playing, do you really want a radio stream eating up your bandwidth in the background?

    I always play while streaming the radio, doesn’t affect my ping or FPS in the slightest.

    And why would you want to sound like jingles? His voice is boring tbh.