History of Great Victory, Part 7

Seventh part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with Pyotr Alexeyevich Filonenko tells how he, then a 13-year old “son of the regiment”, covered the embrasure of a German bunker with his body and survived.

English subtitles are available.



Pyotr Alexeyevich Filonenko is a retired colonel of the Soviet Milicija. He participated in WW2 ever since he was 11 years old as a member of a tank brigade. In June 1944, during the fighting for the Gomel-Bobruisk trail, when he was 13 years old, he repeated the feat of Alexander Mastorov: he charged the enemy machinegun position, allowing his company to go on offensive. He was wounded 12 times, but he survived. After healing in a hospital, he returned to the front and made it to Berlin.

3 thoughts on “History of Great Victory, Part 7

  1. actualy i like the Series itself but it would be really cool if they would sometimes also interview some german,Britisch,italian etc. soldiers

  2. British and Italian ? what about Yugoslavian partisans or partisans from France, Netherlands…. I really dont need to listen soldiers (who are great heros) about western front because i have for that 100000000 documentary series. I would like to see somethnig about The first anti-fascist organization, called TIGR or really important resistance of Yugoslavia which nobody knows about from the west (and looks like also east now). But the main fact is this videos are only on Russian server so i understand why they have only for them.