Weather Effects in WoT Xbox

Thanks to Dom1n for letting me know.

Hello everyone,

Xbox WoT is going to recieve some very pretty weather effects. Would you like to have that in WoT?



I sure wouldn’t, it would probably burnd the GPU to the ground…

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  1. Wasn’ there a mod for WoT PC for night battles? kinda reminds me of this.

    Anyway, imagine Ruinberg on fire with this, would look awesome. For like 5% of the people playing the game, since …. classic WG logic

    • Don’t worry with all the limitations bigworld has you don’t have to fear to ever get something like real time day night cycle or any sort of dynamic weather effects.

      The xbox version uses another engine.

      • I’ve watched the xBox stream last night and game indeed looks awesome. Everything you saw in the video is pretty much gameplay footage. Ofc it looks a little bit better on the video, but night battles, rain, snow on mountain pass are all in the game and is sure does look cool.

    • On xBox version all tanks seems to either moves faster(or it just looks like they are moving faster). I’ve watched some guy on twitch last night playing xbox version and T34(murrican t8 prem) moves quite fast compared to PC version.

  2. Meanwhile most of wot player using potato machine, maybe is because of them that holding us back?

  3. It wouldnt burn the GPU lol… Those effects are nothing srs to handle for even the GTX 500 series… Its all about how its optimized trough the GPU drivers.

  4. these are not Tanks, these are Flamethrowers!

    bad sense of graphic aesthetics and taste.. the story of WG.

      • Thought i was the only one noticing those terrible gun flash sprites instead of proper smoke and fire.

        I remember BF3 had the same shitty cheap sprites when firing at an object such as wooden fences, walls etc.

        Meanwhile PC version is getting volumetric fire which looked pretty awesome. Btw i wonder why they dont simply use the xbox360 HD models instead of wasting resources to make other ones for PC. Probably they arent accurate enough or something.

  5. That heavy rain was awesome. They should bring these in for the PC version also.

  6. In the Developer Diaries 2014 – Graphics video they were talking about it, and they said seasons will change, weather will wary. They pretty much comfirmed that they want to implement it, just not sure that should it affect gameplay or not (limited viewrange on the server when the weather changes).

    Personally I would appreciate it if it would affect gameplay, but more graphics options are always nice too. I imagine you would be able to turn weather effects off, or lower it to the point that it doesn’t impact fps much.

    • they said it might affect gameplay, in the very same video ;) by cropping the viewrange

      • That’s what I tried to say, sorry if my english was hard to understand. :D
        I really hope they decide to implement weather in a meaningful way.

        • I would prefer if they don’t touch the effect on gameplay, because we sure don’t need more whining about invisible tanks and shit. Also i’m pretty sure it would cause a lot of imbalance between certain tanks/classes. Adding it for purely cosmetic effect would be appreciated however.

  7. Hope we will have it soon on PC. XBox360 development team seems to be far better than the PC one…
    However muzzle flashes are seriously messed up. The rest is pretty.

  8. i hope the gun sounds differ from the xbox version i think they are awfull..

  9. We don’t want to…
    we want fluent gameplay without shits that disturbs gameplay :-)
    Like fps drop after spotting HD tank – can’t wait for all HD models! That will be like slideshow!

  10. Anything a console can do a PC can do better.
    So sure, why not? After they fixed everything else that’s not up to snuff of course.

  11. 0:52 and that tiny spark that’s just flying away from the middle tank … best effect that I’ve seen in the video.

    NOT because it’s super extra impressive as an effect in itself, but because it adds a lot to the feeling of realism and the general mood of the game :)

  12. Whats funny is that since 9.0 update, the PC version of WoT now looks worse than the Xbox version running on a 9 year old console. Seriously.

    They should hire the Xbox devs to update the graphics, they can clearly do a better job.

    • They were forced to make a new engine for the XboX version… The pc version still use the “good” old BigWorld.

  13. Looks awesome but…
    “it would probably burnd the GPU to the ground…”

    And then an idea came to my mind. Since BigWorld engine is shit, why they don’t convert the PC version to Despair engine, which is used on Xbox? Maybe it would solve the problem.

  14. only time when xbox is the ‘master race’… while on pc, memory is not enough on lowest settings, needless to say i played maximum improved graphics in 8.11… :/ better not implement anything until current fuckup is fixed
    gj wg

  15. Would love to have weather effects, time of day effects and seasonal variations on the PC version. Would make maps that you ‘knew’ well a little more varied. If the effects adversely affected view ranges, even better!

  16. Night battles is great as long as the moon is bright. I’m not so sure about the weather system, specially the snow weather system on winter maps.

  17. I played a little bit of WoT yesterday on the 360 at my friends house and I was extremely impressed by the weather effects they added to the game. Also the Artillery explosions put the PC version to shame.

  18. Seriously? No. This is a IGN video. Do you see how laggy the tank movement is? It’s all jerky. The colors of the gun fire are disgusting. The night battles are crap. The light around the destroyed tanks is gross. One good thing was the lights inside the houses…but wtf. Tanks have lights. Implement them.

    At the end of the day, the graphics are incredibly inferior to PC. The coloring scheme is terrible. There are some nice effects, but plenty is off.

    And like other IGN videos, the tank drivers are absolute noobs…sheesh, even from a gaming community.

    GPU problems? Use AMD.

  19. i bet, that if WoT would make this graphic changes like in this video, than fps will drop again , and ping will be higher, and again a lot of players wont be able to play normaly, unless u have latest gamer pc…