Super Pershing Mission Interface Bug

Hello everyone,

this is info for those of you, who are working on getting that Super Pershing of yours through the mission. Currently, the hangar mission window is bugged. When you finish one of the partial nation missions (for example gain 75k XP for Americans), the mission counter resets and the mission will start “anew” (picture courtesy of e4gl3m4n):


Please note that according to WG EU info, this is just an interface bug. You won’t be rewarded for fulfilling the nation mission twice (gaining 150k XP for a single nation won’t get you ANOTHER 2 days of prem), nor will it count towards the Super Pershing goal twice (you cannot for example get the XP require for Americans twice and skipping for example Japan completely, you really do have to get 75k XP on each).

20 thoughts on “Super Pershing Mission Interface Bug

  1. The global mission progress bar simply shows the objective in which you have the most XP. Once you’ve completed one of the sub missions, it shows the progress bar related to the next objective with the moxt XP on it.

  2. fuck, i thought i will get another 2 days of prem ;/ i just did the first nation, thats too bad

  3. Yeah I was quite confused when that happened to me yesterday as well.
    I had already hoped that I could accumulate the XP with my plenty Germans a second and maybe 3rd time and collect all the tokens needed with only the 3 nations I have, but alas, that does not work.

    It seems it is only starting a new progress bar and displaying the XP there that you actually had “left over” from the first time you completed that particular nation. So if you finished the 75000 XP grind and actually had a left over of 536 XP in the last match you played when you had the 75000 XP together, it gets dumped into the new progress bar but it doesn’t actually rise any more with any additional matches you play with valid vehicles after that…

    So yeah, really just and interface bug and they JUST had a micro patch a day ago for mission window stuff… wonder if they actually introduced that bug just right then… oh wargaming, you so silly.

  4. About this mission in general – who said, it’s hard and time consuming? I almost feel sorry to WG, that with help of this x5 event and an average of 9000+ XP per won game, the mission is a 2-3 day work. I believe anyone with a single tank of every nation with such x5 bonuses in middle of the mission could do it easily during the entire month. And if you have 3-5 tanks of a nation, than it’s an overkill.

    • x5 or x10000 it’s the same as you cannot win in that tank :D I call some tanks “cursed” – you might have 5 defeats in row and still no win.

      > 9000+ XP per won game,
      wow, wow, how many get 1000+base exp? One or two.. most don’t.

      • I managed to do 7500 xp couple times last night but no all tanks can carry a match in that way, and when you can, maybe, your team is not good so you lose. The x5 is great and it is going to help a lot, but if you only have tier 5-7 Japos … making 4000 xp in one day can take a while. And the chinese dont get much better in low tiers.
        but the worst for me is the french, I only have the ELC tier 5 and making 4000 xp in one day is a challenge and time consuming.
        I am driving tanks like if they were premiums, where the crew is trained on another tank of the same type, I get a skill penalization (25%), but vents and consumables help to push the lads up to the high 90%. I am doing this with my Japo and Chinese crews and I plan to do the same with the french once I get enough xp to buy the 12t scout in tier 6.

  5. Same here, finished Soviet line last night, and counter resetted, have 100 XP that “spilled over” from last x5 i did, and that 100 XP stays on new counter.

    Maybe its a feature, not a bug, according to Great Spiritual Leader SerB (source: Propaganda Radio Moscow)

  6. What a pity. I would gladly do this mission with Allied tanks only, but WG wants me to waste free xp and money in order to get kv or pz4, or that chinese crap.

    • Grinding to IV tier take an hour, maybe two. With current x5 for first win you may start few lines immediately and in few games grind to the IV or V tier and elite vehicles there.

  7. bugged or not the xp bar resets to the most advanced second nation in xp!