Wargaming Official Radio Broadcast

Thanks to Pro_Viking for this info.

I will be brief since this concerns mostly Russian players. Wargaming now has official radio broadcast (in Russian), it’s mostly music (pretty various mix, some pretty cool retro stuff) and some chick reading the news from the Russian Wargaming portal.

If it doesn’t work for you, open the link for example in Winamp or other player. It works.

13 thoughts on “Wargaming Official Radio Broadcast

  1. At least it’s good music and not the shit we got in italian radios

  2. I would like if they implemented it into the client, maybe not to listen during fights (that might be bad for the ping) but when you’re in garage, waiting for special battle etc.
    Might be fun and useful that way

  3. I wish that you could at least see what the songs are. :-/ That’s really my only gripe about it. Music’s ok, not my favorite, but certainly an interesting variety. It’s so funny listening to a song in English and then hearing the announcer say something in Russian lol.

  4. Can anyone say the name of radio while playing so I can find it AIMP 2 IceCast search please.
    Bulgarian: Radio CIty
    Russian: Net Radio Russia
    X Factor
    Those three radio stations are also very good.