Super Pershing FTR Giveaway

Hello everyone,

apart from doing the entire FTR thing to the best of my abilities, I’ve been wondering how else to give back to the entire community for your support, so here’s a deal. Today, two people are going to win two Super Pershings, so you don’t have to grind for them in the competition (or you can get gold for them instead). Hell, one already did. Let me explain:

If you want a chance to win a Super Pershing, all you have to do is go to the For the Record Facebook page and “like” it.

Now, here’s a twist: in order to recognize all the people that were with me until now, one Super Pershing will be given to one person, who already “liked” the For the Record page until today. I already picked that person and he or she will be announced at the same point as the other winner. Second Super Pershing will be awarded to someone, who “liked” the FTR FB page after this competition was published (which means if for example 100 prople like it from now on, each has 1 percent chance of winning). I think it’s fair that way.

You have until midnight today to “like” the FTR FB page. After that, I will publish the two FB accounts that won. Those guys/gals/ponies will then have to contact me via FB (just write me a message through the FTR FB page with your nickname and server, ideally straight away or in the morning and I will send you the reward). In case the winner already has a Super Pershing, I will talk to him/her individually to deal with it, but I presume we can settle it with Super Pershing’s gold value instead (but that’s ONLY for people who already have it, gold as prize is otherwise not optional, sorry – a proof of SP ownership will be required).

If the winner doesn’t contact me tomorrow, I will try to contact him/her via his/her FB. If I don’t succeed within 3 days, I will pick someone else.

This event is valid for EU, US, RU and ASIA servers.

PS: Oh yes, one more thing. I have the list of all players that ever appeared in the Hall of Shame. These are specifically excluded from the giveaway. Once the winner is announced and contacts me with his nickname and server, I will crosscheck the winner against the list. If he appears on the list, I will pick someone else.

88 thoughts on “Super Pershing FTR Giveaway

      • FYI, if it’s Midnight for Czech time that means
        11:00 PM today if you live in UK or Ireland,
        6:00 PM today if you live in US East Coast,
        3:00 PM today if you live in US West Coast,
        2:00 AM tomorrow if you live in Moscow,
        6:00 AM tomorrow if you live in China,
        8:00 AM tomorrow if you live in Australia East Coast,
        10:00 AM tomorrow if you live in NZ,

  1. so those who ‘like’ the FB page earlier than today have a smaller chance to win the prize, right?
    good giveaway btw

  2. Good job on the last paragraph for the rules ;) Good luck to everyone :D

    Oh btw: Congrats to Austria for winning the Eurovision contest :) :) Go Conchita!! :D

  3. my luck is so bad that i’d probably not win it… oh well.

    congratulations to the winners!

    • My luck is so bad that I probably WOULD win it…. I had that tank and it’s not as it used to be, anymore.
      After 500 battles with it a can say that people learned how to deal with it so the only thing it had (armour) is gone now. Armor in this game was useless anyway since they changed gold ammo to credits and put more and more high penetration guns in the game. I’m not saying the tank is shit but it’s just not my style… it’s good for credits otherwise.

  4. You might wanna consider excluding FB accounts younger than 24h specially made for this lottery (if you know what I mean) :P

    • Why? If someone reads FTR and makes an account specifically to get into the competition, I do not mind. Also, I employ such a method of choosing that makes making extra accounts by one player practically obsolete.

  5. Thank you SS, you show that you really appreciate the community that surrounds you.

  6. Silenstalker, Jingles had some problems giving prizes via Facebook. The winner’s profile was copied by a complete and utter asshole and he claimed the prize instead. Do be careful and show some due diligence when checking the winner. I suggest saving the URL to the winners’ profiles and comparing them to the people who message you.
    Good luck to all.

    • “complete and utter asshole”

      Well, why are you so rude? He was creative and he got the prize either way. You are directing rage at wrong person (at best case scenario – shouldn`t rage at all).

      • so you think thats fine? Id love to see how you would react when you would be in the skin of the person who actually won it in the first place.

      • There’s a difference between offering a bit of advice with a warning and just going all emo-rage.
        To me it doesn’t look like he’s raging at anyone.
        As long as SS Reaches out to the wieners first then no one would know what profiles to copy ;)..

        Or he could just send a pm like
        You won, send me your details and a private keyword like ZOMG_FTR_FTW

  7. Yes! DOes that means I have 2 chances of winning instead of 1?
    Because I have liked the FTR page on FB for the longest time.

    • Just one, sorry. Either you are an “old” supporter, or a “new” one. But there might be in the end something a bit extra for the older guys.

  8. shitty tank, sold it a year ago… i hate this tank so much…
    but good luck for all those who want horrid piece of junk premium tank…

    BTW SS i don’t get how are you going to pass one players win to another account? it’s impossible, or you actually gonna buy as gift to a player (not related to said player win), or you are working for WG… either way i liked your page ages ago so don’t get pissed :)

    • You should be banned from FTR.
      You plain outright SUCKS!
      Mate, you are complaining about something that is good ingame and that SS is taking out of his money to give back to the community.
      Just what is wrong with you?! Just please, refrain from posting or at least read what you are going to post.
      This was just a whole new level of stupid.

  9. Please only allow Facebook accounts created before yesterday. Otherwise you will just get spammed by dozens of new Facebook users.

    • I do not have a Facebook account, and I see no reason why I should be barred from entering.

      I still won’t be, (really couldn’t be bothered to make an account), but SS has said that he has methods in place to prevent double entries.

  10. I’ve been here almost since the very beginning, but never bothered with the FB page. I just check the site daily. :)

  11. Knowing my crooked luck, I won’t be able to grind the SP…

    But huzzah SS!

    • Try the big old Search button on the right side of the page, typing all of shame. It used to have it’s own bar in top page, but it does not as there are no new editions

  12. I’d love to win this, since I’m working the US medium line, and the Ram II kinda sucks, IMHO (I hardly ever use it…I enjoy pew pew guns, but that one just seems kinda meh to me).

  13. Good for loyal readers who doesnt have or want FB. But nice event nevertheless.

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  15. I had liked your FB page few months ago, today I unliked and liked it again. No intention to cheat SS, just been too hasty to partitipate (I red the text afterwards)

  16. Aaand another competition I can’t and won’t enter due to it being hosted on Facebook. Oh well, more chances for others to win.

    • Creating a FB under fake name is not that big a deal. I don’t mind if the winner account’s name is “Daenerys Targaryen” or “Duke Nukem”.

    • Same for me, I refuse to have FB / Google+ / BlahblahVZ / Insert-Fancy-Socialnetworking-name-here accounts.

      And another thing I dont get: A few months ago after the SP nerf (when people were able to sell their SP for gold, which I instantly did), there was a gerenal SP bashing everywhere. Now this shit tank is given away in a WG mission and as a prize here, and everybody jumps on it?! I’m pretty sure 70% of the people will whine about this tank afterwards, like everybody did a few months ago …

  17. I will “like” ftr fb page after this giveaway, since i don’t play wot that much any more i don’t want to “steal” the price for someone how does ;)

    ps. SS i would pick the 2nd winner from the ftr contributors list, those guys deserve it the most .

    Good luck guys

    • Not that contributors would mind but that’s likely to cause quite the backslash… “SS cheated to make his own cronies win”

      • You got a pretty good point, but i meant as a suggestion for a future giveaway, if there is any

  18. first of all thx for the GREAT site .second thx for the giveaway,I think its great,allready have a SP and its so so tank after nerf so I think pretty much what Freddi said will happend but on the other hand it might be opportunity for some comunitty rage to apear and maybe they buff it a bit
    now 2 questions I saw 6440 likes on FB that is total number of likes or just for today
    if its total is there any way we can have some banners left on website we visit to make this page more popular.not surre if banner is what I mean but I think WoT some time ago asked if we want to leave something on pages we visit so they get free advertising which I think ths page should get too

  19. Well, it’s cool you’re doing giveaway but i personally HATE facebook and will never make an account there, so gl to the ppl that will get a chance to get a SP.

    • The only thing FB is good for is having a nice book of contacts at your fingertips and you basically can know news from around the world immediatly ;) That’s why i use it :D

  20. nice thing to do SS.

    But I would rather do the grind than go any where near facebook

  21. I shall now go and pray to the RNG Gods. Read FTR everyday I didn’t have you’re page liked