Awesomium Screws WoT Up?

Hello everyone,

an interesting thread came up on EU forums and it might theoretically help some of you to increase FPS/reduce lags. EU player Lord_Percy_Percy (why do I have the feeling it’s some sort of Blackadder reference?) made a log of the network, CPU and hard drive activity during his lags on his computer (dual core i5 pc with 4GB RAM) using Sysinternals Process Explorer.



He writes about it (edited the typos):

The game froze on the large single spike and the sequence of six. Notice the massive increase in IO and processor power. And what was going on when this happened? A child process of wot.exe called AWESOMIUM.EXE fired up and hogged the resources. Note the reduction in processing power when I quit the game to check the systems resources log.

Interesting, is it not? It seems to support the theory some people were posting and which I said before – “Awesomium” can screw up you running World of Tanks (further hint at that direction is the information from one of the WG EU staffmembers, who allegedly wants to include this in his report for Minsk). For those who don’t know – Awesomium a browser interface, used in World of Tanks to display certain tooltips and such – whether that’s the only thing it is used for, god knows.

Fortunately, it can also be safely deleted or moved – go to your World of Tanks folder and in sub-folder /res/, you will find the “Awesomium” directory. Move it somewhere else or delete it, the game will still run without it (I did it myself). I suggest you keep the folder stored somewhere else however, as the patch system (launcher) could (when a new patch comes) detect its absence as compromised client integrity and start downloading the client over again, which is probably not something you want.

31 thoughts on “Awesomium Screws WoT Up?

  1. This is awesome ;-)

    An unecessary part of a game that screws the performance, well done WG.

    But It’s always the player’s fault…

  2. “Awesomium” is use to show text in historical battles, u can read about battles.

    • anything can either reduce FPS or overload entire system, because, u know, human idioticism (or lazines, or whatever, u name it) . Simple text editor can have an extreme mem leak and fill 16gigs of RAM, if somebody brokes the code so much, it can easily take whole CPU for itself for simple operation (loop error), no matter of how programs are supposed to work, anything, even HTML displayer can be badly implemented, thus can cause system overload :) (as for WoT: in beta there were a bug that in systems with more than 2Gigs of RAM caused red texture bug, logical ? NOPE)

    • Dude. Shit can go bad. I have bad experience with EVE Online’s built in Chromium and it can seriously screw up your gameplay. Any third party software can be cool and stuff but there certainly can be issues in their implementation, especially in its first one (and, you know, WG being WG…)

      So, please, just don’t…

  3. LordPercyPercy? Hmm, interesting to hear he did something great like this :P

    He did have a loot of “FUCK YOU” episodes on the forums more than once xD

    • He did, but hey. It doesn’t mean he can’t dig this up.
      (Seen the thread)
      I’d wondered what this was when I was balancing mumble/wot volumes.
      It seems to have an audio component and appears in the Windows volume control.

      And Blackadder references? No. Of course not.

  4. There’s other games that use Awesomium. Garrys Mod (a physics sandbox that started as a Half-Life 2 mod, hence the name) in particular uses it constantly.

  5. Will test today for sure since my FPS spikes are getting out of control… Never had these issues before patch 9.0…

  6. it’s always funny how players discover shit that WG should’ve known about in the 1st place
    “in soviet russia quality controls you”

    • like Mozzila gives a reward for hacker who find critical bug/exploit in their browser ?

      • and Mozilla supposedly are “better”? ha!

        oh, let’s not forget how Opera was compromised and they didn’t knew about it until later, infecting millions of Opera browser users

        • “I thought what i do was I’d pretend i was one of those deaf-mutes” (originaly from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, logo from GITS:SAC)

          I just say that not only WG have issues with their programers/coders, but you acting like no other company but WG have these issues

          • I haven’t acted like it, I despise them all
            the quality in software development, after year ~2000, went down to shit
            but, here we’re talking specifically about WG

    • Iam too with only very minor FPS spikes, but Iam playing on medium shit settings with a PC capable of running the newest games at 50 FPS on Ultra… Thats quite annoying tbh…

      Also do not mix LAG and FPS spikes into one bag. They are different… A srs FPS spike stops my game for like 1-2 seconds dropping my FPS to like 5-10.

      Not to mention that WoT manages to make my GPU go above 71-72 Celsius… I have those temperatures when playing Metro Last Light for example and even then it never crosses 70 C lol…

    • ” it shouldn’t ” this is the right word, that means literally: “it can” ;-)

  7. When I browsed my WoT folder the last time, I found this and thought “wtf is this bullshit”. I deleted it in an instant and had never any problems since then.

  8. I was very cautious when the first “delete awesomium” hype started.
    But patch 9.0 really really really really hit hard my antique computing device, what was slight caching here, slight swapping there (and need to restart client after 3-4 hours) turned into heavy swapping after 10-20 games (and the need to restart whole PC) after oh-the-jolly-patch.

    Turns out that in my case deleting (moving elsewhere) awesomium fixed my problem, atleast it seems it did after 30 or so battles there was literally NO delayed loading (when the load bar was empty for 30-60 secs for no reason), all battles loaded within 20-45 secs BEFORE start. Just like the game did pre-9.0-patch.