Latest Micropatch – Stronk!

Hello everyone,

so, player PkPsycho finally encountered the “you have low FPS, change your settings” message – and it’s a stronk one!

tanks error

He’s running some mods though, so it could be that. What is interesting though is that he followed the setting advice, offered by this mod. It did fiddle around with his settings, some got actually higher and in the end he claims to have gained extra 5 FPS – that’s actually not bad, I am glad this mechanism will help some people.

38 thoughts on “Latest Micropatch – Stronk!

  1. Optimizing an old engine is not an easy task, WG is making what they can out of what they got.
    Unfortunately given the game is in constant evolution we also get to see the screw-ups, which are to be expected unfortunately.

      • My opinion of the average forum user gets lower and lower as time passes by.
        Anyone with a decent programming experience in the field knows what I mean…

        • I have limited programming experience (I should be less lazy and actually find a good source to learn Java) and this is true. It is not easy to code a game, let alone one without many bugs…

          Although, you don’t even need to be a coder to understand that there are going to be bugs no matter what. So really, these WG “fails” regarding patches are pretty normal in retrospect, especially when pretty big steps are being taken to enhance the game and stretch the engine as much as possible.

    • unreal engine evolves
      cryengine engine evolves
      frostbite evolves
      dagor engine evolves(gaijin and wt)
      big world engine dont.

      that engine is so bad that even owning the company that made it doesnt help you to optimize it.

      • big world engine evolved a lot… go and see closed beta pics compared to now, it’s just that WG doesn’t have the same amount of resource to dedicate to rewriting the engine while WT picked up a newer one so of course it’s easier to optimize.

        • Actually the engine of WT is based on the one of the IL2 series which is already around since 2001.

          The reason why WoT game egnine “sucks” it is because its build for (MMO)RPGs and making action games out of a RGP engine can take you only so far. Its the reason why you have the small view range, its the reason why you have the small maps and the reason why you have the spotting system.

    • *ring, ring, ring, ring, ring* And we found our lucky winner!

      Somebody finally realized what’s wrong with this goddamn piece of crap game.

    • Yeah, what WG did with their current engine is pretty amazing if you think about it. Sort of like what the germans did with the PzIV, they stretched it to its limits before saying, “Yep, this thing can’t take more upgrades”, in this case, they probably haven’t reach the engine’s limits.
      Give another game company an old engine and see what they can do with it, would they create a game as good as they would if they had a new engine?

    • For the love of god…

      STALKER uses an ancient engine from 2000-2001.
      The game gave Crysis 1 a run for its money and WON the advanced lightning race up until Crysis 3 and Last Light came out:

      And the new STALKER Lost Alpha managed to do Multi-Core as well into the ancient engine. And look like this:

      Yeah. Engine is not problem. WG should have gone full on technological earlier. Like Survarium did. And Survarium looks fucking awesome on ultra.

  2. He is probably using YasenKrasen Messenger Mod, which doesn’t have the required text strings for the new message! I’m fairly sure this is not a WG screw-up (this time hehe)

    • Yes, you’re right. I was using YasenKrasen for older versions at patch 0.8.11 and I was seeing these uncomplete messages all around.

    • I am using YasenKrasen so it could easily be that. I’ll check if YK has been updated since the micropatch and see if I can automagic the message back :P

  3. “What is interesting though is that he followed the setting advice, offered by this mod.”
    Which mod is giving you advice for graphical settings?

    • None, it’s a new game feature introduced by a micropatch.
      Also the problem on the screen is stronk (but old) soviet modz, not a broken patch, so this whole post is SS’s brain fart.

      • Well SS did mentioned he’s using mods so that’s probably the cause. He only posted bcs it looked funny :D I think he didn’t meant to bash WG for this one.

  4. sorry for off topic, but SS do you know why event map did not get reset today?

  5. I never got this crap saying I have to change my settings. Why would it? I am running on very low settings due to the fuckers in WG making 9.0 a bug patch. How would I get a message like this when this pc Runs Crysis 3 at max settings?

    Their shit engine of the game needs to be better, to run the heavy graphics better.

  6. So I got only high textures.
    After that message to auto-set – it setted all to medium-high.
    Got -15 FPS in-game – what a deal!

  7. to be honest.. this patch is for “special” people IMHO.

    It’s like “Dont touch fire, you can get burned”

    I think it’s common sense to lower the details when you got low fps…
    What’s gonna be next patch ? “If you can’t hear, turn up your volume” ?

    • Unless you are using in game chat, and you need to turn sensitivity down from 100 to 15 or so to make it work properly.

  8. We’re running on a more than 6 year old engine. It’ll need to be entirely dismounted and rebuilt from the ground up to be optimized. And that’s not a thing you can do on the fly.

    Remember, when we began the graphics were worse and there were no physics. I’m surprised we have been able to pump so much from it already.