32 thoughts on “Kharkov Map Video

    • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking off when I saw the screenshots as well. Fallout: Kharkov.

  1. As long as they don’t screw up the lighting like Ruinberg on Fire so bad that you can’t practically see anything unless you turn up the gamma on your screen or turn off lighting, this doesn’t seem half bad. Looks very messy in terms of chokepoints however.

  2. I’m really looking forvard to patch 0.9.1, just because of this map. Usually new maps are sh*t, but this one looks great.

  3. ALL BECAUSE OF THE NEW LEADER IN THE MAP DEPARTMENT. Maybe they should do the same for the programming side to optimize the game to war thunders level

  4. Why do people always like to slow down these kind of videos… That slow / low frame rate video is literally making my eyes hurt.

    The map it self looks decent enough. Nothing special.

  5. Aye, map looks BIG! Also looks like you can get inside some of those larger buildings on the east of the map… When will the first Easter Egg be found on this one do you think?

    • SS recently said that he doesn’t like how his voice sounds, so he’d have to find someone good enough who could read the translated text or just voice their opinion. The rest of video editing is cakewalk.

        • Hmmmmmmm…. but the truth is, Jove is still a league above me. EU/US “market” is still smaller and where I get tens of thousands of readers, he gets hundreds.

          • Well that doesn’t mean that you can’t try and experiment. Maybe heading towards a video based posts might attract more attention. We all know how people are generally lazy (especially We, Europeans), thus watching/listening to a video is easier than reading a full post.
            Hell, if you need someone to edit a video of some sort – I know a guy who’d do it free of charge. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge…)

          • Just try, FTR was once small too ;) … And it’s only about providing additional content if you can find others willing to cooperate.

      • If you want a hairy chested aussie accent for voiceover work SS, I could always read your scripts ;)

  6. Warthunder Ground Forces has entered open beta.

    Why not try a decent tank sim? Can’t wait for naval units to be added :D

  7. Oh gosh. When havoc comes, this will be my favorite map. Shoot the archway while a tank drives under it… :D

  8. I gotta say that is a impressive looking map! Cant wait to play with my T-34/76 and Valentine II there.

  9. With no respawn the map is a little boring… this is the tipical map where you need a big battle and not the 15 VS 15 1up system.

    Ummm its me or in minute 5:39 we can see 2 buildings where you can park your tank??? looks like you can enter in both houses.

    PD: remember me a lot some Close Combat maps for the Stalingrad mods lol.

  10. And I was worried that it’ll be another flat map with plenty of protection for heavies and nothing good for light TDs.

    I like it, plenty of hollows, bumps, rises and soft and hard cover.