World on Fire Stream QA


Hello everyone,

there was yet another WG stream and Maiorboltach from the RU LJ community was kind enough to post some tidbits said in it.

- Havok is closed to the end of the year than to today
- there will also be ammo rack special effects for TD’s and SPG’s (flames from crew hatches)
- in 9.1, new engine graphic effect will come (the amount of exhaust smoke will depend on the engine RPM)
- in 9.1, the tank explosion effect will be reworked (more smoke, more flames, new sound)
- the sound will be generally reworked a lot in 9.1
- it’s possible that the Stronghold mode will not appear in 9.1, since WG wants to fix bugs completely first

40 thoughts on “World on Fire Stream QA

  1. I hope and pray WG fixes all this FPS drops. It is not normal for me to have drops from 120 to -10 or God knows where. Fact is it is freezing the screen for one second. Also when tanks are being detected it is freezing. By all respect, the donkeys in WG should do some test before they apply the patch. What the fuck were they thinking to jump this high without having the strength to go this high?

  2. Who’s giving a fuck about this stupid stream…now we all read “EFE Swears Vengeance”.
    The “audience” is in the air!

  3. When WG will implement Havok engine into the game- This means the game will no longer run on BigWorld engine, so it will be easier to optimise, we will have better performance, etc? Or we will just have pretty buildings collaps model that will have no influence on gameplay and performance whatsoever?

    Sorry for my ignorance. I dont know anything about how this works..

    • Havok is just a physics engine. It will just handle physic in game (buildings falling etc.). Big World will still be the game engine.

  4. Dropping by to inform that War Thunder Ground Forces went OBT.
    Bugs. Bugs everywhere.

        • Yeah. Remember 9.0 on open test? Worked too.

          People don’t realize that no beta catches all bugs. Ever. If you see no bugs after release, it means nobody noticed it yet.

          • These bugs were also on the 1.41 dev server yesterday.
            Makes me wonder if they hired some people from WG to do some coding.

            • that’s why it’s called dev server, so that those bugs don’t go live.
              1.39 Events tanks work damn near perfectly, in 1.41 they simply changed some things around and it’s not optimal just yet. Don’t worry, they update it quite often (yesterday my dev launcher downloaded something, fixed a couple of bugs for me, also gained 5-7 extra fps).

    • Haven’t seen any serious or new bug so far, it’s ok. I think the perfomance also improved it runs smoother with more fps. (60-70)

    • no game stopping bugs, and they patch more often than wot and are not afraid to do weekly minifixes.
      wot needs 6 months to do anything, and they only release “hotfixes” when they fucked up on a massive scale

  5. What about the turrets like WT and GW panther are they going to be able to be blown off?

  6. might not be right place to write, but do they know about the bugged craters in both Ruinberg maps ?

    you cannot pass through them (from most angles…). Its like invisible wall in that crater…
    It appeared in 8.10 and its there till now.

    Pretty stupid when your 60tons heavy E50 runs at 60km/h into a 30cm tall pile of mud and its immediatelly stopped.

  7. - in 9.1, the tank explosion effect will be reworked (more smoke, more flames, new sound)

    Again an FPS drop source. Nice…

  8. - it’s possible that the Stronghold mode will not appear in 9.1, since WG wants to fix bugs completely first

    Wow. If only they have done that with 9.0…

  9. - Havok is closed to the end of the year than to today

    Well, last year they said it will come at the end of 2013 , then at the beginning of 2014, mid 2014 and now we are at end of 2014… I have the feeling we will never see havok ingame :(

    • what, did you expect them to actually deliver something on time?, hahahahaha

      meanwhile WTGF went open beta TODAY, kiss the high-end playerbase goodbye….

      • lolno.
        Im playing WoT since Closed Beta.I have seen numerous fails of Wargaming. Ups and downs of World of Tanks. Survived the previous “killer of WoT” aka MechWarrior Online.
        I will not leave. Why would i start playing WT GF? Right now it looks like retarded child of realistic and arcade games. It might be competition, but will never surpass WoT.

        • lolys.
          MWO was never a “wot killer” as it’s completely unrelated.
          WTGF is the first direct competitor.

          and WTGF already surpassed wot by far even in early beta stage, wot mechanics are completely retarded and broken.
          WTGF les you chose, in AB it is wot as it should be, or you can go more realistic.

          and i’ve also played since day ZERO of CBT and i will leave

          • imho the mechanic is stupid, but the gameplay feels good. its really fluid, looks good, runs well.

            I will try it, but I will probably leave when im bored of the graphics.

            • Get to Tier 3, and play realistic battles before you consider leaving. WTGF is like WoT – low tiers suck, only unlike WoT – it offers 3 different levels of realism. Realistic Battles feel really great and require some skill, so most of the totally retarded noobs stay away from it.

              • actually sky, i’ve played sim battles in all tiers and i find low to mid tiers the most fun (in high tiers the long reloads change everything).
                i dont like realistic much, but sim is golden

              • for me WT ground forces is still boring as fuck only the graphics and Fps are good but the mechanics gameplay etc. is just no fun for me i will stay with wot and also Wot is far more better suited for E-sports etc. which also a lot of fun for me i mean i can play WTgf for some Hours but then i need days of break to get some fun with it again its a god game to play it from time to time but its not a ,,forever,, game like Wot(and also i hate these pay 2 win things in WT)

        • I am playing WoT for a year in the same machine, I have to play the game in low resolution where before I had my settings at medium quality, and to make things worse, my avg FPS is 30% less.

          Then we have people like SS that play very little anymore because the performance issues.

          After couple years, I run BF2BC last night, it is now 4 years old game and it runs in the same machine at high resolution and without any FPS issue. It is not great that WoT has worse graphics and performance issues than a 4 year old game.

          I noticed that there is lot less people playing on the EU servers these last days, I know that the weather is better and so on, but after 12PM there are only 10k players on both EU servers. Even during the day, there is only 80k avg.

          • themuddyside:
            are you blind or something yesterday and the day before Wot hat 220k players online on the EU Server and at 12:00 it were still around 150k yeah wot is having less and less players:D:D
            WT fanboy ftw

            • I was playing at 12pm (EU time) last night and there were only 10k players on both servers. I am based on NY so I get to play between 12pm-3am european times. I was playing this morning (NY time) – 1pm in Europe and there were only 80k players.

              • 12pm at 2:30 yes at this time there are only 20k people online(but this is logic) but at 12pm there were about 150k people online and at 1pm there are about 100k its not that much because most people work go to school etc. at this time just look at WT and how many players are online there…

  10. - in 9.1, the tank explosion effect will be reworked (more smoke, more flames, new sound)
    Michael Bay approves.