Straight Outta Supertest: Type 97 Te-Ke

Source: gamemodels3d

A preview of the upcoming tier 2 light tank (probably a reward for something)




Tier: 2
Crew: 2 (driver/commander)
Hitpoints: 160
Armor: 12/10/8
Turret armor: 12/10/10
Engine: 65hp V4
Speed/reverse: 42/15
Traverse: 44 deg/s
Turret rotation: 36 deg/s

Viewrange: 300m
Radio: 400m

Gun: 37mm Type 98
Penetration: 40,4/59,4/18
Damage: 45/45/60
ROF: 20
Elevation: -15/+20
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,2s
Ammo carried: 102

38 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Type 97 Te-Ke

  1. They told, all vehicles after those new PzIV and StuG are gonna come straight in HD.
    I just don’t get it – why promise if you can hold your word anyway???

      • Knowing that they still promised all new tanks in HD. So the question is – why promise if you know it’s worth nothing?

        Not that I fancy HD tanks that much – I don’t really care about HD Te-Ke. What bothers me is that policy of promising untrue shit all the way.

  2. Actually, this might be the shittiest T2 tank in the whole game.
    It has nothing it excels in – let’s check the data:
    view range? nope
    gun? bitch please
    power, top speed? dafuq did i tell you- GTFO

    “but mimimi 111 it’s a premium tank” – just die, crapnoob.

    GG WP WG. Job well done.

    • Mate, the cannon is good, Tetrach kind.
      Look at the gun depression. Also speed its not bad at all.

      • Are you serious? 40 pen is not even close to 64. Stop doing drugs, pretty pls.

        BTW gun depression is pretty useless on T2. You want to abuse vie range/camo combo. Good mobility is a plus. You also need a decentish and accurate gun, and this poser tank has none of those qualities.
        When was the last time you played T2?

        • How is 40 pen not enough at tier 2 for you? You are correct though in one thing though, you are very good at math, 40 is indeed less than 64, gj!

          • IRSanchez knows what he’s talking about.

            When I look at this tank I see food. Food for other tier2 tanks people actually use.
            If you think 40 pen is enough for tier 2 I can safely say you’re not playing tier2.

    • OMG what a whiner must be one of those people who expect T8 performance on T2 tanks pfffft. and I just wonder how you reacted to the LIght VIc then? bish please

      • Light VIC was saved by MM. This tank won’t have spec MM or it would have even worse stats.

    • Huh… even same tier premmie doesnt have that much pen. What makes it good because of the depression. Yes… I’m talking about sniping in Province or from the castle hills of Himmlydork.

      You’re maybe that kind of guy who expects T8 material on a T2 premmie. Bah…. you maybe also whine about the earlier freebies like the M3 Lt, Tetra, T1E6, Light ViC and T7 Car… which was a sucky gift from WG.

      Hell, be glad that its a freebie without any missions.

  3. It’s a reward tank. To get one all you have to do is reach or exceed 30 fps. I’m not saying its not doable, but seems pretty hard.

  4. I know most players consider this as secondary feature, but.. -15 gun depression is splendid. And VERY useful according to me. In a hull down position, you can aim at everything you want without having to expose more than the top of your turret.
    Stronk is the troll potential of this tank.
    (Matilda IV pilot says)

      • Thing is IRSanchez, most WoT players play the same few tiers all the time. Those who play all the tiers are rare. And funny thing is that those who only play 8-10 think they are automatically experts on all other tiers. Last time I used to play tier2, I platooned with many otherwise good players, but most of them did not know how to play tier2.

        You can see that here. All this talk about gun depression.. in tier2 you don’t use gun depression. Indeed, t2 on a pro level means vision+camo combo, or a gun that can kill the enemy in 1-2 seconds. None of this “I’m gonna go forward and scout/tank/sidescrape or hulldown”. And with turret armor of 12, you can’t even go hulldown with this tank.

        • If ennemy can’t hit you because what he sees is a too small target, it’s the same as a big armoured turret. ;)
          But well.. it’s true you don’t really use “professionnal” techniques in T2.. but.. -15 is still good to take ;)

  5. if it’s free and you don’t like it – just sell it.
    if it isn’t free and you don’t like it – just don’t buy it.
    no free maus for you today. or any other day. ;-)

    • You can use that reply to close every discussion: “WoT is free, don’t like it don’t play it”.

      Game is buggy? Low FPS in new patch? “WoT is free, don’t like it don’t play it.”

      • dear sir,
        this tank is just not worth arguing about, is it. especially if it is free (what do people actually expect.). anyway: it won’t change your gaming experience at all.
        a buggy game and low fps does and essentially so. a game that cannot be played properly is worth a discussion, even if it is free (because still, it’s a waste of your time and ressources). besides, WG wants you to play WoT in the first place, which you don’t, if you can’t because it is full of bugs and lags.

        but please feel free to go on about the tank. it’s kind of f2p too.
        a good day and many good games to you.

  6. Too much pen for reward tank. Rewards allways got shitty pen like 22mm, not 40mm.

  7. Looking at this things stats and comparing them to the Tetrarch, it wins out in view range(300 compared to 260) and HP(160 compared to 140) , is significantly less mobile though not “slow” Loses in penetration but gun damage is the same…
    and shoots 20 rounds a minute compared to a tetrarchs 21. Not a huge difference there.

    The Te Ke has worse armor, though some of it has angling, compared to the very! boxy tetrarch. The angle will likely rarely help except against low pen machineguns though.

    But the Te Ke also has literally twice the ammo capacity. I could see this tank being used to hang back and rapid-fire snipe using its decent pen and rapid fire gun, abusing that 300 view range and camo as best you can in the swift moving world of tier 2.

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