Tank You Very Much, Episode 3

Special thanks to Ofperlamm113 for sending the link to me



You know what I actually wonder? I mean… it’s funny and all that, but making such a video costs a shitload of money (more than you would expect, at least according to US presenter The_Chieftain, who makes the Chieftain’s Hatch show). I don’t know about you, but instead of crushing a stereo with a tank, I would probably prefer more shows like the Hatch, or the thing Challenger makes on EU server, showing tanks from Bovington.

31 thoughts on “Tank You Very Much, Episode 3

  1. better servers for EU,laggs fixed,bugs fixed,something new added for that money,WG just went nope let’s spend all that on this

  2. It a retarded movie total money wasting. I dont want the gold and premium time I boughed goes to this bullshit

  3. I know that feel SS but remember that majority of people prefer much simpler shows than Chieftain’s Hatch.
    Chieftain’s Hatch and Challenger’s show are more like softcore tank porn and only people who really like tanks enjoy it while majority of players play only to hit stuff and see shit blow up and Tank You is directed towards this kind of audience.

  4. You can tank me very much by giving me a nice blowjob Olga. Otherwise gtfo xD

          • They sound like rough-idling diesel motors when they talk? They have violent tempers? They eat the flesh of men while they sleep? Idk…

              • HueHueHue… :p

                But yeah, I’d be her Capt Stabbin…I’d play hide the sausage with her…I’d, ummm, is she really serb’s daughter? ’cause he is an ugly c**t!

                • well if she was…some insane no life in russia would of probably kidnapped her and demand an unlimited premium account in exchange for her life :P

      • That would be amazing. Combine it with Top Gear, Olga stripping in the background (so she still would have a job) and it would be the best show.

  5. Well, best part of these movies is Olga, so it would be cheaper to make her read some book in front of camera. Can be live stream even… Rest in these movies is… Well… Sorry, can’t say it polite.

  6. Dafuq did I just watch?! I would like you to answer the oft asked question, “can you fit your entire hand in your mouth?”

  7. Aaaaand my previous question has been answered… They can go deeper. :)
    My next question: Will they throw more money to this show?

  8. Well I prefer The Chieftain in general (style, presentation, video style), but what The Challenger does is still good.

    Now this… drivel… well will keep pointing out that I’m a Brit who plays on NA. Sorry WG EU, you’re not having me.

  9. -Moving the EU Servers to Frankfurt
    -Fu**ing improve the shitty Engine. Warthunder runs on bigger Maps, with better graphis muchs moother.
    -beside these points, I like the vid’s. They make me smile and it’s ture Olga is nice.