Straight Outta Supertest: Bunkers

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

a quick and short update about the new CW features the players are allegedly testing. This info is unconfirmed, but it’s quite possible it’s true, as something like that was specified for testing before.

- bomber raid, used as a consumable
- artillery fire mission, used as a consumable

There are no details on how exactly this will work, possibly something like in War Thunder.

- bot-controlled bunkers, allegedly with a placeholder model (E-100 turret on a concrete stand), this is supposed to be connected with the new upcoming Stronghold mode.

Personally, I am skeptical about the entire bot turret thing. There are only two options: either the bot will be “cheating”, compensating for the enemy target speed and direction (eg. his shots will hit very often), or it will work like current autoaim, in which case it will be extremely easy to deal with (bait tank drives around, bot fires at it, misses, second tank knocks out the bot).

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  1. I played War Thunder and I liked it, but the one thing that really annoyed me was the artillery strike consumable. You’d drive up to the capture point and “cap”, only to get bombarded with shells. And when the enemy got up there your team would bombard them etc….
    Even worse was spawn bombing. At the beginning someone would order a strike on the spawnpoint and kill/hinder half the tanks. It ruined the otherwise quite enjoyable gameplay.
    Too bad the retarded research system and drifting tanks ruin the experience anyway.

    • “Even worse was spawn bombing.” – you actually have 15s of invincibility after spawn, arty strikes also last the same (or even less), so it shouldn’t be a problem, to escape the area or survive the first strike.

      “… retarded research system..” – it’s just different from WoT, and it got a lot better recently – you can research next vehicle without buying the previous one (which was necessary before). The only downside now for tank trees – you have to research almost ALL vehicles on the level to advance to the next one, because there are too few tanks yet.

      And drifting is actually cool, in WoT you can experience drifting only on very fast light tanks and only on some maps. And it’s not like you are driving on ice, tanks start drifting only when you make sharp turns on big speed. However, there is room for improvement… :)

      • I agree with you Sir~!

        -Yeah, drifting is good, so good… the fell of drifting around a Stug III in a Pz 38(T) and shoot them in the engine is so good…

        -Tanks feel heavy.

        -The artillery support is good too, it makes a more dinamic game.
        (Not like the 1Hit KO of WoT, which sometimes is annoying)

        -Also, you can hear when u are in the line of sight of the artillery and go away.

        -Not to mention, that I love my Panzer IVs much more than the WoT ones…
        It just can make a KV explode in 1 accurate shot, which cant happen if you shoot at any part but esencial ones like the ammo storage or the engine!

        -The apcr, is solid… so, it can damage a module, but cant make it blow, like IRL!

        Only time I was annoyed, was when a Stuke dive-bomb me… but hey… U can shoot them too! OuO

        • What the hell do you mean by “Not like the 1Hit KO of WoT”? That’s like the number one way to die in WTGF.

          • he means 1Hit KO from arty. Which even in WoT is really rare, if you play arty as you’re supposed to – shoot the dangerous tanks. I could be shooting tier 5s in my M12, but not while there are T29s to be killed, and you just can’t oneshot that.

            • Yea I get that but even with GF arty I can get wrecked by it just as easily.

              • ye it can be annoying. Oh look I’ll just convert this capture point…
                BAM artilery strike, explosions EVERYWHERE your whole team DIES IN FLAMES
                the best thing to do is GTFO when you hear the whistling noise.

              • im playing WTGF for 3 days no, to be hit by art one have to be really unlucky, extremly unlucky, or simple noob that refuse to move from position. arty here is only made to flush you out from your position.

          • The difference is that in War Thunder, if they have a shot at you, it also means YOU have a shot at THEM. Anything can kill anything in that game if you hit it in the right spot (in theory, anyway).

      • Idk man, the T-50 feels like it’s on ice almost 50% of the time, even if you’re not going fast.

        The second thing that bothers me is that there seem to be 100 different kinds of terrain all affecting the way the tank turns or accelerates.
        I start with my T-50, it gets up to 60 km/h and turns on a dime. But suddenly if I stop and try to traverse it doesn’t budge or moves really slowly. Is my transmission knocked out? no. There seem to be areas that completely block movement and it’s not at all obvious where they are.
        The other day I was circling a StuG. Those things turn pretty fast, but that one wasn’t. I drive up to it and start to turn – I got stuck in the phantom mud too!
        We were turning like one degree per second, luckily I had a turret so I could kill it.

        Regarding the research – I guess I’m not really used to it, but the fact I can’t research T-34 yet bugs me quite a lot.

        I like the rest of the game, it certainly looks pretty and realistic compared to WoT – but it can be too realistic, so I’ll still play both games, as WoT is the arcade mode of WT.

        • Its easy to turn a tank at speed, you just block left or right tracks and the tank rapidly turns, but stationary you just have to use your engine power to turn.

          You have to understand that tank doesnt turn like a car. It doesnt have any wheels to turn. A tank turns only by adjusting the tracks e.g. blocking left tracks and using right tracks to make a turn. And when you are driving a T-50 at 60km/h and suddenly block one of the tracks then you simply spinn.

        • Tanks use their brakes to turn, so when you’re stationary, you only have half of the available surface applying force the the ground, and the friction of the tracks moving sideways through the dirt really slows it down. If you’re still having trouble, i recommend driving until you’re in 3rd or 4th gear before initiating the turn, manoeuvrability is directly related to speed.

    • aand you can spawnkill, turn off vegetaion for much easier aiming, the interface is downright terrible and controls are paritally shared with planes, which is pretty fucked up imo. And you can’t really tell what others are doing unless you watch them doing it.

      I do love the graphics and tank behaviour though (true, it may drift too much on arcade, but still) but the gameplay itself… as of now, nowhere near fun >_>

      • Yeah, I play WT for the cinematic value. It looks pretty and that’s all (for now).

      • Is its first Open beta patch, so expect changes~!
        Much more than in World of Tanks…

        They already had multiturrets huehuehue~

        • Next noob falling to the Beta tag… @ those Idiots: If I set a game live, plan no more wipes and sell everything for the normal price, that’s called release, no matter if i put a Beta tag up there or not (well at least that Beta tag seems to make idiots think :”Hey its ok to pay for a broken game, it say beta up there”.)

            • its released since 3 years. Learn to google my friend ;)
              (And if u think wot is still beta cause of the version number, than u sir are really dumb and should try to read an article about what version numbers mean)

      • I hate the thing about the interface. I played planes on a joystick, on advance settings or whatever its called, but tanks share settings and I am not really keen on changing the gears myself so I prefer simple controls for tanks… do you see the problem?

        I really like the WT tanks, but as a break from WoT, play it every few days, once a week. It looks better than WoT, maps are enormous and shooting feels good as well. The physics on the other hand are so bad, above 20 km/h behave like rally cars doing 150, sometimes driving on a flat surface, no rocks, no obstructions your tanks suddenly hits something (happened 3 times so far) sending it airborne which usually means damage tracks and transmission. Tanks feel too light bouncing everywhere like they’re made from cardboard. Now before I will be lynched by angry mob of WT fanboys, I understand it is a beta and they might fix those problems. I would recommend everyone to try those tanks at least once and form their own opinion about them.

        Oh artillery consumable feels like utter crap, there are no safe locations to hide, (unless youre under the bridge then it will do nothing but the feeling is absolutely awsome) and if few players are spamming it, there are just explosions everywhere which ruins the view and the gamplay.

        TL;DR: WT Ground Forces has bad interface(controls setup), bad physics, gameplay is nice, overall nice game, I had lots of fun, I don’t think it is a serious threat to WoT, rather a product that fills the niche or spare time between WoT sessions.

        • “The physics on the other hand are so bad, above 20 km/h behave like rally cars doing 150″

          When did you play last? It’s not drifting that bad for me. Only at very sharp turns or in downward slopes.

          Either way, I think it’s good that WG finally has SOME kind of comptetition, no matter how small. It can only improve both games.

    • I think this, if aproved, will be only used in stronghold mode. Those consumables would ruin random battles.

    • the graphic is nice. the gameplay is decent. the map is full of invincible trees and small rocks that blocks your way. the turn rate is somewhat illogical. you shoot T-28 many times and it only suffer suspension damage, the tier 1 StuG III is downright OP, the artillery support system really needs a rework, but by far, the worst case of them all is the physics. imagine a StuG III and you on a hill, the StuG is on top of the hill, and you’re below him, he goes down, and when you face backwards, it already faces towards you (drift so awsom). but somehow sometimes T-50 can’t even turn on even grounds.
      i like playing it, but i think it’s not realistic enough yet to be a simulator, and yet it’s not quite as fun as WoT to play as an arcade. sure WoT has it’s annoying moments as well.
      the kindest thing i could say about it is, it’s not yet finished

      if you’d like to correct me on a few things, please do so, since i just played WT GF as well.

      • For me they rushed the GF OBT thingy
        cause they are maaany bugs and balance issues that occur(invisible shots maybe caused by lag of the server although you hit what you aim you just dont get the sound efect) and balance issues with tanks like Stug A you mentioned and the t34 prototype which is currently tier 1 and it is a pain in the ass
        T-50 has broken dmg model but you want to succed against it try shotting turret or if you have sides shot for the lower hull and you will knock it out
        but over all it’s a nice addition to this MMO era with tanks of WW2 and the good thing is that WG now starts to move there arshes cause there is competition in the hood not like before which was a full monopolio of WG this era

        • To the ones who claims tank drives like on ice physics in WT…

          Try Hardcore and Realistic.

  2. “bot-controlled bunkers”

    AFAIK there are bot-controlled AA guns in WoWP, how they work? (i did not played wowp yet)

    - bomber raid, used as a consumable
    - artillery fire mission, used as a consumable

    prepare for another 46538456938 whine topics

      • That’s mostly because I don’t think it actually fires, but because when you get into it’s area of fire, it automatically does x damage per tick for as long as you are in its zone.
        Not ideal, but why not. It mimics AoE damage of exploding flak shells (poorly) so it has that logic going for it.

        That cannot possibly work in WoT, due to the “hit or miss” and slower nature of ground warfare.

        • Possibility: Stronk bunkers have radios!
          And lots of HP so they can be used as spotters. And if an ennemy try to outmanoeuver the bunker.. just de-track the guy from your cover and watch him taking shots from a bot ;)

    • At the beginning AA were useless (in closed beta), but now they’re fucking OP, they don’t miss, even after the HQ is destroyed which apparently decreases their accuracy…

  3. Is it just me or WG seems to be copying Gaijin on several things at once now?

    • Nah, these things were talked about long ago. It just takes a while to get from concept stage to an actual thing.

        • I’ve been playing WoT for two and a half years, I’ve been following the forums, and the WoT subreddit and FTR ever since they first became active. I read THE first post on FTR.
          This has been asked before WT was even in open beta (planes. GF wasn’t even conceived then).
          I agree only on one thing – turrets flying off. This may have been in WT sooner, but WoT does it much better – in WT turrets just fall through the ground. it’s poorly made.

      • Those things maybe have been considered before, but I bet they were “very low priority”. But when WT GF rolled out, you suddenly get Turrets flying off, Historical mode, havoc, bigger priority on multi-turret, possibly bigger maps and so on. Everything that WT GF has, or will have soon™™

        • If turrets flying off would have been a point making ppl switch from wot to WT , I think it wouldnt have been bad to let those tomatoes leave :P
          And multi-turret is still classified as “noone really needs it”.

  4. If they are going to damage the players and implement them in random battles then it’s fucking lame . I was playing War Thunder GF and i’ve stomped upon two bot tanks and before i knew it 2 shots from those bots damaged my radiator and my gun . So i was sitting there unable to move and fire while they where constantly damaging my modules ( was taking damage to those specific modules so my repairing efforts where futile ) , untill i was sick if that bullshit and clicked leave the vehicle . And this is only an example . Imagine few low hp tanks that managed to break thru the enemy line only to get killed by some bot controled guns .

    • I don’t know what you was playing (ZiS-30, I guess..) if bots pwned you so hard. Usually they just randomly shoot at AAA direction, go to the dedicated base (cap points) and follow the waypoints (once on CBT allied bot turned my StuG over, because I was on his path :D ) – so really no problem to knock them out in 1-3 shots from ANY tank. And in WT bots are usually low-tier vehicles which can’t match player’s vehicles (but can still knock you hard because of module damage system).

      • No , it was a german tank , one of the pz3 or pz4 variants can’t remember exactly .The point is when dealing with AI something always goes wrong and fucks up your gameplay , that’s why i never trust in these implementation.

      • Since we are already talking about AI tanks in WT.
        What should they do? I only see them driving straight forward and shooting the ground. Sometimes they will ram you if you are standing wrong.
        And shooting AI tanks is as much fun as repairing your tank for 8 minutes.

        There are a lot of design decision I despise in WT GF, but those AI tanks are just terrible.
        It is like they implemented World of Tanks bots for more action on the battlefield.

        • Ye I too wonder why they’re there, but as long as you ignore them it’s fine.
          My best guess is that they’re supposed to be some sort of convoy (??) That you’re supposed to protect?
          Also another thing that needs explaining is how exactly you win. There are the red and blue bars on the top of the screen that deplete over time, but what makes them deplete? Capturing points? Killing tanks? Because even I have like 5 tanks available for respawn and the battle could go on forever, does it end when a team runs out of respawns?

          • For now bots mostly go to capture points, and they do it pretty well (unlike newcomers-tomatoes from WoT).

            Your team lose victory points (blue/red bars) when an allied vehicle (even bots, AAA, arty etc.) is destroyed, when enemy holds more capture points than you, when your base or airfield is destroyed (not in arcade mode). I believe this should be explained in game manual.

  5. I don’t think artillery strike and bombing runs are good thing to have honestly. Carpet bombing on such a small maps (1×1 km is small) would be either huge area with occasinal bomb hits, or small area which get basically nuked.
    I believe that machinegun or rocket fighter/bomber strafing run would be better. There could be signal from which direction are planes coming, so you can take cover/partial cover behind rock/house/destroyed tank.
    That could actually involve skill from both attacker (right direction) and attacked players (quickly hide or just move from line of fire)

  6. WoT has been here for years, you are familiar and experienced with it.
    WT just released tanks for open beta few days ago, and all the problems people are experiencing is …. inexperience.
    Number 1 – arcade mode is not realistic, both planes and tanks have increased maneuverability, there is aim indicator, and tanks are marked with big red markers so you can shoot them 1km away trough all the bushes in the world for your ease and convenience.
    Number 2 – notice that driver has to drive the tank, you cannot turn on the spot in 3rd or 4th gear, you have to drop to 1st, there is a difference in brake turning ( at speed ) or just turning on the spot
    Number 3 – there are other game modes besides arcade, try them out to see if the immersion suits you better

    As far as adding more consumables to CW, I think it might only push more players aways from CW.
    Oh, you know how will top klanu deal with base turrets and camping behind them … arty blind shooting

    • The problem with not having makers in the other game modes besides arcade is, that by disabling bushes and trees, its like legal cheating and if that’s not enough for u, u just need to change 5 lines in a file (or if u want it fancy , adding one small file) to bring the markers back and even make them highlight enemys u dont get markers for in arcade mode. And well, ppl dont like games where u can get hacks already one day after release (ehh i mean “beta” start).

      The 2 point, I really like that from a realistic point of view but I’m not sure if its good from a game play point of view.

  7. There is one thing about bots: i play against humans – and that’s what i pay for. If i wanted to play agains machine, i would have launched some !@#$ singleplayer game, not an MMO.

    • Put it this way: would YOU like to be an immobile structure during a battle, while basically everyone else moves around (even arty) ?

      After a single battle, just to try, you would get bored and never do it again.

      There are AI filling MMOs is almost every MMO game out there. From mobs/creeps in RPG to AI to bolster a team in a lobby based MMO.
      In fact, WoT is one of the only MMO I can think of that has absolutely no official developer-made bots.

      Quite frankly, WG should hire the team that makes the decent (illegal) bots for WoT, at least on freelance work, so they could use them to teach newbies how to play.

      • +1 dude.

        Plus: The bots not only can teach you how to play but also how to “oneman” a battle (thus lower the toxicity). Because you can’t trust a “noob bot” so if you want to win you must do everything you can. After a while you end up as some sort of RAMBO who never curse. :)

      • yea,

        what SS basically says that Dota 2 is cheating due to ai creeps, while WoT with it’s 25% RNG is not.

        yes WoT is much more suitable to ESports then Dota2, yes very logical… yes…

      • And that’s why i don’t play “other games”. As soon as there are legal bots in WoT, i’m bailing out. Online game against other humans is about being competitive – and that is what WoT is giving me now; it is about knowledge and consciousness that you are indeed playing against humans, no matter how good or bad bots would be and how good would they simulate human behavior. It is your opponent that makes the game fun.

  8. mark my word, what they plan is CW will be subscription based only….

    Re WT,
    they have Realistic mode and Simulator mode, you can’t drift like in Arcade… and it’s very fun to go drifting in T50 Arcade in Jungle map, i go straight to the beach and it’s like boogie time, real fun… another good tip is to learn how to shoot while driving while in second first person view (from the commander view) – it’s works very well, to ammo rack a tank while driving and moving on, this experience happens in Wot only in end game when the tanks are on low HP…

    • The only disadvantage at least in CBT these two modes will have play control planes while arcade is forbidden. Still very few players play planes in simulator mode.

  9. IMHO, the bunkers should be accurate, but not penetrate every hit. The turret bunkers (for example E-100, E-75 or Maus turret) should have the same penetration as the tank counterparts have, so the German 12,8 cm tier X gun should have 246 pen and 490 damage. At the same time, the reload should be buffed, because the bunkers have no mobility at all and depend on turret traverse speed, so a maximum reload of 6 seconds should be done. Also, the turrets should hit the enemy every time, but not pen every time, like this, it might be balanced.

  10. HATERS! why do you hate WT GF so much?
    now let me tell you that in WTGF there are no mods/bots/cheats :D
    enjoy your silly wot!

    • For me, my WTGF hate is mostly personal. But I shouldn’t complain yet, because I haven’t tried the game yet. But WTGF puts all things in the game that WoT doesn’t. WoT is more noob friendly, WTGF is more for better and experienced players who know how to deal with one shots. I already know I will get frustrated because I would get 1 shot in WTGF.
      Now, even though WTGF doesn’t have mods/bots cheats, WTGF has skins and so does WoT.
      The bots in WoT are needed, because as told above, the turrets will have the Historical Battles-effect. First, everybody plays it and finds it fun, then it becomes so unpopular that nobody uses them anymore. That’s what WG doesn’t want, so they add bots for the first time.
      Also, the cheats in WoT are forbidden and WT will eventually have them too, I am sure about that.

    • Honestly, WT:GF is more prone to cheat mods.
      There isn’t much you can do in WoT except gain more information about the enemies and surroundings (which is already too much)

      But in WT:GF, other than in arcade battles, there is no crosshair to indicate shell drop. You need to rely on guesswork and experience for the moment. But I highly suspect the existence of a mod that allows you to have that same (client side)indicator in game modes that don’t have that automatically.

      Also, high visibility skins….in simulator battles, seeing a bright pink tank contrasting with the bushes he is using as cover is quite some advantage…

            • Don’t know what you mean with that? Customizing a game to my liking is a very important point for me, and a lot of other people as well, if you look at successful mods, some are prettier and more balanced than the retail game they’re based on. In this day and age not including modding support, shows close-mindedness.

      • As part of the user agreement for WT the player is not to modify the game files in any way. WT staff check out the public hack forums, as do I, and there is a universal truth…all public hacks become ineffective with any update, players still using the hack get detected and banned, and some time goes by before effective public hacks become available. They do this by changing the code order, convoluting the process by which calculation outputs are derived, and changing the memory allocation table positions.

        The only hacks that are likely to exist will be privately coded and shared amongst a small number of people or not at all. The most common of these low circulation hacks allocates additional imagery to player objects in order to create an ESP hack.

        I don’t worry so much about hacks because I know how rare they are for WT. Read the public hack forums and see for youself.

        By all means, upload a clip to youtube of you playing against a team of bright pink tanks in matches a week apart and I’ll gladly eat my words :)

  11. I wouldn´t demise the current autoaiming… The Great Accuracy buff of some time ago plus the new and reworked autoaim that goes for the LFP ( weakspot in 97,24% of the tanks ) makes it a terrible weapon in newbie and bot hands.