- there will be new historical battles and balance changes in HB in 9.1, definitely at least one new historical battle
- current maps are made by the same people like the earlier maps, only the map department leadership changed
- developers are considering nerfing FV304
- Q: “Why do you always nerf the vehicle, that is the favourite one of a lot of players?” A: “‘Favourite’ vehicle always means an imbalanced vehicle. Proven numerous times.”
- the idea to have garage battles and alternative hulls was not scrapped

On the topic of historical battles:

- Q: “Change historical battles not by removing hitpoints, but only stop displaying them” A: “Why, so the player doesn’t know what’s going on?”
- apparently some historical battles will be changed, some will stay
- the removed historical battles might return
- special tank stats for historical battles are supposed to solve HB balance issues
- Storm confirms that each tank will have two sets of stats, one for random, one for HB
- Storm admits that the lack of people playing HB is a real problem
- special maps for HB? Storm: “To make special maps only for several percent of players is not very profitable”

- regarding the argument that only a few percent of players can play on maximum graphics, yet these are made anyway: “Graphics sell the game”
- developers scrapped the idea of having historical battles with pre-set setups (for example 1 Tiger, 1 Ferdinand etc.) because the waiting times would be even worse than it is now
- fixing historical battles by having the players choose only battle and nation (not the tank, that would be assigned randomly) is also not an option, players would not be happy playing the worst tank on the battlefield
- methods that worked during late WoT beta/early WoT release do not work now, as the percentage of tank fans amongst the players was significantly higher than it is now
- developers did not expect more than 3-4 percent of players to play historical battles, Storm states that this was always a goal, making the mode for a few percent of players
- MM filling the HB teams “from bottom up” (lowtier tanks first) would not solve balancing issues, because there are no lowtier tanks in the queue anyway
- developers didn’t try to crossbreed team battles and historical battles
- Q: “Why don’t you add special missions with a special tank reward to historical battles?” A: “That’s an one-time incentive, you do it once and you forget.”
- assault mode is played by several millions of players
- hardcore historical battle simulator – noone would play that

161 thoughts on “18.5.2014

    • Because you don’t have the normal tank setup in HB.
      You wan to play a match with a Jumbo Sherman with howitzer or M1 gun and get thrown into an Ardennes battle with that stupid useless 75mm gun. No fun guaranteed.

      I’d turn off that mode or if this wasn’t possible stop playing tanks that might get thrown into HB with useless setup.

      • You do realise the Jumbo performs a hell of a lot better with the top turret and that ‘stupid’ 75? :P

        • The 75mm gun on the Jumbo is *stupid*, the one that’s not stupid is the 76mm M1.

          Oh wait, why am I replying to trolling -_-|||

    • that could work, if you press battle with a tank selectable for HB, then you could end up in one HB or in any other battle, or if you press battle with everything else then you get what we have now.

      Totally would play it.

      • And your platoon gets randomnly split up? Now that’s multiplayer fun. Would totally pay for such a game… not!

    • wouldnt be playable anymore
      and also in real Historical battles they didnt have so much morons (or at least alot less then now)

  1. Well well….Classic WG. I’m playing WT: GF. And well, everything is just better. And classic WG “trolling” is getting boring.

    Now it’s not a “tank game” anymore, it’s a game for people who don’t even a particular f*** to the fact they’re playing old tanks and stuff. No wonder game is going “bad” TMO.

      • Typical comment of one who didn’t try it yet.
        I tried it yestetday and the gameplay and playstyle is awesome, fun pure.
        also the game is pretty balanced if u arent a brainless moron

        • GF is about point and click. No tactics or gameplay whatsoever. In WoT, if you use your brains, you can win a match alone against 3-4 enemies (or more). You can’t do that in GF. Oh, so you say it’s balanced? Wait until you get your crew knocked out by a single shot two times in a row and at the next respawn you are set on fire. I hate WoT’s rng but in GF is worse. You don’t need brains for arcade mode in GF.

          • Hax0r – you’re a total noob in WT:GF. That’s why you can’t see any tactics and see that game as P&C. Go, play at least realistic battles, and L2P before you talk shit like that. Most players in WoT below 2k games cannot see any tactics in that either and everything goes down to point&click just as well. It’s after you learnt the game when you know how to apply tactics and what’s the difference between idiot-point-click and a good player.

    • yes WT is such a great Game:D:D:D
      srsly if you think WT is so great then go and play it and dont be a fanboy on a site that is mostly designed for WOT
      (for me WT is the worst game ever games with no HP system so big maps respawn is no fun at all)
      and also the game is a way too easy in arcade modes its like bashin blind people…

        • I’m playing Ground Forces and I can say that all the money that could’ve gone into making the game fucking fun to play all went into making it pretty. But hey, some people prefer something shiny and broken over something dulled but working.

          Seriously. Project Tank had better gameplay that Ground Forces has now.

          (However, the fact that all light tanks handle like rally cars is amusing.)

      • I’m playing both games too, and i change them when i get bored of one’s bullshit. Since I moved, I have to use my mobile internet which isn’t enough to play WT and I miss it. WT has much more bullshit moments, but WoT will go on my nerves.

      • The worst part about WT GF is the absolutely idiotic physics that is used that makes tanks go from ice skating across a map to driving like they’re 200 tons and in a deep marsh. You can’t play a game and experience the game play if you’re too busy battling with your own tank.

        • Oh man i totally agree with you.
          The tanks in WTGF looks like damn pieces of paper moved by the wind and oh my god THE ANIMATION OF THE FALLING TREES! Totally BS compared to wot.

      • Play Realistic Battles and get out of first tier.

        WoT looks EVEN WORSE if you play only Tier 1 battles and got no CLUE how to play or apply any tactics.

      • Playing both games and both are good. WoT is still better imo, but i enjoyed playing WT GF last few days. Those who say WT is complete shit either didn’t even tried the game or they are just stubborn fanbois who refuses to see any good side of the game and only see the worst of it. It has a lot of bugs and nonsense. Damage model can be frustrating at times, but the game itself is quite good and different than WoT. Definitely good competition for WoT and i’m glad about it.

        • I completely agree. It’s different than WoT, not better/worse (and certainly good competition so WG will move their lazy asses)
          To me the last few days have been a mix of rally car light tanks and artillery bombardment, exploding/burning tanks and/or planes everywhere in an environment filled with explosions, fire and chaos.
          The game is pure chaos (much like actual war). Your tank can perform incredibly well or it can suck, penetrations/damage is, I dare say, completely random. The tanks are ridicolously accurate, but that is negated by the fact that you’re never really sure you will deal damage.
          I love rolling around in T-50, drifting to the rear of a Pz.IV and oneshotting it, where it explodes in a ridicolous fashion. It’s pure badass fun.
          However, it lacks in other areas – tactics. Sure you have points to capture, but I haven’t seen any forms of organised attacks yet (like heavy chokepoints in WoT), everyone is just sort of running around and that is also how I got most kills.
          Also, there are only a few maps and that makes the gameplay kinda bland (I’m sure they’ll add more). The worst drawback is that you’re never sure of anything, especially tank handling. T-50 turns so fast it’s ridicolous – except for when it doesn’t. Tanks seem to get bogged down in some sort of sticky terrain which is not explainet anywhere, and it really removes any predictability from the game – I’ll just flank this guy.. oh look I can’t even turn.
          I play WT for fun and WoT if I want to use my brain.

          • (I’m pretty biased, but i have actually played both games more than two minutes so yeah…) Much like the more intelligent people on here, i’ve actually played both games for more than two seconds to determine if they suck, or if they don’t suck. I can safely say that there isn’t a straight “winner” in which game truly better. They both (WTGF, and WOT) have their fair share of WTF/HOLY**** YES, moments. (like you know the Jagdpanzer IV actually doesn’t suck huge balls, and HE rounds do barely anything because they are guess what High Explosive rounds)
            In WTGF the early game is a large amount of clusterfuck. No one knows what they are doing and are liable to flip their tank at every chance they get. The germans get a PEWPEW tank the Pz II C , and the Russians get a T-26 with a 46mm gun… The disparity is quite noticeable, but both tanks have their drawbacks and can pen each other quite easily. Most people here that are claiming on their grandmothers grave that WTGF is the worst thing from Russia since Boris Yeltsin probably queued up the PzII C to find that they couldn’t pen a Panzer III E at 500 meters which is to be expected and immediately were like OMGWTF WOT IS BETTERZ. You would expect the exact thing if i played WOT and expected to snipe people from the other side of a map with a Pewpew 20mm.
            Both games are extremely fun in most instances, and like any other can be total shit if played wrong. Its extremely satisfying to shoot a T-34 Mod 1940 from 1,200meters and ammo rack his ass with a HEAT round. Which is entirely possible, since HEAT rounds don’t lose penetration over distance. It is also extremely satisfying in WOT to go flying around in a Pz 1C shooting like a maniac. Both games are satisfying in their own ways, and like any game if you don’t learn on how to play it of course you’re not going to enjoy it.

            To those who say that GF requires no skill and requires no thought, what game are you playing? I’m guessing you’re playing AB where there are drop indicators and penetration indicators (which WOT has in regards to penetration indicator). Play a couple games of RB, and then SB and then tell me that it requires no “skill” to nail a T-34 in the side at 1,200meters+ across Kursk. You could say that WOT requires no skill since you don’t have to compensate for drop, and has lower reloads, faster turret traverses, no gear changes etc. Both games do what they were made to do, and not much more.
            Both games have their flaws, and both games have strong suites, try to play a game for more than a minute and that would be obvious.

            -Spartan Out.

        • Now they have concurrency, WG is obliged to improve the game again and again.
          If there was no WT, wewould have any HD model pr new game mode ;)

          • Have anyone here played Historical or Realistic battles?
            Its like planes, they dont behave like the real ones in Arcade, but in historical or simulator they feel, different.

            Por example, my Pz IV Ausf F can easily get its top speed in Arcade (40km/h), but its difficult to do it on the other 2 modes.

            And, I love to be able to respawn.

            Thats my oppinion, if you agree, ok.
            If not, its ok too, they´re both games, and the`re free so…

            Have luck~!

            • I haven’t played GF, but I have watched my friend play it. Arcade battles? I’ll stick with WoT thanks. As far as we can tell there’s no reason ever to play Arcade. However, realistic/simulator? Very different. different game to WoT, good in its own way. I won’t play GF until I have a computer that does graphics. I just don’t feel I can play it without having good graphics..

    • Agree, this game is not for fans who love historical tanks and and it is no different from COD or battlefield 4 and this is not the reason why I play WOT in the first place.

  2. - there will be new historical battles and balance changes in HB in 9.1, definitely at least one new historical battle

    I even cant play any HB after 9.0 release , bcs too few player queue (asia sv) :facepalm:

    • Agreed, we have the same problem on NA.

      Also, “- special maps for HB? Storm: “To make special maps only for several percent of players is not very profitable””

      Well maybe making a few maps exclusively for historical battles would create an incentive for more players to try it. And who knows… if said experiment fails, modify them for random battle play. Minimal risk.

  3. nerf fv304 soon pl0x…that thing is so annoying when it keeps blowing your tracks off before you even manage to repair them

    • So train repair skill on your crew, bring a toolbox, and/or use a repair kit to get moving before he fires again and hunt him down. FV304 has a small enough amount of hitpoints at tier 6 that probably most of what it faces has the potential to one-shot it AND it has to locate itself close to the front as its range is so short.

      FV304 only “needs” nerfing because average players have the intelligence of doorknobs and won’t learn to improve and/or adapt.

      • So you want us to train a crew skill, and buy a 500k credit item, simply to counter the possibility of one tank. niiice.

        • No, not for just ONE tank. Repair skill is universally useful.The toolbox isn’t “complex” equipment meaning you can move it around between your tanks freely. Don’t forget the repair kit either (should be on nearly every tank, same as a fire extinguisher), 5000 credits is a cheap investment if it means you get to survive and win the match.

          • Yeah a repair kit works ONCE. What the guy is saying is that any tank which needs shittons of equipement and crew skills to counter is at least a bit OP.

            • It takes four seconds for the FV304 shell to shoot from the artillery piece, to your tank at the max range of the FV304 at 500 meters. meaning if it hit you, he’s REALLY good at aiming, or you sat still too long. just a slight movement makes them scream in frustration.

              I would know. I drive one. And trust me. four seconds is a long air time. you can watch the shell arc through the air… and step back a step… This is the bane of FV304. the counter to its fast speed and good/fast reload/arc/aim is the LOOOONG travel time. longer than my Lorraine at 800 meters. Really low HP. oneshottable by nearly everything. and terrible traverse speed. those that turn in time, turn in advance, have clutch braking, or both. Only those who either are A: really lucky, B: really good in FV. C: have enemies that sit still. have great games every game.

              That’s not to say it isn’t SLIGHTLY OP. but I can’t see anything you could nerf that wouldn’t cripple it.. aim time maybe. if anything was nerfed, nerf the aim time. touch nothing else.

      • @RellHaiser

        Ha, I’m pretty sure you’re way, way better in WoT than us all, because we average tankers are ALL as dumb as a doorknob…you pathetic individual. True winners don’t need to brag about their success.

        You probably might have fun insulting other players, but we really don’t have and exactly that makes you an asshole.

        You’d better rethink your life if your only personal pleasure is bragging about numbers who are supposed to roughly describe the skill of an individual player of a game that consists, at a 25% rate, out of pure luck.
        And before anybody asks, yep, I’m fckn butthurt right now and take what he said as personal insult.
        Even we learn, pretty sure you’ve been a noob once. Sorry that I didn’t study that game, was too busy with RL, don’t know if you know the term.
        Normally I really don’t care what sick people like you say, but this was too much I think. Calling every average player dumb as a doorknob. Sure. Only you uni-cums rule the game.

        • If that statement made you butthurt then I seriously, SERIOUSLY think you need to grow a thicker skin.

          For the record, I don’t enjoy insulting other players. On the contrary, I do it when I’m annoyed with them and their usual bullshit like hiding in the back 1/4 of the map when they’re in a top tier tank with bad gun accuracy trying to snipe, especially if their tank is either a heavy tank or is heavily armoured (KV-1S being the biggest culprit).

          Or conversely those same players expecting giant paper tanks with good accuracy to brawl/scout so they can snipe from the back using their 0.4 – 0.46 accuracy guns.

          Finally, I’m far from being unicum… just above-average enough that I can pay attention to this feature of the game called the minimap and not sit in the open taking fire for no gain if I can avoid it. In fact, I’m actually on a bit of slump right now due to spending several months away from the game doing things which are admittedly more important.

          Have a nice weekend and best of luck improving.

          • Sure you don’t enjoy it, that’s why you were obviously doing it ;)

            I don’t need a thicker skin, I was just very very annoyed by your comment, and I usually don’t keep my anger for myself, I express it at some point. Maybe YOU have learnt something now.

            Some people’s armor is very thick just as mine, but if it constantly gets shot at, it’ll break, simple right? You are not the very first one to annoy me like that at all.

            I’m sorry if you have felt insulted or something, but I’m pretty sure if you are an grown man with just a tiny piece of intelligence you’ll understand.

            BTT: I can really relate with that KV-1S “sniper” stuff. You can’t reliably hit the target at 500m distance if it spreads 0.46m every 100m. Also the grenade travels damn long, since I tried the KV-1S some time ago, but since I am no dedicated brawler at this game, I wasn’t able to fully unleash its power. I mean, tanks like Tiger II are the pure joy for me because of their armor and still very good sniper capabilities, but not the russian heavys :D

            The problem is that many players can’t really understand the minimap and all of it’s features. It gets even more awesome with some mods that show off your view range and spotting range, that is a gem for both the scout and the TD, but if you don’t use it, where is the point of all this?

      • Any arty that can reliably perma-track a tank is overpowered. Even the batchat arty has a reload time between clips.

        It’s the same reason the lefh was nerfed.

        • If you cant repair your tracks in 10-11 seconds you deserve to die in a stupid humiliating way.

          Why dont you whine about the T57/AMX 50B etc. which can track you every 2/2.5s?

      • LoL!

        WoT is a steaming pile of shite because of the players. Before 8.6 it was a blast. It has attracted an increasing amount of the worst type of player…no, not siemas, or tomatoes, nor potatoes, but rather the type of loud mouth dickheads that use these terms and others when squealing about how they are amazing at tanks but reasons x + y + z prevent unfairly prevents them from performing to the extent of their true potential…I’ve never witnessed a HoS candidate on WT, so regardless of whether you think the gameplay is good or not, this aspect alone makes the game superior to WoT. Please continue to think that WT:GF is crap and stay the hell away (: thanks, ta!

    • “Regular” arty (Hummel, M44, etc) can see across the whole map and one-shot plenty of tanks every 30 sec, Player reaction: “meh, fair enough”

      FV304 does ~150 damage per shot every 12sec with a 500m range limiter and the slowest shell travel speed of tier 6, Player reaction: “OMG NERF PLOX SO OP”

      Seriously, though, the FV isn’t op, it’s just most FV drivers know what they’re doing.

  4. - Q: “Why do you always nerf the vehicle, that is the favourite one of a lot of players?” A: “‘Favourite’ vehicle always means an imbalanced vehicle. Proven numerous times.”

    They just admitted that the KV-1S is OP.

    • “‘Favourite’ vehicle always means an imbalanced vehicle. Proven numerous times.”

      That effectively invalidates what little facade of “historical accuracy” they may have maintained, since they are free to change historical stats at will in the name of balance (and have).

      Very disappointing Wargaming.
      What next, a “Bob Semple” knockoff mounting a 155mm autoloader because they found some scribble on a stained bar napkin, and somehow extrapolated performance figures?

      • It is all about the money. Design a tank, td, or arty that is OP. Players will use free experience to quickly buy the new OP vehicle. Other players see the vehicle is OP and follow the trend. When the OP vehicle is no longer making WG enough money, they nerf it and put another OP vehicle into the game.

        • This is probably the most insightful post I’ve seen about WG ever…

  5. I like historical battles. But waiting queue are so DAMN LONG that i didn’t play this mode since what 2 weeks already?

    I think that a solution would be a window with the “player tank selection” with all his available tanks in lights. The players choose the ones he wants to play (even all if he wants to get a quick game) and the MM find the game as quick as possible for ONE of the selection. And if the player don’t want to play one of them he puts it off the list.

  6. The way to solve Historical battle balance problems AND tier-to-tier balance problems is TO REVISIT all tier 4-5-6-7 tank’s HP.
    It is a simpe as that. The disparity is just too big. The one between 1-2-3 and 7-8-9-10 is MUCH more logical and indicates better game design.

  7. well fk you too wg, and if 1 million people said ‘my favorite tank is amx 40′ you would nerf it too? what a biased company man, they keep on nerfing tanks that can be enjoyable, yet it needs skills, but leave overpowered sealclub machines like rhm or kv1s intact.. all because money

      • Not necessarily, i loved the VK3001(H) before they nerfed it to all hell… I actually played most of my matches for a while in that thing. Everyone else was convinced that it was a piece of royal shit..

    • *facepalm*
      WG is completly right with that sentence ofc people like to play Tanks that are OP and not tanks that are completly underpowered(and also the statistics prove that 2nd most played tank on EU is KV-1s)
      and Hellcat and T18 need skills omg you must be the biggest sealclubber ever….
      oh and btw. rhm will be nerfed and KV-1s will be splitted so yes hey stay intact….
      all because of money they are a company ofc they want fucking money but in this case they just nerf OP tanks sorry that you love to play these tanks because you dont have enough skill for normal tanks….

      • Re: underpowered tanks: One of my fav to play is the ARL V39, or “vaulting potato” as someone here coined it.
        It’s probably not fair to call it underpowered, more like imbalanced.
        Hits like a ton of bricks, could probably be penned by a T18…

    • Ok mate, talk facts.
      Which of those favourite tanks DID they nerf?

      There are 3 type of popular tanks in the game:
      1. OP tanks – KV-1S and Hellcat
      2. Important historical tanks – IS, Tiger T-34
      3. Tanks with the popular fun gameplay – T-62A for an example (no it aint OP), E-50, Jpanther 2 etc

    • i was a bit upset when i wrote that comment sorry.
      you were right duck when you said ‘ofc they want money’, but leave personal stuff out next time ‘what a.big sealclubber hurrdurr’
      fv304 is sure small, fast, aims and reloads fast but dont forget that it has limited range, and 114mm gun, which deals around 4-500dmg to a tank with no armor. It has to hitcthe target always, to deal damage, mostly 100-400. yeah it can keep you tracked, but you repair once then leave… and it doesnt mean.auto tracking, as it has nearly 0 splash damage.
      so nerfing it because it can be useful in a good player’s hands is stupid. and to a.yordanov, the fv is part of the third group, in my opinion.

      • I cant say really. Even if it needs a nerf, maybe only small, minor nerfs that wont affect it would be enough.
        I too agree it is more in line with 3rd group

      • The problem here is the fact that it is basically a mortar… It fires at basically a 90* angle into the air, and absolutely is unstoppable when put into a city environment. I’ve had these things win games for my team and the enemy team more than some actual tanks..

        • So… The FV304 can carry. Lots of vehicles have the ability to carry. All of the other branches have vehicles that can carry. What is wrong with one artillery piece having the ability to carry a team?

          • The fact that it is an artillery piece, carrying a game… Something that Arty should never be able to do.

  8. @Silentstalker:

    Would it be possible to provide tanks to players with which to play solely Historic Battles? I think this might increase numbers of Historic Battles players.

    For instance, I dont have the Ferdinand or the Tiger and others researched. If I could play them only in Historic Battles that would be very good.


    • Everybody would want the Tiger, or the ISU, or whichever top OP tank there is, and no T-34s or Pz4Hs.

      Maybe if they did it only with these lower tier tanks: you can enter in a T-34 or a PzIII even if it’s not in your garage.

  9. Am I alone in thinking that there’d be more people playing Historical Battles if it was more obvious HOW you play them? The UI for the garage for everything is terrible, things like platooning and HB is hidden away in a stupid dropdown menu, and the chat system is appaling.

    If you didn’t read the patch notes (and the VAST majority of people don’t, those of us who visit news pages and forums are far ahead of the curve) then how would you even know that HB was an option? I really think a large-scale overhaul of the UI, particularly in the garage, would help the numbers in Historical Battles.

  10. “lack of people playing HB is a real problem”

    that’s because HB is limited to few tanks and best tanks are only allowed in few numbers!

    “players would not be happy playing the worst tank on the battlefield”

    that’s why everybody want’s to play tigers!

    “- regarding the argument that only a few percent of players can play on maximum graphics, yet these are made anyway: “Graphics sell the game” ”

    no tanks sell this game! that’s why I want EU tech Tree!
    hardly play it lately cause i don’t have tanks to grind!

    “- developers did not expect more than 3-4 percent of players to play historical battles, Storm states that this was always a goal, making the mode for a few percent of players”

    then put back national battles!

    “- assault mode is played by several millions of players”

    that’s because they are 5 year old and don’t know how to take it out!

    • You really don’t have to use exclamation points on the end of sentences that don’t need them!

  11. Only reason why people don’t play historical is that people don’t know it exists.

    • I tried to play HB on the first day after patch, but could play only twice in two hours – MM did not let me in, even when 100+ players was in booth nations. After that day i never bothered with HB again, and almost forgot about its existence.

  12. easy solution to HB fiasco

    1) you don’t need the tanks to play it, it’s a special mod where you just click to play HB choose battle and go…

    what willl happen, will the skies fall?
    no, and people will play it.

  13. - hardcore historical battle simulator –
    noone would play that

    Because in WoT its too easy to aim and drive tank.

    Meanwhile, in other place – rocking 30-40 FPS on high settings, rocking KD ratio to 5:1 :D

  14. - developers are considering nerfing FV304

    There is nothing thats need a nerf on the Bert, it has slow velocity, short splash weak pen and dmg (it can’t even oneshot artys!)
    The only things that good on Bert is the ROF and speed

    If it had a 155mm gun it would be OP

  15. “Graphics sell the game”
    Tell that to minecraft and other popular indie games developers…

    • You just disproved your own point.
      Most pixely games use their 8-bit graphics as selling points!
      The pixels make games such as Minecraft, Terraria and Starbound special, but those games are relatively simple – Minecraft being the only one in 3D.
      You can’t make a tank game if you can’t recognise tanks because the models and textures are bad.

  16. - special maps for HB? Storm: “To make special maps only for several percent of players is not very profitable”
    And that’s exactly why you have failed with your shitty HBs. No one wants to play random battles with stock tanks which HBs are pretty much that. Same maps, same tanks, same HP with weaker modules and you call it HB. Bullshit. Check out Battle of the Kursk at WTGF to see what real historical battle should look like.

    - hardcore historical battle simulator – noone would play that
    And yet players are enjoying it in WT. It’s not “hardcore” but it’s realistic as much as possible and that’s why it’s so good. But their tiny brains at WG HQ can’t understand it. I for once would try HB if we had special map(bigger than usual Prokhorovka), no HP, but realistic model dmg, but there is no way in hell i would play HB where everything is the same as in random battles with shittier guns. If you are not going to do it right, then don’t do it at all. This way they are just wasting their resources, but i guess they have the spare cash to waste based on those cheesy tank you very much vids and shit.

    • you got that right dude.

      big maps? no no, engine does not support
      special maps, yes, but they don’t do for few…

      so what are they actually doing HB for, if they say nobody play, why invest money in developing this mod at all, this is BS and total trolling from WG.

      no wonder players don’t like or respect them, they lie all the time.

  17. “- Q: ‘Why do you always nerf the vehicle, that is the favourite one of a lot of players?’ A: ”Favourite’ vehicle always means an imbalanced vehicle. Proven numerous times.’”

    - Q: “How do you guys manage to speak through your asses so well?” A: “Tons of practice.”

    Bert is a favorite not because its OP, but because its playstyle is so unique and fun. Don’t fucking assume a vehicle is imbalanced because players like to play it. These Devs have REALLY been starting to piss me off lately.

    • And why is it fun? Because it’s a good tank that can kill other tanks well. Good tanks in the hands of green or higher (which is still basically the stat nobility above 80% of the populace) tend to become OP.

      • As a FV304 driver, I’ve been dreading the day that WG would nerf Bert. We are coming up to the one year anniversary since the British artillery line was released. In WG terms, it’s time to nerf. WG needs a new flavor of the month to drive revenue streams. The FV304 nerf will go hand-in-hand with nerfing of the Hellcat and KV-1S. It will force players to use gold to free experience their way to other vehicles; thereby, WG will reap the profits.

    • How bout we all say: “KV-1S and T-62A are our favorite tanks”
      Hope they have the balls to nerf it. If not, well fu** it.

  18. - special maps for HB? Storm: “To make special maps only for several percent of players is not very profitable”

    - developers did not expect more than 3-4 percent of players to play historical battles, Storm states that this was always a goal, making the mode for a few percent of players

    Wait what?

    • maybe this is how their code works also,

      //just to make sure it’s close

  19. first resolve the issue with this micro lags..it’s worse after this miny patch..my fps is worse but not by much but constent twitching and sttutering is just unplayable..stop with fkn nerfin/buffing..resolve the core of game so that we can enjoy playing..noobs wg

  20. - Storm admits that the lack of people playing HB is a real problem

    if you wait 5min to get kicked, wait another 5min to get kiecked again, you get pissed off and dont try it again!

    • - developers scrapped the idea of having historical battles with pre-set setups (for example 1 Tiger, 1 Ferdinand etc.) because the waiting times would be even worse than it is now

      Makes sense, but I doubt there is a worse waiting time than infinite minutes. Every time I try to play I’m the only one in the queue. And I didn’t even get to play it during the opening hours of the thing because of some bureaucratic (read: Forum mod) mess-up that got me a permaban from April 1 to April 20th.

      • Scrapping pre-setups make sense becase nobody will play it either.
        Not randomicing the tanks or giving a reason to play low tiers though? Thats the real problem.

  21. FV304 is getting a nerf?

    There goes all the hard work grinding through the Bishie… for nothing.

    FV is bad enough with its slow arc, short range, pathetic damage and pen. Not to mention only one shell choice….. The only good thing is its speed and RoF.


  22. Why eu gets a so shitty special while the other servers got sooooooo much better?

  23. - Storm admits that the lack of people playing HB is a real problem

    “How terrible.”
    They should have thought about this BEFORE they implemented it.

    – fixing historical battles by having the players choose only battle and nation (not the tank, that would be assigned randomly) is also not an option, players would not be happy playing the worst tank on the battlefield

    True. This is why nobody plays the historicals with the UP tanks. But OTOH this method works in randoms. :S

    - regarding the argument that only a few percent of players can play on maximum graphics, yet these are made anyway: “Graphics sell the game”
    - developers did not expect more than 3-4 percent of players to play historical battles, Storm states that this was always a goal, making the mode for a few percent of players

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgzYbHvqAng (insert “minority” instead of “majority”)

  24. - developers did not expect more than 3-4 percent of players to play historical battles, Storm states that this was always a goal, making the mode for a few percent of players

    >> Failure to plan is a plan to fail.

    - hardcore historical battle simulator – noone would play that

    >> OOPSIE! Might want to tell Gaijin that.

    All 3 modes for WTGF, Arcade, Realistic and Simulation have about the same, short, queue time. Clearly “noone” is playing simulation.

    • Agreed,

      The biggest issue with WG Historical is that nobody knows about it and if they do and try to play it a majority of people attempt to get in the “best” tanks or simply don’t even know how to get into HB in the first place.

  25. one problem in historical battles, that the tanks need to be in your garage to play in it. now of course there afe lots of tigers, hellcats, some sherman and.panther users..but how many will use a slot for t70, stug3b, or su76..?
    hb needs teamplay, which you rarely find in random teams.

  26. Add to HB, why not change the viewing of the players to limit the viewing. Well I admit that this limiting the view of the playing is from WT:GF.

  27. I’ve always wondered what would’ve happened if WTGF had been there before WoT…

  28. If people really wanted to show WG their disgust in them nerfing fun tanks, then they could do one of the following:

    1. Stop playing recent nerfed tanks for 1 month.
    2. Try and push a campaign to get most players to boycott playing WoT for 24 hours on a set date to show WG the extent of people pissed off with their actions.

    But we all know this would never happen….

  29. Lol my first post on FTR in a year, i have noticed some comments regarding WTGF. I just wish to add one more argument i miss here.

    Regardless of all said here, WTGF is somehow stress free for me. No retarded chat, n00bs, XVM scrubs and i also spare myself my own rages. which are mighty sometimes. Its the only reason for me why i change WOT for WTGF, not graphics, bugs, gameplay, whatever….
    So although i am quite a decent player in WOT [just check Contrador at noobmeter], i have moved to WTGF and will be staying there for a while. And many friends of mine are coming to same conclusion.
    I am saying this from perspective of fresh 30year old, working hard in the office for good money, with few hours a day to relax. And i am going to give shitload of money to any game providing me with fun and relax, this is not WoT at this moment.
    And as i said, my friends playing WoT, from the office and alike are slowly finding this too, so in my opinion the loss of players for WoT might be never noticeable, but they might measure it in few months in less income.

    if you agree or disagree with me here is pointless, as i do not enforce my opinion to others, but if anyone feels the same, vote with your money, thats the only thing that counts.

    I will read and support FTR anyway for nice historical posts, keep up good work SS.

    • Yeah, if you are obsessed with winning/stats and having unrealistically refined controls and handling, WoT is a better tank game. WT is all about experiencing the sensation of driving a tank, which WoT does poorly due to technical incompetence and justifiable gameplay reasons (e.g. realistic turret traverse speed makes gameplay slower and more awkward). Broadly speaking, WoT = better gameplay, WT = better fantasy.

        • What are you talking about? I actually prefer WT at the moment. When I say better fantasy I mean better immersion, feeling more like one is driving a real tank (which is a fantasy after all).

            • LoLz!

              I uderstand just fine actually ;)

              The OP has hit the nail on the head…every time I play WT I get the giggles ’cause it is so much fun. WoT is just so stressful, which is weird for an action arcade game.

              • And u alone evidently understand what I have written there. Admit it, u actually read my post and thought about it :-]

                And to make me even more happier i just changed my WTGF nick to my usual Contrador for no extra fee.

          • Realism does not equal fastay, want fantasy go see WOT arty or the WOT TDs with cloaking fields that disappear dispite being less than 100m from you.

  30. Dear Wargaming….. the “thinking” behind Nerfing vehicles…… why it is Backward.

    Wargaming you still haven’t learned……

    The “solution” is not to NERF perfectly balanced vehicles, (balanced means has strengths and weaknesses, but is able to perform well in it’s strengths).
    The solution is to make crappy tanks better….. You should not be RUINING our fun Wargaming, you should be improving it.

    - If you want to do nerfing to ANY Arty, you should only allow max damage to be 20% LESS damage than a regular tank round.
    - TD’s max 30% MORE than a regular tank round.
    - Auto-Loader tanks, 20% LESS than a regular tank round,
    - Lights and mediums should get proper matchmaking, able to pen properly and have the speed and traverse needed to compete.
    These are the biggest complaints of the game, and why most leave, and if changed would actually create the “balance” in the game you seek. Yet, you don’t do these things…. WHY?

    If you Wargaming were so concerned with “balance”, why do most lights and mediums SUCK…., thus not able to perform their particular niche, i.e. they are easy kills?
    Why are most Russian tanks clearly BETTER than all other tanks (with some exceptions yes)?

    We don’t want nerfing…… PERIOD…. (save what I’ve said above for the most part and rare exceptions) We want crap tanks improved.

    You have backwards thinking wargaming…. You should make ALL tanks excel at their particular niche style of play as much as possible. NOT NERF PERFECTLY BALANCED TANKS like the Hellcat and FV304.
    It’s like you DON’T want people to play your game and make you money!!!

    FYI…. When playing tanks SUCK….. are not ENJOYABLE….. people don’t want to play the game….!!!!!

    - developers are considering nerfing FV304
    Q: “Why do you always nerf the vehicle, that is the favourite one of a lot of players?”
    A: “‘Favourite’ vehicle always means an imbalanced vehicle. Proven numerous times.”

    See….. This is the very “backward” thinking Wargaming that you are having….
    No Wargaming,…. “Favorite” means people have found a tank that is enjoyable to play.
    Why not instead try to make other tanks that aren’t so enjoyable because you nerf them to donkey, making them crap, instead making them “enjoyable” to play? There’s a thought!!!
    Favorite doesn’t necessarily mean “imbalanced” Wargaming, it means other similar tanks are crap and not fun to play….. Don’t you know people play games for the fun???

    Don’t you know that if you made other tanks halfway decent, we would play those tanks, and your so-called “imbalanced” tank wouldn’t be imbalanced anymore???

    There are lot’s of tanks that I “want” to play, because they “could” be fun, but you make them so crap a person just doesn’t want to play them. Like the Chi-Ri…. I kept it as long as I could, because it “could” be fun, but because it usually wasn’t fun save in a game at it’s own tier, and even then it’s hard because nearlly everything about it is a weakness, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and sold it.

    People play the FV304 not simply because it does well, but because it’s FUN….. and is “able” to do well per it’s niche of strengths and weaknesses.
    People play the Hellcat not simply because it does well, but because it’s FUN….. and is “able” to do well per it’s niche of strengths and weaknesses.

    Almost every tank Wargaming if designed well, has strenghts and weaknesses and people should be able to do well in it because of it’s strenghts. Both of the above tanks have considerable weaknesses compared to other tanks. Yet, just because they do well in their strengths, you think that means they need to be nerfed? No, bad tanks need to be buffed and properly balanced.

    Wargaming…… please think this over.

  31. Ok, they can nerf the FV304, but leave the speed and the accuracy alone!
    Also, “A favorite vehicle means an unbalanced one”
    Nerf it if you dare, Wargaming.

    • My guess would be either accuracy nerf or RoF nerf, if the problem is the ability to permatrack. In my experience I rarely manage to permatrack, as the splash damage is so poor I try to aim for the top of the tank to damage it, and rarely will I miss and ‘accidentally’ track the enemy.

      • If the only “OP ability” of the Bert is permatracking, then nerf MODULE DAMAGE ONLY – problem solved.

    • Good! It was buffed WAY beyond its historical performance anyway.

      For example:

      Gun Depression with the D-2-5T in the game: 8 degrees.
      Gun Depression with the D-2-5T in real life: 2 degrees

      Rate of Fire with the D-2-5T in the game: 4-5 rpm
      Rate of Fire with the D-2-5T in real life: 3 rpm on a good day*

      * = more like 3 rounds total, because the turret ring couldn’t handle the gun’s recoil, which is part of why the KV-1S with a D-2-5T remained a one-off prototype and never saw service.

      Besides, the KV-1S in the game is, for all intents and purposes, a late-model IS-1 or early model IS-2 in terms of its capabilities. It’s rather telling that the only real difference in the gun on the KV-1S vs the gun on the IS is that the IS’ D-25T has a better rate of fire.

  32. LoL at all the filthy clickers raging because devs will nerf their pussymode vehicle.

      • I have 3-4 arty in my garage. 30+ tanks.

        Why Is having more than one type of play so horrifying for you?

        Play artillery yourself. Learn what artillery players do not like other players to do. DO THOSE THINGS. …. PROFIT!

        • Play Arty, I already have a lot of Arty but I also want to play other tanks and getting destroyed by idiots or idiots using XVM while using one hand and camping at base a number of times is super annoying.

          I join WOT to play historical tanks not another COD spin off and Arty is too fantasy for my liking.

  33. Besides all the pros and cons of WoT and WT:GF there is one point that is really interesting:

    From the start of the open beta (I didn’t get the chance to join the closed beta) you can see almost 100.000 players every day online in WT (either Planes or GF) and the count is rising. In the same time WoT(EU) keeps their aprox. 200.000 when there are specials.

    This means 100.000 potentially lost customers/players for WG, nothing more.
    The next months will be very interesting.

    I like both games in their own way, but at the moment I’m not paying anymore for WoT and not paying yet for WT. The competition is on and I can wait some time before I decide who should get the next amount of money. Maybe other players should also do that.

  34. - assault mode is played by several millions of players
    Really funny …. millions of players don’t even know that they can turn it off .. because they have never been at option screen

  35. “- hardcore historical battle simulator – noone would play that”

    inb4 war thunder simulator battles with tanks

  36. It was a dumb move removing Confrontation mode and adding in Historical Battles. The latter is so just too impopular, whereas Confrontation was quite popular despite the imbalances.

    They need to add Confrontation mode back in IMO.

    • It was popular for people who didn’t know how to disable it/only drove around in statpadding vehicles.

    • Yeah it was so awesome facing 10+ T18s, 10+ KV-1S and 10+ Hellcats. Maybe once they nerf all these overpowered as fuck tanks then Confrontation might be worth playing again.

  37. ‘ methods that worked during late WoT beta/early WoT release do not work now, as the percentage of tank fans amongst the players was significantly higher than it is now’

    So I guess this explains why the game and community has generally turned to shit. Closed Beta was definitely the high point for me in regards to tank balance and mechanics.

  38. i play FV a lot, not because its over powered, simply because its fun!! you can have as much FUN playing this tank when you have a 500dmg round as you can doing a 2.5k – 3k dmg round, whether i lose or win this (99% of the time) puts a smile on my face, MM mwans nothing to this tank, in fact i have more fun when i am bottom tier in a t8 match up.
    this is the tank i go to when im so frustarted by playing all my other tanks,- i am not an arty clicker, i have 3 arty out of 45 tanks in my garage!
    if they nerf this tank it will be a sad sad day for wargaming

  39. Historical battles… What’s that? Is it another piece of crap made by Wargaming’s penguins?

  40. Wargaming are giving HB the worst possible kick-off:
    – bugged MM – splitting the queues for randoms and HB, as well as company, CW and team battles, will eventually leave very few numbers for each of them and lonnnnnnng waiting times. One of them will always prevail – should be and is as of now Randoms. And as Ramdons have many many good points, Platoon is an extremely nice addition – it doesn’t create a new queue nor adds waiting time, it just gives the cool flavour of playing with friends;
    – lame maps – especially WG saying “it’s not worth investing into a new map for HB” – if there is a map that can be played in that mode only, this will only grow attention to this map and this mode. Especially if the map is a good one.
    – picking random tank from your garage is wrong because people will remove the crew so that only one vehicle from garage is picked. If the confrontation mode is re-worked, HB can definitely be removed.
    – credit and XP incentives – will be infamous the same way +10% increase for team battles was. People are not encouraged to play TB because of skilled opponents
    – absolute imbalance – while TB should have tier8 tanks and tier1 scouts, and there seems to be balance in terms of DPM, armor and angling/evelation, in HB there is nothing of the sort. Tier4 tanks trying to spot a Ferdinand or SU-152 without getting killed… or eventually trying to flank and penetrate Tigers – great idea, 0 fun.
    – same cap rules – dull.

    Having this as a start – imagine where the HB mode will go. Trash can, Empty trash can, Refresh.

  41. After trying many times to get in to Historical battles and never once getting in I just gave up on them. I don’t have time to wait around to play a battle mode that is broken.