I hope you don’t mind a bit of seriousness first:

As you probably know from the news, there are catastrophic floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Czech news). From FTR I know that there are great many players from the region of former Yugoslavia, so indirectly, it concerns us as WoT playerbase as well. In case you want to help, the best way probably would be to donate to Red Cross – instructions are here. I did.

Anyway, on to lighter stuff.

- some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game – it’s BS, won’t happen
- SerB states that generally speaking, WG always compensates the players for XP, when they make changes in any branches
- according to Overlord, World of Tanks Blitz will be released worldwide “with a substantial update” (as in, during a bigger patch)

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  1. SS, THANK YOU for your support for our flooded areas! Rally means a lot!

    • Really a great thing to mention the stuff happening in Serbia, and Bosnia, thanks, SS

    • Had my house flooded out three years ago. Much sympathy for what you’re all going through. Best of luck.

    • Assholes…….. Might be a good day to play WoT now, but really…….. You don’t wish for your red team to have their house flooded??

      (Yes, i reply to the wrong post. Sorry)

  2. ” some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game – it’s BS, won’t happen”

    Pretty sure someone was just like “enjoy arty while you can, they’re removing it” and a bunch of people didn’t ever do research.

  3. Was there any XP compensation for reworking arty branches in 8.6 when for example priest was moved from tier IV to tier III and research cost of tier V arty was pretty high and m37 was already researched? I can’t recall.

    • Where was the compensation when the t-54 research cost was reduced? I even filed a ticket and was told they had no way to know who was owed xp back? BS…

      • Where was the xp compensation, when they have removed the T-50-2 for MT-25 and lowered drastically its xp cost? BS.

    • I had an M7 Priest before 8.6, so I can tell you that, no, we didn’t get anything for the M7 priest when it was bumped down a tier. Our XP was not transferred over to the M37, was not converted to free xp nor did we get a free M37. No compensation whatsoever.

      Thankfully I had already finished the grind to the M41

      • Even War Thunder has Artillery Barrage, and it misses a lot but can be OP cause it falls down like fired from a satellite not a freaking howitzer. It hits you behind the highest rocks. You are nowhere safe. It’s only balanced by occasional missing.

  4. SS, thank you for doing this. We really appreciate it.
    Zenica here (BiH).

    • I wish you the best of luck from Slovenia.
      I know how it is, we’ve had some pretty substantial floods in the past years as well, some friends of mine are still recovering.
      I also have distant relatives in one of the afflicted areas so I’ll make sure to donate something.

      • Thanks m8. My father is in Slovenia right now. Beautiful country. Hard to believe it’s ex-yu.

        • There`s an old joke:

          What is Bosnian doing in Slovenia?
          Looking for job.
          What it Slovenian doing in Bosnia?
          Looking for his father.

  5. Does these countries not have the decency and resources to help their own fucking population? Ratshit Capitalist governments only care about money. They wanted it, they sure as hell deserve it

        • So we should say fuck these poor people because there Govt are dicks?

          Well shit im from from the US and I a a good person, but my Govt is a shitstorm, I sure as hell; dont hope to be judged off them when I need help.

          • Wake up dude, we live in a world full of carelessness.
            BTW Did I forced them to build their fucking houses near rivers and on plain terrain? Endure the consequences.

            • No ones forcing you to help…So let us decent people who want to help in peace and STFU.

              Seriously how does wrapping off about these unfortunate people`s govt being assholes help anyone? Hows it help you even?

              You think these people dcided to live in a flood plain? Im sure most would have moved but they cant afford to….Seriously have a little empathy.

              Your the kind of asshole who will get mugged and shot and then im gonna say “His stupid weak ass should have learned how to fight and defend himself”…Oh wait I wouldnt because im not an asshole.

              And just because I was lucky enough for my country to dump millions into training me doesnt mean I deserve to defend myself anymore than you just as thes poor people whoi live in flood zones dont deserve to be wiped out because they are born there.

      • it happened in Romania too, and not so long ago
        local power versus governments, not the same parties – things never get done, or 1/2 done, and who suffers? the population that got them voted in office
        and it happens year after year after year, I would personally brake their knees

    • Are you retarded or something?
      Wherever something like this happen, red cross always helps.
      Government has it’s own resources, but when epic disaster like that hits, small country always needs pumps, blankets, choppers, fresh water…

    • The only shit around here is you and scum that have mental problems like you.
      1st of all you apparently don’t even know what have all these countries been through 90s and Serbia during 99′.
      And 2nd this aint some seasonal flooding, the entire f****** cities have been wiped out, does that get in your little demented head?

      “They deserved that” – Oh man if you said that in front of me I would give you free face surgery.

    • Where are you from? I mean where is mental institution that you are in located? I write from one of the flooded cities in Bosnia and it very bad when you look and see all this. These are the biggest rains in the last 120 years since statistics are first started. Power of the rivers are tripled and in five days we had rain that usually falls in three months. Every kind of help is welcomed not only money.

      And to this idiot of Tehno SMGJohn, I can only say, today its us, tomorrow it might be you moron since you cant influence the weather and nature…now go take your medication and go to sleep.

      • Im really sorry for these retards comments. Im sure guys you have 99% of the backing of the free world…..Please dont even listen to them. Its embarrassing people like this are allowed to live.

    • Don’t breed please. We don’t need more stupidity from you nor your offspring. Current water level in Sava and Danube is the greatest in the last 120 years, it’s more than a 100-year-flood, but you wouldn’t know what that is. It’s not our government you dipshit, it’s the scale of the catastrophe, we don’t have the resources to deal with this. We barely mobilized 3000 civilians and military to build a levee out of sand bags so we could save one town. Even the thermal power plant that feeds Belgrade with power is flooded.

      Fucking piece of shit.

  6. We pray for you Bosnia and all flooded areas. And SS İ wish you cared and said a few things about the mine explosion here in Turkey

  7. If only the artillery rumors were true…
    Baddies would die uselessly like they should, and not kill anybody if the Goddess Fortuna decides it. :’).

  8. We thank you SS for mentioning floods.
    It is a catastrophe, few towns are completely GONE.
    I ask anyone willing to help!

  9. You mean they’re not removing Arty? Don’t get my hopes up like that! ;D

  10. - SerB states that generally speaking, WG always compensates the players for XP, when they make changes in any branches

    Thats funny because I did not get any compensation for IS-3 when they made it cheaper on XPs. Actually I got compentasiont only for the gun on SU-85. Nothing more.

    • I got shitloads of compensatory free XP when they removed the top engine of E-50.
      They compensate xp when they remove modules that you researched. If only the research cost changes (usually not by much) no compensation is really needed.

        • You got 100% of the XP cost. 50% as free xp 50% as the new engine. Or would you rather they give you 100% as free XP and then you spend 50% of that on the engine?

    • Yes, Russians are helping big time. As im told, they sent 2 planes with more then 150 men, 70 tons of equipmant, 20 specialized divers included and that hapend 3 days ago. Yesterday, they sent 2 more planes with same equipmant and manpower … great and fast help indeed. Much appreciated !

      Drzite se Srbi ! Posao nas tek ceka posle poplava kad bude trebalo obnoviti unistenu zemlju i kuce. Ovo je gora sudbina od bombardovanja ’99.

  11. Thank you for this publication, frm Serbia , which is related to floods . And yes, our brothers, the Russians were the first to come to the aid :)

  12. First of all, thank you SS for mentioning the flood catastrophes in Bosnia and Serbia! As we say “hvala” for thanks :)
    Second, don’t forget about the mine explosion in Turkey, they are also worth been metioned.

    Zelim vam svi sve najbolje tamo. Ja cu donirat pare kad imam u kraj mesec. Izdrzite i nemoj te se predavati te politicari. Oni vam nece pomozit kad to sve bude kraj… Kad sam prekjucer cuo od taj haos ja sam, kad sam spavo, imo san od toga koda sam i ja tamo… #PrayForBosniaAndSerbia !

    • haha, yeah! Or when they made the S-51 cheaper to research….not a single XP!

  13. SS, thx for your donation. I’m from Serbia and we appreciate any help. Scenes from here and Bosnia are catastrophic. Ppl lose their houses in minutes, whole towns wiped out.

  14. In Croatia river Sava had flooded some area, people are being evacuated to nearby villages, but banks hold for the most part. Sava is stagnating atm. But that means bad news for Serbia, because all that water will go to area that are already flooded.
    If anyone can help these areas, please do.

  15. - some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game – it’s BS, won’t happen

    To artyhaters: keep daydreaming

  16. Yeah that’s right they can’t just remove arty, but what they can do is introduce the “no arty” option in settings. That way the people who are quite happy playing arty can, and those that don’t do not have to suffer……

    • The no arty mode is called tier I battles…
      but wait a minute: since 8.6, T1 tanks can meet T2 artys… that was a very dumb idea :/

    • Yea that option would be good. And i’m sure there will be some potatoes who never check their options and have this option off as default so the arty can rape those and leave the good players alone

    • You mean Team Battles and usually Tank Company’s? Those places where SPGs don’t show up very often? Oh, and Historical Battles where there are NO SPGs. Yet.

      SO…. anywhere but Random Battles and maybe Clan Wars…

      Such difficult to avoid…

    • You are better off playing warthunder ground forces, if a lot of players just jump over to that game and suddenly WG has loss a lot of money it could happen.

      • But there you have planes and arty, and there is no safe rock from them.

  17. SS a lot of people should learn from your example, this and your campaign for the Czech veterans show me you’re a very good person, I hope our Dutch know-how on water-management can be brought there at minimul costs to prevent this catastroph in the future!
    My family often tells me about the massive floods in some of our provinces in the past, I can only imagine the horror those people have to go through.

    by the way SS, i wouldn’t mind if you place adds on your blog, especially now for the Red Cross, sure, they are annoying, but they can help a lot!

    • Well most of us didn’t know either, because Bosnia is mostly hills. But there was so much rain that even small creeks become massive streams of water, mud and ripped trees. But that weren’t our only problem. Most of the houses in my area were destroyed by landslides. In some places literally whole hills collapsed and crushed everything beneath. I’m lucky my house is still stands.

  18. Thanks for mention our current situation SS.

    The major world media outlets havent really picked it up yet.

    Bosnia has seen some pretty devastating floods and landslides (some areas look like Hiroshima aftermath quite literally). Its hard to tell which areas are hit worse: lowlands are literally under 1-4 meters of water (10s of thousands of people) and hills were soaked from 4 days of rainfall (each day was equal to 3 months of rain), so after the water drained away, it caused massive landslides that are literally destroying entire villages.

    In Serbia weve been hit bad by ~4 days of raining. And the worse is yet to come as all rivers from Croatia and Bosnia swollen up by their combined heavy rainfall will pass through us toward Bulgaria and Romania via Danube river.

    They dont even dare to release official death tolls.

  19. Thanks guys and SS for your support. In Serbia, army, police, special forces and even anti terrorist units are deployed across our country, but the real raw power comes from ordinary people who do the job of stopping this catastrophe. Hold on Bosnian & Croatian brothers, we’ll get over this!!!

  20. Not only “some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game” but also there are alot of WoT players those who are like that. They even say “this is World of tanks and SPG is not tank”. =.=”

  21. Now Im regretting not having a job…I cant help support those poor people in Bosnia and Serbia…well, Ill have you all in my prayers :)

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