Straight Outta Supertest – Little Things


So, in 9.1, Valentine II (Soviet premium) will apparently be nerfed, according to Storm this will return it to the state it was in in 8.11, after they screwed it up in 9.0.

Now – 60mm frontal and sides:


In 9.1 – this part gets nerfed to 30mm:


A couple more medals:


And the Stronghold mode welcome screen:


77 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest – Little Things

    • Use MS-1 turret as ball, 22 MT-25 play football on Malinovaka field , 2 bases = 2 goal XD

  1. If WG want changes in prem tanks they must compensate back if they dont want to stay with nerfed tank.
    Like what they did with SP.

  2. So it’s accidentally buffed and then nerfed back? Can anyone confirm?

    Well, okay, I guess? It’s one of the few premiums that I bought and I guess the nerf/buff won’t/didn’t matter much.

    • Tell me, how is it? The lame-ass pen must be killing it, but does it have prem MM for only tier 4 or tier 5s too?

      • Only tier 4. Which makes it a great stress-relief if you load a few APCR since 55mm AP pen is plenty for most things on short distance. And the armour is troll.

        Valentine also has amazing camo.

    • I never saw any been awarded to anyone during the test of 9.0, when I used to play the Historical Battles. I hardly played a few games when 9.0 was released.

      Does anybody know what is required to get them?

  3. Looked into tank inspector and the only nerf is for the rear part other zones (front) are at the alleged 30mm already. No big deal.

  4. Nice…. so they nerfed something that had one of the crappiest guns for its tier – now it’ll be ultra-crappy and collect even more dust in my garage.

    • They didn’t nerf it, they fixed a very minor mistake that has been done in 9.0 And put the tank back at its 8.11 state.

    • If you look closely you will see that the rear end of the side armor is not 60 mm. In 9.0 they made the entire side to 60 mm. Now they are changing it back the way it used to be.

  5. I really wanna know what will be requirement to get world cup 2014 medal. Also seems a little bit too much medals at once. They are starting to lose value.

      • It’s getting harder and harder since WT released tonks :D I gotta admit i’ve been playing WT for 3 days and played only one battle at WoT and lost 15:5 and went back to WT :D I’m not fanboiying here, but both games are quite good and WoT is gonna lose some of the players.

  6. Boooooo….booooo!!!

    Valentine II needs all the help it can get with that tiny little girly gun. Oh well. Still not enough to make me sell either of my Valentines.

  7. Nerf one of the worst premiums ingame ehhhm yes, just fuck you u retarded wg apes, put your shit hands on op tanks first not on complete crap tanks.

    Theese morons cant nerf op tanks over years, but on valentine prem with his crap T2 gun they put their shit idiot fingers. Glad i bought it for 300 gold “only”, if i could sell it for gold i would even a camo on a random tank is a better use for 300 gold.

    FUCK U WG for nerfing the Valentine and no i dont got much battles on it, neither im a clubber