49 thoughts on “Great European Random No.11

  1. Well done! Entertaining and amusing. I like the situational music selection.

  2. That E100 behind T95, omg mega noobism, average player should be able to kill that T95 in tier VII medium having such position! Heh, maybe even lower tiers with decent penetration would done more then that E100..

    • Tier VII med maybe not, but E100 indeed should have finished him off. Though considering stats for an average E100 player… I’m not surprised this occured.

      • Tier VII med, shooting T95 in the ass? Not a problem. If I count correctly my T20 would kill him from full hp in slightly more then 30 sec. Remember that T95 was busy with other tanks in front of him and it is easier in med to stay all the time behind T95.

        • I soloed a T 95 in a T21 on Ruinberg. He tried to hug a wall to avoid cricling. He never did, took me minute of tracking(it takes 3-4 shots at the driving wheel to detrack first time, and 2 if he repairs) and shooting the back, but it was quite easy.

    • Thing about the T95 is that it’s ass is so low, if you park right behind it, you’re likely not to be able to depress the gun low enough to shoot without an autoding. I know at least T69, Pershing and M46 Patton that can’t depress the gun enough to shoot the ass of the T95.

  3. Loved this..what a laugh..only when it happens to someone else though..come on WG get the shit sorted.

  4. Hmm..meh again not for us in germany because of friggin’ GEMA music problems. Not going to proxy just to watch it now. xD

  5. 12:38 they are here
    it is funny that this RNG is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the one that WarGaming posts .

    • it was kind of slap for all those “siemka moron” whinners, just because of the obvious nickname of that Chaffee player… :D
      Brutally awesome job, POLSKAPOWA_PL :)

  6. Woras i just wonder how can you replay 9.0 files? Do you have an addon or you have the “obsolete installment”? If the first then where can i download it? :)

  7. I love that the Chaffee killed and got the 7 kills in the end, especially that I, like him, are “siemka” noobs. >.>

  8. Now I know why you said this one will be blocked in Germany again for sure! :D

    Btw: Terrible E-100 driver strikes back again!

  9. Dammit, blocked in Germany. GEMA are some special kind of completely retarded a**f*cks.
    I know about that Stealthy tool…but, I don’t trust it…but f*ck it I wanna see it :D

  10. Just posting the same comment I said on Youtube. Please don’t give that Chaffee player any credit. He’s a real asshole who ruins others games by blocking them and ONLY acts when rest of his team mates are dead. POLSKAPOWA_PL should be banned from the game:


    Check the replay I have send. Or just check the others. Such a douche player.