53 thoughts on “9.1 – New Artillery and Team Battle Medals

        • So, a physical impossibility for the fv304 :(

          That thing is either immobile, or going 500km/h (rough estimate). No middle ground.

      • FV is a bad choice, but I have a game once in a while when I shoot stuff with my arty and hear that I’ve killed someone even without shooting, then I check back later and see that an ELC is rammed him to death near to me.

  1. Does those new SPG rewards give +50% XP when you loose? That would make it a bit easier to get XP :)

    • I really hope so or just +50% overall
      G.W. Panther tier 7 (me only 7) tier 8 and 9
      I do 3k dmg on 8 and 9 tanks and 3 kills
      we win but the XP didnt count for mission because i was 11th on xp list…
      most dmg of team and second in battle…

    Stark’s Medal = FV304
    Gore’s Medal = low tier arty
    Rock Solid = FV 304
    God of War = all take arty sure someone gets it if u win

      Stark’s Medal = lefh8b2*
      Gore’s Medal = low tier arty
      Rock Solid = lefh8b2*
      God of War = all take arty sure someone gets it if u win)

      • Rock Solid = GW E-100, SU-14, Obj. 212, etc
        God of War = Arty with good mobility, decent accuracy/aimtime and damage, OR is very special like FV304 (last time I was the last survivor on our team to kill enemy WT E-100 with two(!) shots and win – his shot missed me once and with a bush I “disappeared” right before him).
        For Counter-Battery Fire = Obj. 261 or other artillery with high ROF and shell flying speed.
        Cold-Blooded = Bishop
        Stark’s Medal = Bishop
        Gore’s Medal = Arty with a reliable gun, this one is harder to get for tier X arties.

  3. How the hell are you supposed to get Rock Solid if you have to drive below 10 kph?

    • Not a clue if YOU are the one who is supposed to do the ramming… But if you get it by other people ramming you I guess its ok… although the speed limit thing is a bit silly.

      • its for you not ramming afk ppl at the end of the battle it has to be you being rammed

    • A scout tank on low hp ram you, it dies and you survive it’s ram= done

      It surely will be a rare medal but doable.

      • Rare medal? Come on, SPG is the class I play the least and even I got quite a few situations were I would get that thing. Also the “God of War” medal (pin, in fact) is already in the game with identical requirements, so I don’t know why is it mentioned in the original picture.

        • What do you mean God of War is in the game?
          There is a badge where you need to be the last survivor and kill five enemy tanks and a badge where you need to survive 20 battles in a row, but this one is pretty easy.

          Too easy, in fact.
          I speculate its sole purpose is to stop that one arty from drowning at the end. :P

        • It would be rare ‘coz there are fewer and fewer idiots that would choose to ram an arty rather than circling it.

    • I’ve done it in my ConqGC before. Had a T71 go balls-out right into me. 65kph+ and he went from full health to dead. I bounced two of his shots too.

    • GW Tiger, GW E 100, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A, T92, Bishop, FV207, FV3805, Conq GC, leFH

      • Bishop weighs actually below average in tier 5 arties, despite its good armor and low mobility.

  4. I would have a ton of Rock Solid medals, thanks to all the ELC AMX drivers who rammed my SU-14-2 ;)

  5. “Destroy at least 2 enemy light tanks from a distance of not more than 100 meters.”

    not more? what about less? people can miss the word “not”.. the word “less” is impossible to miss.

    P.S why would anyone bring an arty to a team battle? weird ..

    • I do bring it in only when my team finds out i use arty they all leave or kick me:( even if we win it because of me…

      and maybe that is exactly the reason why its TB only, so more arty will be played there

      • But bringing SPGs into TBs rarely works out. When it first went live I ground out a lot of XP on the Hummel and GW Panther but even then I rarely made the difference. I think we ended up 50/50.

        it is not the best idea to haul SPGs into TB if your trying to win every match.

  6. Stark medal seems a bit odd: “-survive a battle”
    Don’t Starks get beheaded or stabbed at weddings? :)

  7. God of War medal to prevent cocksuckers from drowning and actually standing their ground and fighting like a man instead of being cunts like they indeed are for even playing the retard mode? Well, it’s something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Wow Medjed, for once we agree, I hate players that kill themselves, instead of fighting till the end.
      I was platooning with a Clan Recruiter once, or arty was in trouble. He said time to take a dive, dove in the water and drowned. I took 2 with me, held the flank, we won. No way I was joining that clan after that.

    • Not sure how big a problem drowning is in team battles (don’t play them), but you DO realize this is a medal for team battles only right? As such….not likely to have an impact on scumbags being scumbags.

      • woops….my bad…didn’t read that part….so afterall all these medals are pretty much useless….i thought it will be rewarded for randoms too which it should be…..WG never fails to disappoint me….

  8. Haha I have two arty’s a tier 9 and a tier 10 and after the big arty nerf I don’t play them at all. They are sadly mistaken if they think some crumbly metals are going to get people to play arty again!

    WOT nerfs arty then cries that people don’t play arty’s anymore. How terrible!

  9. God of War? I saw an SPG in team battles only once in a few hundred battles.

  10. So the SPG’s speed for Rock-Solid must be below 10 km/h

    So basically, you’re relying on the stupidity of your opponent to get the medal…well…considering that I once had a T20 ram my Tiger II not once, but twice in the same battle (killing himself on the second ram), and then having the brass balls to claim that he played WELL after that…it’s entirely possible. :D

  11. Too bad they don’t offer those retroactively :(.
    Rock solid: Type 59 vs me in SU-14(at that time…guess what happened), later game, I backed up into an ELC that had 4 HP, only nudged it. Kaboom.
    God of war: few months ago in 212A(same match with ELC), more recently OBJ 261
    Counter battery: SU-8 on lakeville, back when it was tier 5(I remember wondering if I’d get a Dumitru’s medal in a SPG)
    Gore: SU-8(that thing was baws at tier 5) did a bit over 4k dmg, top gun on campinovka.
    Stark: Most recently? Bishop, that thing can take some punishment, especially on tier 5

    • 212A and Obj. 261 will never get God of War, tier 9 and 10 don’t get in to team-battles.