Straight Outta Supertest: The Pit

Source: WoTLeaks VK community

Hello everyone,

apparently (although this info is NOT confirmed), Wargaming is working on a new (yet unnamed) map, code name “the pit” (or “the hole”).


This new map is very small (400 x 400 meters) and is allegedly being made especially for low tiers (1,2,3). The reason behind it allegedly is that Wargaming wants the new players to “feel the action” straight from the start, because the fighting starts very soon after the battle commences and the fighting distance is very short. The spawn points are allegedly at the south and north of the map, the bases are in upper right and lower left corner.

50 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: The Pit

    • Don’t know about that. It’s too small to abuse the camo and spotting system which new players don’t know about (Province is perfect for this, invisible tank nailing them from the hill).

      • Best moment ever on Province was when I played on it with my FCM36 pak 40 ^^
        Large caliber, scout, patrol duty, confederate and almost top gun.
        M mastery class while immobile ;)

    • It’s the worst map for sealclubbing ever possible.

      For a proper sealclubbing you need some good distance from the enemy, possibly with vegetation cover. You snipe them out without them ever spotting you.

      On a small map like that you may try to brawl with something like T18, but a lot is up to RNG and left to general chaos that comes with such intense fighting on a small area.

      • Having 400m view range + binoculars, in a bush (with camo net and skill) on a small area can give interresting results :P

    • Would not. You need to snipe, not to brawl in it. You are being reduced just to yet another tank in the middle of a chaos, prone to being swarmed by enemy. Cruiser has nothing going on for it for street fighting.

      M18 might work I guess.

      • Which is exactly what the Cruiser 3 excels at!!!! The Cruiser can 1-clip pretty much every single other T2 tank, so you just have to make sure that you get the first shot in, which isn’t hard if you have 100% crew. Having single handedly held the hill on Mines a few times against significant foes, I can assure you that with cover to reload in, you can brawl very effectively.

      • The Crusier Mk.III is the one with the 40mm Pom-Pom.

        Though playing with the 15mm BESA or one of the other machine guns on this map would be fun.

  1. Seems that WG want a more dynamic map without camp time like in an other game. *rollingeyes*

  2. Lets hope it’s tier I and II, I’d rather not play on a 400×400 map with my tier III tanks…
    That sounds rather… dull…

    • Just imagine 15 maus vs 15 maus on this map and you will feel better for your T3 :):D

      • If it was tier 10 map it probably would mostly consist of WT auf E 100′s, Deathstars, Jagd E 100′s and B-C artys. Forget about 15 mauses, it’d be mostly TD’s anyway.

    • You will be spotted every shot and have no armor, no turret, and are slow as shit. Exactly how will this map work for the pak40?

  3. WG doing its best to prevent new players from learning game mechanics. It’s amazing how this game gets continuously dumbed down.

  4. 400x400m? Even more fun would be to make it a high tier map for heavy tanks only. Instant short range brawl LOL

    • Do you find yourself lost often when navigating through the world? Because, no, it doesn’t look like that map at all. The only similarity would be that they are both green by the absence of proper textures..

      • to be fair, it does have a bit of a shape similarity. hills on the sides in a horse shoe shape. mind you, the bases are not in the right place.

  5. Imagine the “scout” medals everyone will get in their FCM36 pak 40 without even moving…XD

  6. Hi SS, I think I saw this map on a livestream of WG on World of Tanks: Blitz. I defenitely recognize the small round square in the middle of the village, the “green-ness” of the map and the mountains. Leave me a comment if you know more about this. Thanks

  7. Welcome to Panzer Commander, 1998.
    Seriously, that map render makes me think of the PSX Era.