Confirmed info from E3:

- the ETA of the Firefly line is around the end of this year, but this is preliminary (SS: a lot of stuff got postponed lately)
- along with the Firefly LL line will come a turretted tank destroyer line, both lines will merge after tier 6
- Firefly will be tier 6
- the British turretted tank destroyer line will contain the Achilles (17pdr M10)
- confirmed that US light tank line is scheduled for in 9.3
- if everything goes well, the Soviet premium MT8 “light T-54″ will come in 9.3 as well
- it is not yet sure what tank will the Soviet LT8 go from

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  1. And do we know where will the US LT line come from? Is it only chaffee or could I jump in from somewhere on the autoloader line as well?

      • Is the Chaffee going to become a tier 6 light tank and get the same matchmaking and credit earning as the MT-25, VK 28.01, 59-16, and AMX 12t?

        • No, it will get nerfed, probably. It’s top turret and gun actually belong to it’s decendant, T37. Which we’re expecting to become the tier 6, last I checked.

          • You are not serious, how the Chaffee will be nerfed after grinding that many xp. People shouldnt be punished for wanting to play a tank they worked so hard to get, it costs 8 times more xp than the M4. So what is the plan if the little fellow is nerfed? do I get the new big brother at tier 6 for free without griding or what? I did not free-xp the Chaffee so I had to play the M5 a lot. Lets hope WG does not make a mess with this one.

            • Deadly serious, I too shelved out the 55k Exp? for a Chaffee. And I did it by playing the M5, which I hated.

              Still, I think it will be rebalanced to normal tier 5 LT stats when the line gets extended, because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. You’d have an incredibly strong tank at tier 5 with Battletier 11 MM, then move up and get a weaker tank with Battletier 9 MM.

              Once the line gets extended, Chaffee will no longer be the last of the ‘tier 5 end-of-lines’, so it would make sense to rebalance it to normal stats for a tier 5 LT, with proper MM (tier 8 max).

            • It took me less than 2 days to research the 55k for the Chaffee from the Stuart. How could you hate the M5? You can beat almost all T4 tanks 1v1 easily. Sure you see T8s but then you actually play like a scout.

              • I did not say that I did not like the M5, in fact I did quite well with it but still for a tier 4, the required xp is insane. So I presume that after the Chaffee nerf, they will decrease the required xp from the M5, if that is the case, I wonder if we can get the new Tier 6 light tank for “free”.

            • The thing is… the current M24 Chaffee is like IDENTICAL to the T37 stat-wise, so it won’t cause all the butthurt like the T-50-2/MT-25 switch did. Actually, it would be even BETTER because the current M24 has ridiculously high matchmaking, but the T37 –being tier VI– will only see up to tier IX battles like all the other VIs as of patch 9.1.

            • Think about it this way:
              The Chaffee might get nerfed, but so will the matchmaking for it.
              Not only that, but odds are people who currently hold Chaffee light tanks will automatically be rewarded with the tier 6 light (T37 I assume) in their garage, and if not then most of the modules will most definitely already be unlocked for current Chaffee drivers.
              So it’s not a bad deal at all in my opinion, plus the US light tank line has long been overdue, so I’m sure we can all look forward to getting the new tier 8 American light tank, even if we have to grind out to it :)

      • Great, I have the Chaffee, I like it but I get a little frustrated when playing tier X, those big lads can spot me miles away even I have full camo skill crew, camo paint and so for. I was thinking these days to move the Chaffee crew to the autoloader line but now I might wait and see.

  2. sorry 4 spam, bamboocza was faster :P
    i also want to know that, i remember reading it earlier but im unable to find it…

    • They said it would come with LTTB and the USA lights (T37, Walker Bulldog and T49).

      • 9.3 would be a fantastic patch, but we’re receiving another Wargaming creation as the top tier Russian light, so I rate 9.3 only as ‘really good’.

        • I like WG creations. This game is not exactly supposed to be completely historical. more of a- “what if” all tanks that were ever dreamed up functioned properly? kind of a thing.

  3. Great. Another broken RNG artillery with TD stats.
    Because we don’t have enough vehicles that let 300Wn8′ers own anything by just clicking in it’s general direction.

    • Don’t be on the receiving end next time?

      I have yet to have any problems with the FV215b 183 ever. Any time I’ve gotten one-shot by one, its because I did something really dumb or I was careless.

      WT auf E100 is the problem child.

      • lol no 183 is still a problem and bad design. it does as much damage as arties, at least arties can be 1-2 shotted.
        183 has 2k hp, armor can bounce when angled.

  4. 1) So LTTB will not be grinded from T-43?

    2) US Light line will continue from chaffee OR there will be split as mentioned by CyberMaroon?

    • I did not mention a split in the lines :/

      Just that Chaffee will lose the god-awfully ugly turret because it belongs to another tank. The new line will continue from Chaffee, as SS said above me.

    • I hope the LTTB will be grinded from the MT-25, I know it does not make sense as the vehicles dont have any in common but it is an scout; it does not make any sense to be in MT line to get to the new scout.

      • Impossible. MT-25 is tier 6, LTTB is tier 8. Same way you can’t grind MT-25 from T-50.

      • Oh come on, i am already grinding 120,000 xp to get LTTB asap. you might know what disappointment that would be for me :P

        • Same here, I would like to know which tank I should grind to get the xp for the new LTTB.

          • I would say T-43 or KV-13, with my personal opinion leaning to KV-13 since you can research that one from MT-25. It would make an awkward but logical stepping stone IMO.

            There’s just no way they’ll do MT-25.

    • The problem with the Archer: it’s slow as hell when driving in any direction. Maybe that’s why we did not see it yet in the game.
      Crusader SP is fun because it goes over 40 km/h backwards. But Archer… 24 km/h backwards and 12 km/h forwards.
      Difficult to balance a vehicle that is tier 3-4, shows it’s vulnerable back to the enemy but has a gun that you have on tier 6-7 tanks.

      Maybe we’ll see it as tier 6 premium TD.

        • Tier 5 Premium maybe? It’s a bit too awkward to be placed in a regular spot, especially that rumour states it’s going to be a turreted TD branch.

          But I still want to know what are the plans for AC1 and AC4 Sentinel.

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    • I agree, no more TDs please; what about a line of MTs with better pen and alpha dmg with low reload time.

    • It’s a modified (upgunned) M10 Wolverine, is it not? That would make it more of a… well, Wolverine, rather than Hellcat. Or Jackson, which is the adult Wolverine :P

  6. Any plans of rebalancing the current british vehicle when the new line comes out?

  7. where will the firefly line start ? after the crusader ?
    and the td line after the at-2?
    so i can begin grinding for it :D