US Server Invite Code

Hello everyone,

game portal is giving out invite codes for US server only. This invite code contains:

- T2 Light Tank
- 3 days of premium
- 500 gold

You can get your here:

IMPORTANT – this code is NOT FOR EXISTING ACCOUNTS, it’s for creating new accounts only. If you do not need it, do NOT waste it please, be considerate and leave it for someone who does.

9 thoughts on “US Server Invite Code

  1. I really wish these codes would work for all accounts…I didn’t know about invite codes when I started playing, and there’s been a lot for some decent low tier premiums floating around.

    • Its a bunch of BS guys.. i tried doing this with a brand new account.. WoT will not accept any of the codes from MMORPG .. says it is invalid..

      Good luck on this one!