0.9.1 Freecam Mod

Hello everyone,

need a freecam mod (free camera in replays) for 0.9.1? Here it is, thanks to Stormshadow:


Just download it and copy the archive contents into the res_mods folder. It’s activated by pressing F3 I think.

Control schematics:

Activation: F3 Key (unlock cam first with LMB click)

Bind to vehicle = N
Show Gun Marker = H
Show Marker = U
Set default Roll = R
Switch Inertia = P
Switch Land Camera = X
Switch Rotate Around Point = C
Set default Fov (Field of View) = F

27 thoughts on “0.9.1 Freecam Mod

  1. Isn’t this a banned mod?

    *Edit* “(free camera in replays)” aint read that sorry :P

    • Maybe it’s not used massively enough. Most of the massively used stuff gets implemented sooner or later, so if enough people use it, I guess it will find its way into the game.

      • The replay system itself is considered “not used massively enough”.
        They won’t change anything about that.
        I believe they don’t even want to – why would you want people to watch replays?
        You want them to play your game!
        The replay system is sufficient as it is, working as intended.

      • Invalid argument.
        How long did it take to implement reload timer?
        They have their own plans – like FOV change. Who the fuck needed to ”fix” it.
        So yeah – later, WAY LATER.

        • If you really wanted it implemented, you should probably have a chat with all the top clans on every server and get them to sign up on it being useful as a clan tool for reviewing replays. Otherwise, WG will definitely not make it happen, since they’re busy with HD models, Havok physics and such.

          • the “top clans” won’t be arsed.. they only want epeen, free gold, and the Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card for being abusive to pubbies…

            oh… and certain “top” clans had a hacked version of “that” modpack for free download on their own webpages…. which a number of Mods and WG staff knew about and did fuckall about…

            • New? No.. you know that… ;-)

              My point was that they had it openly available, with the full knowledge of many WG staff and it gets ignored…

              Oh.. I see what you mean.. you mean “why the fk am I surprised at that”…

  2. Thank you very much, I was unable to find for 9.0. Finally I can look at some places i very rarely go on maps, cause I consider them nearly useless and explore map changes.

  3. Is this the same free camera that QuckyBaby uses to produce his videos?

  4. Would I be correct in saying this is fine to leave in the res_mods folder even whilst playing the game normally? Or would it be wise to create a second res_mods folder for this?

  5. SS, really…
    Just edit/add

    videoModeAvailable true /videoModeAvailable

    line in avatar_input_handler.xml in any zoom mod.

    PS: add brackets as in original file, can’t do this here or it won’t display.

  6. I don’t get why free camera isn’t part of the stock game yet. Lazy bastards.