How the Soccer Ball was Made

Hello everyone,

this is a completely pointless piece of information, but it’s still somewhat interesting. Ever wondered, how Wargaming introduced the football mode ball into the game? Check this out.


Recognize this? This is the T-50-2, the former Soviet tier 5 light tank, that was removed from the game (and replaced by the MT-25), but its files are still present within the client, so, if you want to, you can view it for example using a Tank Viewer. Or, can you? The configuration depicted above is the elite configuration, but what happens when you switch the turret to stock?


That’s right… the ball, you are pushing around in the football mode is nothing else than a remodelled stock T-50-2 turret :) My guess is that the developers didn’t want to waste client space on yet another separate object and therefore chose to remodel a turret of a tank, that will not be ever used again (although – if alternative hulls are implemented – it might appear as one for the T-50). The ball has the nominal amount of 37mm of armor.

My another guess is that this was discovered as a by-product of the “ripped off turret” research, when the turret physics were modelled and the devs found out that they could have some fun with ripped off turrets – I remember reading of a case where two developers played some sort of “football” with a small turret during the development of this option and I guess that’s where this came from. Actually, it’s a pretty smart solution and the football idea was pretty funny.

If only it was not infested by AFK’ers, who use it to train that one crewmember… :(

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      • Well i think i read a post by Storm(translated here on FTR) saying that WG doesnt give a shit about EU, NA or Asia suggestions, opinons, feedback etc. Only RU community is taken into consideration.

  1. So that’s the reason! I’m using gnomefather’s engine and gun sound and Transparent Clan Logos mods. I don’t know which mod responsible for this but some scripts cause a problem with the ball model.
    Here in this pic you can see that the ball is a T-50-2 stock turret wreck if I use the mod:

    Of course If I remove the script folder it’s ok.

    • Yeah, one of those mods replaces the vehicle script files (I’m guessing gnomefather’s) with pre-football modified ones. And since the stock t-50-2 turret is actually still in the game files, the appropriate script is just not pointing to it anymore… Just toss out the file at res_mods/9.1/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/ussr/t-50-2.xml

  2. So i shot and crushed the poor soul of my long beloved rocket scout.
    I’m a monster.
    WG made me do it. You demons.

  3. I’m using it for crew training. My clan needs meds so I have started grinding the that ends in 3 quite useful tanks. The first crew is almost at the second skill in the obj 416. The second is just started in the T34-85. The commander will be good in the third one that has not been started yet.
    Not to many AFK players in my experience, but it can differently decide who’s going to win.
    And it’s the most fun I had in the game in quite a while. :)

    • Yeap it is good fun and good drving/track shooting training mode. A pity it does not generate any credits, if so I would play it more.

  4. haha i like it :D,

    and it woud rlly be fun if you could see it in the real game.

    • You can see it ingame. You can play the soccer mode, so how do you mean you can’t see it?

    • Citizens of fake freedom dont know what football really means – so have to translate to ‘murican :D

      • History time! American Football is derived from Rugby Football and was first placed in 1869. But the Rugby version from which American football is derived was more or less first played in the 1851. Association Football was first played in 1863.

        Simply put, Association Football (Soccer is derived from Association) is actually the younger form if we assume American Football is just a lighter form of Rugby (and back then it was still pretty brutal).

        In other words, American Football’s roots are with a game older than Association Football (which was so named to keep it separate from Rugby Football).

        I *assume* Tank Soccer is derived from Association rules instead of International Rules. In some English speaking countries Soccer and Football are used interchangeably.

  5. I had 1000 games in the t-50-2 and really loved that tank.
    this reminds me of a desription I’ve read about that’s in “a serbian film”.

    I feel sick.

  6. I played one Himmelsball game yesterday. Then I invited my clan buddies to form a platoon and play it. We were playing for 3 hours straight, losing most of the time, but hell – I HAVEN’T HAD THAT MUCH FUN IN YEARS :D