Straight Outta Supertest: “light T-54″ Soviet premium MT8 changes

Hello everyone,

as it is customary, the LT-54 was changed, based on the supertest data. Here is the new characteristics table:


Changes from the first leaked version:

- DPM increased from 1818 to 1907
- reload time from 8,347 to 7,863
- Aimtime buffed from 2,7s to 2,3s
- ground resistance buffed a lot from 0,959/1,151/1,918 to 0,767/0,959/1,534
- accuracy on the move and while turning turret nerfed
- maximum speed 58,7 km/h confirmed, 20 km/h reverse speed
- elevation: +17 (depression -5)
- vehicle still has regular MM for now

Sounds like the vehicle will be competitive after all :)

87 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: “light T-54″ Soviet premium MT8 changes

  1. Loving the buffs it gotten I really want to purcahse one when it comes out!!

    But it still has regular MM…. :(

    • Why would it NOT see tier 10 tanks if T-44, with the same gun does … and prems aren’t even supposed to be as good as elite version of the same tier and class regular tanks. I see no reason whatsoever for it to have any preferential MM.

      So, the speciall MM … We have one for SP, that has one because it really is an under gunned heavy, without even a proper armour. IS-6 has a poor gun for it’s tier and FCM doesn’t have either gun nor armour of a heavy tank, but it is considered one for the MM purposes, JgTiger 88 has sub par gun for it’s tier …. and Type59 is just a pure and simple fuckup of a balance that should be no benchmark to compare anything to it.

      Besides T-54 light will make more money than normal tanks, so I am sure the owner would be able to afford few extra APCR shells, that have more than enough pen to do just fine against t10 opponents.

    • With the buffs it received (Especially the aim-time and mobility buffs), I’m sure it can be useful in tier 10 matches.

      While I’d PREFER to not see them, I’m okay with buying this tank just the way it is.

    • Same as t44 does, I just don´t understand why people complain about this MM so much, regular tanks have it sometimes even worse

      • I know right? I remember having to use the AMX 40 when it still got *shudder* Scout Matchmaker, and I still did alright with it. If you think having a gun with 175mm pen is bad in a Tier 10 match, try having a gun with 71mm Pen in a Tier 8 or 9 battle on a “Light Tank” that’s really a Tier 4 Heavy in disguise.

        • AFK panther is faster too, doesn’t stop it from sucking :P
          Seriously, you are comparing a tank with a 2.3 aimtime 0,4 accuracy 175 pen gun at tier 8
          with a HELLCAT with 1.7 aimtime 0.35 accuracy and 160 pen at tier 6

          and to make matters worse: -5 compared to -10 gun depression.

          Good luck trying to play like a hellcat?

          The turret on this tank is also quite incapable of bouncing most shots in most places on tier 8 most of the time. The bounce area is only to the sides of the turret and isn’t large enough to make a difference. the T-44 with it’s super crappy gunmantlet has a smaller weakspot than this tank has and the last time I bounced something off the front of a T-44 turret is 12 months or so ago…

          • It will also shed 160mm rounds, bounce T10 on turret, out DPM T8 Heavies, and have a 1/3rd less track resist than a 59…..In other words hovertank strikes again.

            Hellcat relies on Camo and str8 line speed. This will use its turn fighting and camo into a Scout-Killer combo.

            A Hellcat needs other tanks, this tank wont.

  2. Since WG doesn’t want to nerf Type 59, because of “ermahgerd my gold”, they should buff everything instead, so Type 59 can keep it’s stats people paid for, but everything would just rape it’s dignity lol

    • Well they did nerf the Super Pershing and allowed the owners to exchange it to gold if they did not like the nerfed tank.

      Why not do the same to Type 59?

      • Unless you bought it back in the day, everyone else “won” the tank through some pretty difficult means, like the exp challenge for different tank types, or watching the Twitch stream during E3. *shudder*
        If a “ERRMAHGERD AWESOME FUCKIN’ PRIZE” got nerfed to hell, I can’t blame people for flipping out; and considering the Type 59 is only worth like 6.5k gold, it’s not nearly enough to compensate.

        • well unless you won it in a contest recently, everyone “bought” the tank and it’s not the cheeseburger I ordered so to speak.

    • Not really, that gun can’t snipe the flanks of enemy tanks like the T-44 can which is what makes the T-44 so good. It’s gun can barely attack tanks reliably on mid-ranges where the T-44 can just fire on the move like no tomorrow.

      the DPM is a lot better than the T-44 but the T-44 has ”bullshit”low DPM compared to any non-122/type 59 tank on it’s own tier. T-44 is one of the most fun tanks on it’s tier, but hardly the strongest to begin with being almost completely incapable of dealing with the almost equally common type-59 in most situations. Of course this tank is better than the T-34-2 but god knows that tank is ridiculously UP in anything but hull down situations.

  3. The ****? I fucking quit if WG pulls this through and all we see is either tier 8 T-54 spam or tier 9 T-54 spam.

    Just nerf these annoying piece of carpets already.

    • Spam will happen, have you driven the Matilda IV alternative premium vehicle? It’s ”not fun” in almost any game. The lack of a fun to play alternative like in the german tree means this tank combined with the popularity of the SOVIET medium tree will mean that even if it was a piece of shit it would still be spammed because the Matilda IV doesn’t give much of an alternative if you’re driving russian mediums. There are other SOVIET Premium Mediums of course, but the A-32 isn’t exactly easy to get.

      At least it’s gun is a piece of shit, you can abuse the shit out of that fact from range.

        • He got lucky with RNG, Good luck trying to copy that. Reality is the gun will rarely manage to preform that well due to bad RNG. The IS-3 also doesn’t need to hit weakspots, something this gun will definitely need to do.

          • That’s not luck. I snipe people from 500+ m every time I have a chance with my IS-3. It’s super easy. :)

            • 225 Pen goes a long way, you don’t exactly have to aim much at weakspots with that much pen at tier 8.

              175 however will bounce off a lot of things.

        • I think a good representation is using the SU-122-44 in tier 8+ matches.

          The TD is absolutely horrifying in tier 7 matches, but when it comes to sniping (even with its above-average accuracy for a 122mm gun), it becomes quite difficult.

          • Nah it doesnt. Gold is OP in it. And guess what just like the Su122-44 or IS6 YOU MAKE MONEY SHOOTING GOLD.

            Each Gold shell makes 1.4x its cost. So if you dont miss ever you still make 40%. Since you do miss in RL gold spam would still make 10-20% now add to that using 170 pen half the time and Bam a gold farmer is born.

            Truth is only thing that will be hard to pen is KV4, and anything else will be flanked easily.

            Im telling you now this Med T54 if its Prem will bully the shit out of Anything at T6 better than anything in game as they cant run away from it.

            Also peeps say it doesnt have armor but it has great armor vs T6`s and has grerat slope for bouncing everything else.

  4. Now it sounds nice…

    If i can fight t9 tanks with my T-43 with 144 pen and shitty acuracy, reload time, damage, armor… and not so good speed… you know

    • Armour: Nope
      Gun: Slightly worse.
      Mobility: Superior
      Topspeed: Almost Identical
      Predicted moneymaking: Nope
      Matchmaking: ?

      This thing will play nothing like the T-59, expect it to play like the WZ-132 with the fast-shooting 172 pen gun but with a bigger health-pool and a way less accurate gun.

      • gun: better, you trade 6 mm pen and 0.01 accuracy for almost a whole more round per minute and 2.3 sec aim time instead of 2.9.

        • I hope your right, but my experience with the D1OT when fully aimed is mostly: “‘Lulz-Nope” compared to the top gun on the WZ-131 and the T-34-2 the gun feels far more awkward to handle on the current tanks it’s on. Of course this is the buffed version of that gun on this tank, so could be wrong.

          The D1OT on the current tanks is on is an unhistorical inaccurate piece of shit that’s only good because it’s a good moneymaker, but the LB-1 on the T-44 has the same ammo price and actually hits targets reliably. While the M-63 on the Pancake is actually so OP that it has a ridiculous ammo price to compensate.

          • I see that you haven’t played the Type 59…. it’s the only gun that I’ve managed to kill a teammate who was hiding BEHIND an enemy tank by hitting the gap between the hull and the turret…

          • The buff from 2.9 aimtime to 2.3 aimtime is pretty significant… and since this thing is a flanker, DPM is a lot more important than a little bit of pen.

      • I said CLOSE, not SAME. feel the difference.

        About the moneymaking ability, it has the same amount of ammunition (34 pieces), so it has to be (or at least near) the same as the type59 has.
        mm wise, the 112 and the t34-3 started like this but they have end up with a limited mm on live server
        I will buy the LT54, apart from the fact that I have a type59 already I need a stronk crewtrainer tonk.

        • The Type-59 is OP at moneymaking, it’s unlikely this will be given the same money making as the Type-59 since the stance on the amount of money that the Type-59 makes by WG is: ”It makes too much.”

          Since WG don’t like the amount of money that the Type-59 makes they will most likely nerf the moneymaking of this thing some way.

          • meh, i will buy it for crew training not for farming (but decent moneymaking ability is welcome), as I’m a russian med fan:
            Obj416 (ESL), T-54 (FUN), 430, 140, T62A.

            • I will buy it for both purposes, money doesn’t grow on trees afterall.

              I love the Object 416, little TD in medium form that it is. Object 140 of course is great fun too as is the blatantly ridiculous T-54. Currently grinding the 430-II and grinding the T-54 for 62A

          • T59 isnt OP at moneymaking…..You have to use Gold far to often. ALso its 34 rounds mean you need 15 Gold at all times since 180 is not enough with unaccurate gun.

            It ends up meaning you have 15 AP shells to use in matches where you are high tier.

            FCM makes almost 2x as much creds.

            • Gold in Type??? dont make me laugh… 181mm pen is good enough against your targets you are a medium tank after all. 181mm pen is enough to pen the IS3 10/10 times, and is valid against most of the tier8 heavies (sometimes rng pissed me off against KV4s).
              I’ve carried 7 APCR shells in Type59 and I only had to shoot them when I ran out of AP.
              IMO the low amount of ammunition is the biggest weakness of the type59.
              you can easily solve the “ammorack problem” you know blowup etc. but if u are low on ammo, you cannot do as much dmg as say so in an FCM50t (ammo wise).

              • I own one and am purple in it. If you dont use APCR then I bet you arent. Also who ever said vs only T8`s? Well of course vs only T8`s 180 is fine but that isnt RL. RL is you see 9`s 33%-50% of the time.
                The Types fire control is horrendous. Similar to a IS6`s and its a med, so moving it literally never can be depended upon to pick a weakspot.

                Its not like the Pershing which is laser accurate.

                All you guys who only look at hard stats make me laugh, you think thats all that matters, but if that were true and ONLY hard stats mattered tanks like the T32 or M46 Patton would be broken and instead they are both surprisingly effective.

                M46 has terrible accuracy right? Yes its max accuracy is bad, but it fires just as accurate at 15 kmh as standing still, and can be whipped around and not lose any accuracy so that .4 turns intoi this amazing laser since only 30% of shots ingame are fired while totally zeroed in.

                The T59 needs gold and any player who is any good in it loads at least 1/3rd gold, but most use 50%

                Also FCM earns much more than 59, you are on crack or just a bad driver if not.

                FCM has Gold level Pen with standard rounds and I avg 1800 DMG a game in mine. 1800 a game is Unicum in a Type and the Type NEEDS Gold I dont care what you say, vs KV4`s+Kv5`s or worse STI`s or E75`s wtf wil you do? Lol yeah goodluck on your Non gold policy.

              • Also your 10/10 vs a IS3 is stupid and untrue. From the front at 150m there is no way you will go 10/10 and in reality at anything that is DC`d and just sitting there you will go 5/10.

                IS3 is known for bouncing things at T10 with Pike nose.

                I will go 7/10 with a FCM, so sorry but that is retarded.

                Now im really curious what your 59 stats are.

                • I would like to see your profile if you are so good in Type59 however I think friend/stranger account will happen :D

                • Woow dude you are retarted,IS3 gets penned by tier 7s,leave it alone tier 10.110 bounces of tier 10s not IS3.IS3 has 1 of the shiitest armours in tier 8.Hell im penning IS3 with my Hellcat 160mm pen only.

        • T-54 LIGHT only looks the same, it will play totally different, that is what I was getting at. Other premiums get closer to the Type-59 playstyle then this thing does. The bloody IS-6 get’s closer to the Type-59 playstyle than this probably ever will. It’s DPM is too high to play like the Type-59 and it’s armour is too crappy.

            • Indeed I bet with it’s mobility and good DPM that flanking slow heavies will be a joy. However I believe the start of the matches will be awkward as all hell just like in the ID1OT armed Object 416 though. ( Sniping with sides 0.4 accuracy or/and flanking with no armour is always silly as all hell. )

      • Armor= Very Slopey and much better than T44/Pershing/Panther2
        Gun: Much better. AimtimeHandling+ROF makes it far better for 6 pen
        Moneymaking: Same if not better because its ability to flank and not rely and banging from the front only.

      • It’s going to be a medium, so I estimate the price somewhere in the ballpark of SuperPershing, let’s say between 7k and 8k gold.

        I’m not entirely sure yet, but I think I’d get it for crew training. Just got the Obj 430 last day of it being Top of the Tree, got the T-54 unlocked and want to get it as soon as Obj 140 is Top of the Tree and get that one as well. Then use the T-54 to get to T-62A. That’s a lot of work I’ll have to do in regard to crew skills, I don’t want to stand in tier 10 matches with any of those tanks with crews that aren’t at least on their third skill/perk. And frankly, the Matilda isn’t up to the job on its own, aside from being not much fun

  5. “- vehicle still has regular MM for now

    Sounds like the vehicle will be competitive after all :)”

    pfthaha nah, this piece of crap will just end up as a shitty scout in T10 matches without special MM

    • But the Type-59 can’t scout with it;’s slightly lower HP/Ton ratio and 2 km/h lower top speed.
      I’d buy the Type-59 over this easily… even though I use russian mediums… kghk.

  6. they “leak” stuff to see if the suckers will like it, if they do now they will half the buffs….

    start by bringing very low abilities, see what they think, if very low expectation make a strong buff, poll again, if they like half that and see until half/half….

  7. gj WG! Give It 200 pen and It wilk outperform panther II in every aspect… It already has better armor, better mobility, shorter aimtime, better speed, better dpm, better ground resistance, smaller siluette… Probably radio and view range as well. WG premium balancing…. Same with su122-44.

    • Panther II desperately needs buffs really. Even compared to the T-34-2 it’s just….


      • So the Panther II post-engine nerf is really that bad now? I remember when I had it before that nerf it was like playing a far more mobile KT. Against other Tier 8 Mediums, a lot of times it boiled down to who got the first shot off. Granted, at the time I had the Panther II the Type 59 had been nerfed a little, but not to the point it is now, so the Type 59 still generated a tremendous amount of BS.

        • They really need to make the Panther 2 just like a E50 of its tier. At one point it was.

          It was the super fast str8 line racer. So if it really is much slower they need to massively buff its tracks like the magical T62a whos Power to Weight is much lower than tanks it burns in races like the M48. In RL M48/60 was sooooo much faster with 800 HP engines vs the weak ass 580 hp engines the ruskis had as well as much lower TQ so they were double slow.

          Also RL trans were much better in US so even more speed

      • Type 59 is a premium tank that has armour in addition to gun(which has more pen on both AP and APCR). Witih pre-nerf T-54 turret, it has time to aim and fire accurately aimed shot.

        T-54 light won’t have much armour on the hull and turret is iffy at best.
        With this playstyle it will have to take low percentage shots.

        • This is crap. Nothing has 2.9 secs x 3 to aim. By the time a T59 fully aims a arty is also fully aimed. Because its bloom is huge and because aimtime is really 1/3rd the real/full aimed time.

          This med will feel like a true med, the T59 feels like a fast heavy. T59 is a slug compared to a t54.

          Also 66% of shots go in center of reticle NO MATTER WHAT, its just how game mechanics work, this is fine for ammo.

          It fires what every 7 secs? So your telling me you will shoot straight for 238 seconds…Lol

          Even with 40%ish accuracy thats 3750 DMG with 4 bounces anf 15 misses

  8. Better on move dispersion and aiming time(same)s than 54, better terrain resistance, traverse speeds are nice, shell velocity same as 54. Slightly higher top speed, dpm ok-ish. But 11k gold… Armor probably semi workable. If camo values are good then it could be decent tank for people that like to play mediums and lights.


    I told you they would make it a laser beam wielding super fast tank.

    Anything T54 is gonna be T54 feeling esp if its lighter. This now is much much faster as in all speed esp accel, it has much much much better gun handling and since aim time is really 3x longer to fully zoom they knocked of 1.5 secs to fully zoom in. It went fro ma T59`s aimtime to a T54`s…Huge. Also ROF

  10. till 9.3 is 2-3 months at best, so tank stats can change more this is the point of testing it right so don’t panic .I am taking it so i don’t care much :P if they let as buy t-44-85 am gonna buy him to but but he may stay for RU only :(

  11. If it will retain at least these stats (or even better), I will definitely buy it, most likely even without preferential MM. Aim time of 2.3, accuracy of 0.42 or better and mobility of at least T34-3, thats all I am asking for in a good medium that doesnt require any special treatment.

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