Straight outta Supertest: Soviet premium MT8 “light T-54″

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

this is the upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank, the “light T-54″. Right now it’s being supertested on the test. Compared to regular T-54, it has lighter armor. Currently, its ETA is unknown (possibly 9.3). The description says:

“A project of the lighter variant of the T-54 medium tank. The work on this vehicle began in May 1949. It was proposed that this vehicle, thanks to its increased terrain passability, could be used for tasks, in which the use of the regular serial T-54 tanks was not practical. While the project was being developed, the T-54 Model 1949 was finished and mass-produced and there was no more need for the lighter medium tank.”


Gun: D-10T
Penetration: 175
Damage: 250
Reloadtime: 8,24s (this is most likely with 100 percent crew and such)
Aim time: 2,7s
Accuracy: 0,4
Gun depression: -5 deg

Weight: 30,79 tons
Engine power: 520hp
Power-to-weight: 16,89
Hull traverse rate: 44 deg/s
Ground resistance: 0,959/1,151/1,918

Viewrange: 385m
Radio range: 800m
Battletiers: 8,9,10 (regular tier 8 medium MM)
Hitpoints: 1300






119 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest: Soviet premium MT8 “light T-54″

    • Nah, worse acc, worse pen, worse hull armour, worse turret armour, worse gun depression.

      Hey, at least it’s not a T-44-85…

      • I still want the T-44-85, in either test version. Premium ammo solves a lot of issues :P

    • Actually, it is pretty much a Type 59 with 80 mm of hull armor. And 5° of gun depression instead of 7°.
      It’s more like the Type 59 than the T-44 :)

    • with 1 major difference betwen these two – only one of them get premium MM. If Type 59 dont get premium MM, it wont be so popular (i think)… so this can be allright…

      btw, looking forward to it, it looks awesome

        • Compared to the Type 59′s 0.39? It’s got better aim time than the Type, 2.7 vs 2.9 sec.

          The most important advantage is the hp/ton which is 16.9 vs the Type’s 14.7.

    • do not expect type performance, they did that mistake with t-34-3!

      but more likely t 44 with t 54 shape!

    • For its primary role (light tank= scout) it is perfect. T59 is a medium. Btw, 800 range radio will do tons of damage assist via radio…i like it.

  1. Why do they keep punishing us with crap wannabe-Type 59′s? First the T-34-3, now this?

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy it idiot. If you really need to have a russian medium tank, there is the Matilda IV at tier V.

      • “Nobody is forcing you to buy it idiot. If you really need to have a russian medium tank, there is the Matilda IV at tier V.”

        Soviet Union wasn’t just Russia.

    • Whether or not there is a tank that fits into being a premium tank. You don’t have to buy it.

  2. Worse than the t44 in almost every way..and sees t10..nope..not gonna buy it. Give it max t9 and I would. 175 pen is not sufficient to think of t10

    • Of course it is worse than the T-44, that is how a premium tank is supposed to be like. Better than a stock tier VIII, worse than an elite.

    • “175 pen is not sufficient to think of t10″

      That’s silly. Have you even played T-44? Did you know T-44 has EXACTLY the same pen?

      • well actually, T-44 is non-prem tank.
        think of FCM50t. it has about 200mm pen but max t9

          • I have 62% winrate in T43 and 55% in T54. That tank is shit and playing in tier 10 games is pure horror.

            • T-44 is shit in t9 and specially in t10 battles. Heavy gold ammo usage is needed to make it work. What i meant to say it’s not bad tank, but much harder to play in T10 battles. Potato will die doing nothing while good player will have to play perfectly to have at least a decent game. On t8 however it’s really great medium.

              • I have 72% winratio with T-44 from 165 games, it is very nice tank on tier 8. It’s much better medium than T-34-2, Indienpanzer or Panther II.

            • And of course you are the very model of a perfect WoT gamer, whom we should all strive to be like.

              I thought the A-20 was a fairly decent light with a 66% winrate, not everyone plays the same, or likes the same things.

              Your argument is invalid.

              • Yes it is valid.
                What you are saying is what I have been saying for years now…

                DO NOT USE absolute frases. They are NOT CORRECT.
                Say, “T-44 does not fit my playstyle” or ” I think this should be buffed on T-44″
                That is valid. Calling it a bad tank when some people like me and other love it?
                Wont pass.

                • I think there’s a bit of confusion around.
                  I was replying to KING, who is essentially saying “the T-44 sucks because my winrate is bad in it.”

                  To which I say it is an invalid argument.

                  “not everyone plays the same, or likes the same things.” therefore if you hate it, it does not mean its bad.

                  For the record I enjoyed the T-44. teir 10 or not.

    • Slightly better view range than regular soviet meds, so much for “better than stock but worse than elite”

  3. Wtf no preferential mm?

    Make something worse than Type 59 in every way, why not?

    The nice thing is that turret shape looks MUCH better than T-54.

    Might buy just for the looks.

      • Type 59 gets preferential MM, so it is better than normal Tier 8 tanks, as long as you’re not fighting 1v1.

        The thing is, I have no problem risking the chance of platooning with a normal tier 8. My Type 59 can do well in a tier 10 match. I’m not sure I’d feel the same with the light T-54.

        • My Type 59 was MUCH better when it did not have preferential MM. So much more money…
          Whining morons ruined it.

          By better I mean actually better in combat. Type 59 is as good/slightly worse then normal T8 meds

      • The Type59 was never OP. It was popular, causing a lot of people to play it at a time and formed wolfpacks. These tactics worked well against other teams that werent organized to defend against them, plus when you had tier 5s facing tier 8s and these type 59 wolfpacks, it seemed over powered but the tank is anything but.

    • did everyone here forget its a scout tank its not suppose to get preferred MM thats why they called it a Light T54 its not suppose to go head to head with tanks

      • its a premium MEDIUM tier 8 tank called “Light T-54″ meaning that its a trimmed down version of the OP-54 that´s why it´s name, in the sense it´s lighter than OP-54, but its still considered a MEDIUM. pseudo scout? yeah, probably. still gonna buy it, need crew trainers for all those rusky mediums.

      • “did everyone here forget its a scout tank ”
        The whole purpose of this is to have medium Tier 8 premium. It is only “lighter” because the T-54 is Tier 9.

        “need crew trainers for all those rusky mediums”
        Ain’t that the truth?

    • T-34-3 and 112 lacked pref-MM on supertest as well.

      Remember everyone, this thing hasn’t even reached the normal test server yet.

      If the T-34-3 and FCM 50t have pref-MM, this thing is almost guaranteed to get it too.

  4. Well, a glorified scout (with 385 viewrange). They’ve taken great care of not making it OP. Might be fun.

    • “this is the upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank”
      It’s a medium. It is no more a glorified scout than any other tier 8 medium, premium or otherwise.

      • There are mediums which are glorified scouts. The M7 is one of them. This looks set to be one.

  5. The tier 10 spread is probably only a tentative thing.

    The T-34-3 and 112 both had tier 10 spreads in the super test server as well.

  6. Also:
    Oh look, yet another tank that will make the T-34-2 eat its own shit.
    T-44, Light T-54, Type 59 and T-34-3 all laugh at it.

    • Yeah, same as NOT PREMIUM T-44 that HAS NO PREFERENTIAL MM, and that is doing just fine …. fuck WG … because of reasons.

    • Remember that is still on supertest.

      The T-34-3 and 112 had normal MM on supertest too, on live they have pref-MM.

  7. Hmm.. well when we first got info about the t-34-3 it didn’t have pref mm so… they might change it later?

  8. Why instead of calling this a T54 light version don’t they just say yeah we were lazy… here is a premium T44 tank. I think everyone would be upset at first but the T44 is an amazing tank. I used the 100mm on it and often found myself on top of the tank list.

    I already see this becoming another Type 59 if they release it. I bet they are going to yank it out of the store in a yeah citing that it is to numerous or that it doesn’t fight gameplay. Either way another Type 59 and I have a great crew already for it… sign me up baby.

    • T-44 has the 100mm LB-1 gun as top, Light T-54 is using the 100mm D-10T…which is bit worse in everything and you will be supprised is not that much T-44 as u think(if you going ot use it

      • D-10T is a lot worse imo than LB-1. Soft stats and gun handling means a lot on a medium tank. As for T-44 i don’t think it’s bad tank, it just sucks in high tier battles, but on the other hand most of t8 tanks(except TDs) do.

  9. > WG releasing a slightly OP premium tank
    > WG releasing a slightly inferior premium tank (as it should be)

    Can’t you make your mind even once, people? (don’t mind the hyperbole)

    p.s Wait, T-34-3 actually has limited MM? I thought it has normal MM.

  10. it might look a bit meh

    but it still makes the super pershing and T-34-3 look like s***

    well this tank will either be extremely popular and get removed
    be an absolute piece of s***
    or not even get released

    to me it looks like a type 59 which trades some armour for much better speed

    type 59 – 14.44 hp/t
    T54-L – 16.98 hp/t

    that’s a 2.54 hp/t increase

    and im sure it will get pref MM by the time it hits live server

    • Turret front is flat. Look carefully at the collision model. It trades a lot of armor.

  11. If it sells for 7.5k gold then is justified…..Is a Soviet T-34-2 with half the upgrades….

  12. It can look promising, main questions are special mm yes/no, gold ammo penetration and type, speed limit, dispersion stats, reload time is also not clear (if this is its max dpm it doesn’t seem extremely promising).

  13. This is just a medium tank whit shitty mm. It is actually worse than a T-44, same gun and hp pool, but worse acceleration (16,89 vs 19.91) and its ground resistance is not even 0.1% better in each category than the T-44
    T-44: 1.00/1.20/2.00
    light T-54: 0,959/1,151/1,918

  14. It’s worse than Type, but it’s still better than all of the available s*** premium tier VIII tanks, because it’s a normal medium with normal gun. If WG would change their mind and give it preferential MM i buy it straight away and then wait for jadgtiger 8.8 nerf, so maybe I will be able to get my gold back and spend it on something more useful. Accuracy is not such big problem, because it’s a medium not intended for sniping. Aimtime is probably similar to current Type aim. Waiting for it.

  15. I find it amusing that this “light” T-54 has worse power-to-weight ratio than the T-54.

    Of course that’s a problem with T-54. It really shouldn’t have that ridiculous 700 hp engine.
    It doesn’t even get the 580 hp V-55 engine like it’s big brother, the T-62A.

  16. How come the “light T-54″ has arround 17hp/ton and the normal T-54 has 20hp/ton?
    so they took Type 59, remodeled it slightly and named it “Light T-54″?

    • Premiums get historical configurations, that means the engine it had at the time of the project is what it gets, as opposed to the tanks in the tree which have access to upgrades from future developments

  17. How come it has the same gun as the type 59 but worse pen? And I’m pretty sure that’s not the reload time with 100% crew and such.

    If this doesn’t get pref mm it will fail extremely hard

    • It is not the same gun. Check the T-34-2: the D10T is called the 44-100JT in the Chinese tree. The 59-100T is the Type’s gun.

  18. I think for the crew training value alone this tank is a winner. The earning levels of tier 8 prems is also a major factor. Plus it cant be worse than the T-34-3, so yeah, It’ll sell.

    (These comments should have a local time ability in profile. Strange the time stamp is 9 hours before I wrote it!)

  19. Wargaming, We want a Tier 8 German Premium MT, Not Russian tier 8 premiums.

  20. Gunstats
    Penetration: 175
    Damage: 250
    Aim time: 2,7s
    Reloadtime: 8,24s ( Full crew )
    Accuracy: 0,4

    I’m fine with the 0,4 bullshit accuracy, but seriously, 2,7 aim time wargamming?
    Well, that will be ”fun” guess you intend it to snipe if you’re going with that aim-time.
    Sniping only poorly armoured tanks, fun-fun…

    Just ruin it’s mobility and give it a workable gun instead… that will be more fun than this. The gun on the T-44 is already sub-par in everything but ridiculous accuracy, giving a gun that is much worse to a poorly armoured tier 8 just doesn’t work.

    Of course it’s DPM is average, thank god for that T-44 is a flank-sniper this thing couldn’t do that job with it’s 0,4 accuracy + 2,7 second aimtime, that’s for sure. So it having slightly more DPM than the T-44 is much appreciated since the T-44 has quite sub-par dpm for it’s tier. ( only better than the Type 59…. )

  21. We need to wait to see what its soft stats are.

    T59 has horrible bloom etc like Chinese tanks.

    If this follows T54`s laser/railgun It will more than make up for 2 depression+ and 20mm hull armor.

    Also cant look at P/W anymore. Look at the T62 its as fast as T54 but has much less power.

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  23. Thats basically a nerfed Type 59. What is the point of it then and it get into T10?

    Apparently WG logic is always BS like this.

    • The point is that its on SUPER TEST server. Not on COMMON TEST and NOT on LIVE SERVER. I dont know if you know the meaning of TEST in your language.

      112 and 34-3 as mentioned by many others now had normal MM when they were on test servers too. So you can expect that it still can get changed. Even other characteristics.

  24. Well done WG we desperately need another russian prem not biased there just keep adding more russian tanks how about some other nation prem tanks not like there other more pressing matters to fix like bots or damn afk players.

  25. Finally a good tier 8 medium tank. Not a slowpoke like Super Persh or a no gun depression like the T-34-3. Definitely getting if this comes in game as a non reward tank.