Stronkhold Test Tomorrow

Tomorrow, 19.6.2014, a special public test of the Stronkhold mode is scheduled to start, there is a (estimated 20 percent) chance it will be postponed a bit, but that’s the schedule. The source wishes to remain anonymous, but it’s a completely reliable source (thank you at least this way :P)

Please note this is NOT a 9.2 test.

13 thoughts on “Stronkhold Test Tomorrow

    • and map loading times will increase. oh and the kv-13 upper front armor will disappear from armor model :P

      The good old wg way of patching

      • No, no, no, SerB wouldnt make such a mistake with a russian tank! More likely that the front armour of the E-100 would disappear.

  1. So everybody will be able to test it ? Will this come on the public Common Test (normal) server or just for certain people in the supertest group ?