9.1 Hotfix Tomorrow

Hello everyone,

tomorrow, there will be a hotfix minipatch on the EU server with following changes

- fixed moving corpses of tanks issue
- fixed various small UI bugs

Patch will be applied between 6:00 and 6:45AM CEST

33 thoughts on “9.1 Hotfix Tomorrow

  1. Thank God for that! Be good to get this Hallowe’en version fixed. Ghost shells and Zombie tanks gets old real quick.

  2. SS, have you noticed the sound thing: with 9.1 in sniper view there are environmental efects – sounds muffled – because of turret. But, there same effects are in open topped vehicles, where they shouldn’t be – or at least shouldn’t be to such extent. So, technically it’s a bug, isn’t it?

    • It’s not a bug, but an oversight by the game designers, who forgot to consider open-top vehicles when coming up with the idea.

  3. How can WG screw up something that causes the wrecks to move? I dont get it…

  4. About fucking time.
    I mean, those idiots tried to FIX the moving corpses thing in the first place and made it 100x worse with it. I’ve seen corpses wander of for like 50 meters from the point they died, this is just ridiculous.
    Not to mention that the “hitbox” of the corpse still seems to stay in the original location where it first appeared and I had enemy tanks sit behind an “invisible” corps and not get hit while the actual wreck was displayed 30 meters to the right or something.
    How the fuck can they screw something up this badly and it not getting noticed/fixed sooner… just beyond me.

    • Yesterday I lost a battle because the last enemy was behind a corpse that was something like 50m away and I missed the last 3 shot on him with Batchat because of that fucking corpse

  5. - fixed moving corpses of tanks issue
    Also corpses shown in one place when actually they are in another.
    HOW they managed to screw this up :D

  6. - fixed moving corpses of tanks issue

    Awwww no more The Walking Dead WoT Edition :(

  7. Is the hotfix already live, because i still see dead tanks moving……

    UPDATE: now, when i start the game, it does not go further the synchronizing personal file….

      • Solution does not work everytime. After playing the game / logging out and logging in, the problem still occurs…

        Great work WG, trying to fix one thing, but instead you break more…..
        Also the moving dead tanks still have not been fixed…

        • Finally found out that the problem is causes by 1 or more mods.
          If i empty the res_mods folder, the game starts normal.

          I don’t know which mod is causing the problem…