Planned Dates for 9.2

Hello everyone,

this info comes from an anonymous friend, who works for the Chinese Kongzhong company, the partner of Wargaming in China. Currently, the time schedule for patch 9.2 is as such:

Supertest #1: 26.06.2014 (or 25.6.2014, unclear)
Public test #1: 01.07.2014 (or a day earlier)
Public test #2: 10.07.2014 (or a day earlier)
9.2 live on RU server: 21.07.2014

9.2 content according to China:
- stronkhold mode
- something called “realistic ricochet” (not sure what that could be)
- new historical battles

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    • Yeah i almost forgot that they claimed in 9.2 to introduce Havok technology. What the fuck is wrong with devs. They seems to be like kids in the candyshop ;/

    • Just my opinion, but I would rather see them do only 2 updates a year, 6 mo’s apart. Then they can do all the testing and fixing and not have to rush and pump out bullshit. Plus it would be easier for all the mod creators and I wouldnt have to get pissed waiting for my mods to update.

  1. “realistic ricochet” – To me, this means that a shell bounces, but still could penetrate another tank, albeit with significantly reduced pen. The RNG shots that would be possible…

    • Sounds about right. In 9.0 they also introduced the realistic ricochet tracers – you can see where a shell would go after a bounce. (although I don’t know if that in itself is truly realistic – but it’s the kind of realism WG likes)

    • For me that kind of riccochet would be extemely stupid. Imagine killing an arty by making a riccochet from 2 tanks :D.

      The better thing would be when a shell hits a tank, goes through it, and then hits another one :)

      • Ricochet is realistic enough, how about do work on things more important? Optimization? Havok? Rebalance?

        • As far as realism goes, they should model the destroyed tanks’s damage models. That way you wouldn’t be able to hide LFP behind a loltraktor, cause it would only add ~50mm of armor to it.

  2. Wow, another patch introducing absolutely nothing in comparison to every patch pre 9,0. GG WG, GG. You promise us the world then fuck the game up so hard with 9.0 the rest of the year is going to be spent fixing bugs and pushing havok and HD models releases further and further back.

    Lost faith in seeing the American mediums/lights re-work or any new tanks for that matter.

    • Have patience, WG said somewhere that this whole year they plan to do less content and work on optimisation/physics/havok. Besides, this info is not so official, so we can treat is as a “unofficial” gossip :D

      • They can give less content with each patch, that’s fine . But give us SOME content! There’s nothing in these patches! Just what does 9.1 bring now that they’ve removed the new gun AND engine sounds??? A buff or nerf to a few tanks, one new map, and two more historical battles that no one is going to play, that’s what. With the current state of 9.1, this gossip is rather likely, wouldn’t you say?

  3. I remember hearing the devs first say that Havok would come in 9.1/9.2 at the latest, then 9.2/9.3, and now I’m expecting 9.3/9.4. It’s like nuclear fusion energy: always just 20 years away, but still only a distant dream of the future.

    • I also remember they said a big stats rebalance for tanks is coming. Nothing so far. Oh and roaming is also delayed to God knows when.

  4. so.. No Havoc? First they said 9.0 after that they said 9.1-9.2(probably 9.2) and then they said 9.2-9.3(probably 9.2). Starting to loos faith in WG now, have bean a big fans since beggining. And when Havoc was comming i felt it was a big step forward. Now it looks like they only promise and then delays it :(

    • > First they said 9.0 after that they said 9.1-9.2(probably 9.2) and then they said 9.2-9.3(probably 9.2).
      That’s how development works. Also they said “2014″. We’re at the end of May now.

      > And when Havoc was comming i felt it was a big step forward.
      Really? Why? They said from the beginning that Havoc would only be visual things, it’s not mandatory and will not change gameplay the slightest (for now). They mentioned that they could do some server-side Havoc stuff, but they clearly said that this is not part of the short-term plan.

      • I know it was mostly visual, but it will make it alot more fun driving thruh fences, buildings, so they are not blocky like Minecraft. And i am also intrested in what they CAN do with Havoc, arty crates as cover, buildings falling over tanks and such ;)

        • I think you overestimate it (like most players), so I warn you – you’ll probably be disappointed.

          Everything that Havok does will have to be more or less playable even without it for owners of older / not supported cards. Bear that in mind.

          • But they are removing the old engine after that since Havoc gives better preformans, so they dont have to keep the old things ;)

            • Where have you heard that rumour? Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t say that.

            • No, they are not, it will run some calculations on server and it will be visible on client and calculated there as well to lessen the stress, that is all. Any source on that (mis)information?

    • You’re latte buddy. Ive been reading here their plans that Havok is coming ever since 2012!

  5. I would imagine realistic ricochet will work with havoc, when a shell bounces a Tank, it flies off and if it hits a destructible building, it would be destroyed.

    • They already do. There are cases when the shell bounces from the turret into the hull.

    • That is already in the game actually. I once (many many patches ago) tested my MT-25′s gun on an afk T57 Heavy. I went around behind him, shot the back of the concave shaped turret rear and the shot bounced off it and down straight through the engine deck. I shot that same spot with the same result a billion times and eventually killed him doing so.

  6. did i miss the info when 9.1 will hit?
    is kinda more important to me, cause next big mod searching etc.

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  8. The date i miss is the release date of Armored Warfare Beta.

    After years in WOT i start not boring, i really start HATING the game… in the moment you dont have fun playing because the damn thing is the same thing after years…

    After 3 years you cant select the maps you want play, you cant select play using a MM based in level system and a game with WWII tanks doesnt have a proper way to play historical mode only have somekind of fast food mode released in a hard rush.

    I really lose the faith on WOT, maybe to play a few battles is ok but nothing more, and is not a question of better graphics (i am with a 6 years old PC) is a question of better GAME, i have in my mind shooters from 90s that have more and better game modes and every map with his game mode not use a map in diferent game modes.

    Is sad see how WG kills WOT because they invest very few money in game and how they totallly ignore players but with an incompetent like Serb what you can expect?

  9. Worthless patch, like 9.1. Expect to see patch 9.6 with the following patchnote:
    -changed name of wot.exe to worldoftanks.exe
    And that’s it.

  10. So far a ricochet can only be calculated 2times if im not wrong and only for the tank being shot at.

    Making it to ricochet into another tank it think it’s kinda worthless and waste of server resources. How many time such scenarios can happen? since they introduced bounce tracers all i see is the shells bouncing up.

    I think it’s something else. Probably related to effects or something.

  11. Yea guys definitely no Havoc coming in 9.2. WG have decided to only do 3 things next patch and the content revealed by China is the only thing they are doing and that is in fact the entire patch notes of 9.2. After all, SS said clearly that this is the end all be all of the 9.2 patch notes that are official and complete and contain every single final change to be made…

  12. Snooooore. Two patches with barely any meaningful content after the trainwreck that was 9.0?

    It’s a good thing War Thunder just came out with their ground forces. Sounds like I’ll be extending my vacation from WoT…

  13. If this horseshit is the only content we will be getting they might aswell postpone it for few months until they find something worth to put in, like Havok physics.

  14. - something called “realistic ricochet” (not sure what that could be)

    after the bounce, the shells hit the ground n explode?