Australian Archives VII

As always, courtesy of Vollketten (US Server).

Here we have yet another brilliant solution from the mind of the Commonwealth engineers.

Backstrom Amphibian Invasian Tank – 1942







26 thoughts on “Australian Archives VII

  1. Between this and the Aussie tendency of taking British tanks, and basically just strapping rockets everywhere, stopping short of a rocket-launching codpiece for the commander, I’m going to put forward the notion that Australians are in fact, Orks.

    And I’m ok with that.
    Rock on Australia.

  2. Wait….. He wanted to “do the Islands”?

    I just can’t stop laughing, with the image’s this brings to mind, combined with the look of the tank it self.

  3. If you research Charles W. Backstrom you will find him to be a very civic minded person. Involved with his local community in Whyalla all his life as well as making attempts to support the war effort. He was the local undertaker.

    The Late Charles W. Backstrom is buried in Whyalla Cemetery.

    • I had not looked up Mr.Backstrom and there are plenty of ideas very similar to his own. Its certainly not bad in its own right and he was clearly trying to help his country at a dire time. If you are from that area and known any of the family I’ll happily pass on all of the docs I have relating to this if they want them – just PM me. – Vollketten

  4. Now we know why the blighters were transported to the other side of the world.

  5. Ok, the guy had good intentions and wanted to assist in the war effort, but somebody had to actually field this subsmission, file the contents, and reply to the originator, all instead of doing something, well, useful.

    Old mate shoulda stuck’ta stickin’ stiffs in the ground.

    • Actually, going through these submissions would have been useful work, as there is always the chance that the next big idea is on the next page.
      Sometimes not being an engineer can get you to look at the problem in a different manner.

  6. Actually? Lolz. A million monkeys on typewriters would only reliably produce works of appreciable worth if the time to do so was infinite. Time is a finite resource. Monkeys should climb trees and throw faeces to make the most of their own time, and waste the least time of others.

    • So, some guy in Germany comes to you with the outlandish idea of flying to the bombs to their target on a rocket motor and you say go back to your tree monkey.

      History is littered with strange ideas from non conventional sources, like the patent clerk who changed physics

  7. Must have been an interesting guy. I can see the connection between working around all that steel – Whyalla is home to a (small) fully integrated steel plant which has been plugging along for some time – still going today. They run out a lot of rail and heavy beam. I guess he was looking for some way to harness the steelmaking and inhouse engineering capacity of the Whyalla plant to a different form of contribution to the war effort. Interesting find, thanks for the post.