Nothing much today either. Well, actually, two things.

First, Crytek denied financial issues (and, hence, being taken over by Wargaming). Too bad for us I guess.

Second, ASIA forum now has a “developer Q&A”. Well, sort of. It’s led by Tanitha, who is an ASIA server producer. The section can be found here, but if you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to, I’ll be including it in daily QA.

From the answers today:

- Havoc is not scheduled for 9.2
- Havoc was originally scheduled for 9.0, keeps getting postponed
- currently Havoc ETA is not known (“Exactly what update it will arrive in depends on how quickly the final pieces get put together”)

If you have an account on ASIA server, you can post your questions there as well.

45 thoughts on “25.6.2014

  1. The question is… will Havok run in old render? (aka. Standard Graphics)

    This is bugging me since the day it was announced

      • Havoc runs only on CPU. Wot is heavily CPU dependant and uses only one core.

        So if old computer users (1 to 2 cores) can barely run wot they are going to have troubles running havok. I hope i will be an option to not activate havok engine for the weak computer owners.

        • OFC you’ll be able to disable it. However, Havok will use a separate core (2nd on 2 core and probably 3rd on 4 core) so it won’t slow normal WoT.

    • I think that only solid objects that change gameplay. All “beautiful things” like destroy walls in little pieces that don’t affect gameplay would work only in advanced graphics.

  2. Havoc is coming in 41.5 guys! just 10 more years…
    WG bullshit as always.

        • Big world engine is not a graphic engine, its not responsible for fps drops. It’s a popular misconception. Now stop shitposting and actualy read about Big World engine, pls ;__;

          • Hello. I too would like to join this thread. Jolly good gig you got here I say. Now, how should I do this? Open with a bit of hyperbole perhaps? Ok then, here goes; WG are so incompetent at implementing new features into WoT that I bet I will have lots of time to play it when Havok arrives because I will be so old I will be on the pension.

            Ok, then I think I follow up with a strangely personal and offensive insult towards WG, the company, because insulting a faceless entity is a perfectly rational thing to do.


            Fuck you WG you cocksucker.

            • There was a friend of mine on WoT forums who predicted that the compaines like WG which does not give a smallest crap about their playerbase will crumble soon, because of the ever-changing trends and current economic chain of a computer game.

  3. Just a thing:
    QA means Quality Assurance, what you mean is Q&A which means Questions and Answers. Pretty big difference. WoT could actually use some buffs in the QA department!

      • Actually at first I was “wow new QA for WoT, finally! Less bugs in new patches…” but then I was “awwwwwwwww :(“

        • Well I was just ‘huh? Who gives a fuck about that region?’ and then I was ‘oh, this person gives a fuck about that region…ok then!’

  4. Interesting, maybe we have a reason to why Havoc keeps getting postponed. I am sure that the purchase of Crytek was something that has been in the works for some time now, if that is the case, maybe we are going to see a Crytek engine instead of Havoc, maybe?

    • Nope. It’s way too hard for them to change the engine. It would be easier to make a whole new game than to port it to cryengine.

  5. Havoc will probably be released around the same time as the SturmTiger, AMX-30 and … well… just about never the way they keep postponing it.

    A new challenger has appeared for this years Vaporware of the year award (previous 3 years winner – SturmTiger is in great danger this year!)

  6. “First, Crytek denied financial issues (and, hence, being taken over by Wargaming).”
    Read about that on IGN. Thank God, I hope they’re right.

    • Yeah same I have heard as well now Crytek are getting a huge influx of cash from a investment company or a bank I believe.

    • what are they going to say? yeah we are in total bankrupt, but please keep investing on us…

      ofc they will deny everything until they cant continue, but rumors say some projects are already cancelled and employees are leaving crytek uk.

  7. First it was scheduled for 9.0. Then it got postponed to 9.2/9.3 and now ETA is unknown. GG

    • They flash shiny new things way too soon, they should announce them later when they actually have them sort-of working. But that was just to overhype 9.0 so WoT doesn’t look (graphically) so shit compare to Ground Forces…

  8. And another delay and another delay and another delay… DUDES PLS!! Im done with all those delays!!

  9. Lol, SS,, i’m respecting you dude, but you actually believed that if WG buys Crytek they can change the game engine? They can’t do that, it would take way too long for them and it will require them to work on 2 different games.
    Bigworld WoT which would have to be supported for more than 1 year + new content
    Cryengine WoT which would have to copy the old version while having all the content.

  10. Crytek woes have been more or less confirmed, WG purchasing it is still rumor and I doubt Crytek has something that WG wants. And it is normal for a company to deny any rumor about problems, even if they are about to close the doors.

    As for Havok, I believe that the 9.0 problems have derailed the implementation, WG is now focused to fix the problems before they continue with new work.

  11. I think that the New HD models and havoc engine will be in seperate client, so if you dont have a good pc then the game will be the same but for those with good pc will download the second client (HD Client) where there will be new models and havoc

  12. Everything gets postponed. Thats the result when you use the Bruteforce method for programming.