37 thoughts on “New WoT Blitz Trailer

  1. Somehow I think arty would fit better on this platform but there are no arties in wotb.

  2. WoT Blitz looks just like desktop WoT did around 2010-2011 :D
    How times have changed. Went from having to have a PC to play that 3-4 years ago to a simple mobile device.

  3. Blitz is nice, it is very impressive, what WG did on the mobile phones with its hardware. But – …

    Until the Blitz account wont be unified with the “big” WoT one (at least the gold, silver and free XP), there is no why to play that with its terrible controls.

    • Actually, controls are astonishingly good for what they have to work with – i am really impressed.
      This game just has different pace, more “tanky” ;) one.

    • Probably won’t happen because of Apple store politics regarding in game purchases and stuff.

      • Buy a game for 20$ that will last for 3 hours is GOOD.
        “Buy” a game and spend 5$ in microtransaction is BAD.
        Apple store logic.

  4. Ok, Played couple of battles, doesn’t look like game has changed much from closed beta. For playing beta WG is giving Pz IV hydrostat tier V premium. It is a shame that account is not unified with WoT one.
    Game controls and performance is ok.

  5. Wait…. the tank on the Ipad is the E8 sherman, but in the shot, it’s a firefly. Is WoT blitz getting a firefly?

    • To the best of my pitiful knowledge, it is referencing the story of one Firefly in Villers-Bocage that shoot through a window of a corner building at a Tiger. Wiki entry of the battle cited several sources about it, whether its fact or fiction I do not know. So their historians might have insisted the use of a Firefly in the ad even when there is none in the app itself.

  6. srsly…just play Battle Supremecy, its much better and made by the same people who make the Sky Gamblers games which is way better than WoWp…

  7. I played the game, all I can say is that the controls are terrible. I really dislike them. But I hate every kind of game like that on my iPad.

    • i kinda know what you mean, but some games allow you to change the control scheme and what not so its ok in the end

  8. I was in the beta and tried my best to play it but couldn’t get to grips with the controls. Kinda reminded me of the old Call of Duty on PC vs. Call of Duty on consoles discussion about the controls.

  9. The difference between World of Tanks Blitz and regular World of Tanks is so clear in this trailer.

    In regular WoT, if you sit in one place and stare at a cafĂ© window like a donkey for that long, then you get arty’d.

    In WoT Blitz, you don’t because there ISN’T any arty! :D