Football Mode Schedule and 9.2

Hello everyone,

wondering how long will we still get to play the football mode? After all, the World Cup ends on 13.7.2014 with its finals, no? Check this out.

According to SEA server, the football mode will be here until “about next patch


The EU missions end on Tuesday 15th of July, two days after the World Cup ends. So, does that mean we will get the next patch at that point?

Who knows. According to the Chinese leak, the Russians will get it a week later (21.7. or so), around the 15th it will be time for round 2 of the test. We’ll see, but it’s clear that unless something bad happens, we will see the 9.2 patch in the second half of July. Not that it’s that much to look forward to…

14 thoughts on “Football Mode Schedule and 9.2

      • They are funny until they block your shots in their old position, where you see only air.

    • nurf da ball, wat do u mean??? imo they should buff it to go faster after being shot so the gamemode is more about shooting the ball and ubermarskmanship on highspeed/airborne/bouncing ball. trackshooters already constaloose to ballshooters but they are annoying and shoud STAHP and put up better games.

  1. Next patch will be in 2016 (I mean the patch where they put SOMETHING into and not just “fixing” and “balancing”), so we can play this mode with the European Championship event :D

  2. I played twice – till 1st victory [to get "shiny" medal]. Both times it was stressful.. maybe in platoon with friends it would be different experience..

  3. They should make Karl and Football mode available afterwards for those who purchase premium accounts.

  4. so does this mean 9.2 test in a week or 2
    cool i love test server, having all tier 10 really spoils you