How World of Tanks perhaps saved a life…


Thanks to Tutmary for this one. Please note that this post is NOT an invitation for Ukraine/Russia bashing, more like an interesting insight into the life in eastern Ukraine. It was written by a guy living in Slavyansk, I am sure you heard that name on the news in last months. It’s called “Thank you, WoT”, the link is above.


Here’s what it says:

“I live in Slavyansk, we got our water pipes bombed, that’s why you have to go to a water pump to get water (there, they pour water to anyone who wishes). I wanted to go out to get water, but decided to run a few battles (I am grinding E75) and while I was playing, shelling started. After the shelling stopped, I went out to get water and saw the water pump stand. The windows were broken, the stand was blown up. If I had been there at that moment, a shell might have fallen on me. But two losses on E75 saved my health. Thanks to you, WoT, and that’s no joke. Play tanks, friends!”

The comments are interesting as well, basically a city where internet works just fine but the water distribution got destroyed – the author himself notes that it’s just a weird situation. His grandmother apparently broke a leg, that’s why they did not escape from the besieged city. The life in the entire Ukraine is currently weird, it influences Edrard (FTR webmaster) personally as well. Let’s hope the entire situation calms down soon.

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      • SerB is love
        SerB is life

        It is finally confirmed. If SerB wouldn’t come up with his dream of game about tanks, this man would be dead now. I imagine angels speaking to SerB and giving him a holy manuscript made of donkey skin and written in silver the concept of WoT. Then SerB covered in Holy Light visits Kisly and speaks about the magnificent game that would save lives and redeem the sinful. With money earned by WoT, SerB ascends in to Godhood and Kisly becomes the first Patriarch of Church of Holy Wargaming.

        Oh god I’m so high right now.

  1. Ye, I agree. I wonder how countries like Poland and Finland( i think) will react now that Russia will stop their gas supply because they have been supplying Ukraine :/

        • You can’t eat money, and some of the food prices have already more than doubled in russia since they started handing out embargoes to Ukraine supporters.

          • Lol, propoganda machine is working. I live in Russia, prices did NOT double. Neither prices for local goods, nor for imported goods (fuck, even goddamn Roshen candies still cost the same, lol).
            To be honest, all of this “western sanctations against Russia” did not affect my life of financial condition at all. And none of my friends and acquaintances told me, that it did, when I asked. And some of them are engaged in business including retailing business, distribution of imported goods, etc.

            • Except this kind of data was released in a report by one of RF government agencies Also, just because the commodities market went up doesn’t necessary mean the end consumer is going to feel anything straight away.

              Those ‘western sanctions’ you speak of were implemented only against chosen few russian wealthy and powerful (because the UE basically pussed out on the situation). Seing how you’re here trolling a blog, I’m pretty sure you’re neither, so I’d be suprised you’d be the one affected.

              • Trolling a blog? people talk shit about his country, he retaliates. Speaking up is trolling now? or is it only when its directed towards people you don’t like.

                I’m talking in general here.

              • >this kind of data was released in a report by one of RF government agencies
                I would be happy to see a proof-link.

                >against chosen few russian wealthy and powerful
                Could I see a list, please? I wonder if I am on it. May be there are some sanctions against me in person that I don’t know about yet, and their effect “cannot be felt straight away”. You know, like when prices are doubled, but the price tag stays the same during months and seasons.

        • Sure it will and a bloody huge pile, but afaik no sooner than 2018 – and that’s a long time for a lot of things to happen :)

          Edit: the contract is 30-years

        • It will make them money.. not before several years though as they have npo way of channeling that gas to china.

    • Poland will back up Kiev with any help neccesary . The Ukraine will stop supplying Crimea with water and electricity, until Moscovites make their mind.

        • Its bullshit. There are enough powerplants in Crimea. There are even many enviro-friendly wind stations and solar stations.

      • Polacks backing the Banderites? Haha, historical irony is so fun. Good luck with that.

        • Well the Soviets collaborated with Nazis until 1941, and some of the Ukrainians since then.
          I.d rather choose lesser of two evils, especially with all those Ruskies hallucinating about fighting nazis, I.d rather choose lesser of two evils, especially with all those Ruskies hallucinating about fighting nazis, I.d rather choose lesser of two evils, especially with all those Ruskies hallucinating about fighting nazis, I.d rather choose lesser of two evils, especially with all those Ruskies hallucinating about fighting nazis, lol.

      • Speak for yourself dude, I’d rather stay @ home and play mah pixel tonkz. And I think, I’ll have my pc back in August, hooray for repairing something after more than a year! :P

      • Finland not..maybe. But Poland, Hungary, Czech republic, Austria and Germany maybe too are supplied by Russian natural gas.

    • Finland, just nothing.

      Anyway I wonder why they haven’t cut electricity and internet. Just water, O_o Plz try to think ur own brains.

    • I wonder about it by myself sometimes. Notice hovewer that Poland is rich in gas itself. So far og the only problem was that Russia would stop distributing they own gas to half EU. So there it is. Wolf from the east, pressure from west and gas itself in the backyard :).

      Honestly: damn those rusian politics! Having such great atribute in the wrong hands can cover whole europe in shadows. ..


  2. That could have been anything to occupy his time though. Not just WoT.
    But the situation there seems to be pretty sad and very odd. No water but good internet connection?!
    Hopefully he will get his water supply back.

    • Well water runs through great big pipes that are susceptible to bombs, internet runs through the air or wires that are less susceptible to bombs, so they would have to target them especially to bring them down. Maybe the water pipe was just caught in a nearby blast and got destroyed…

      • Somehow I doubt they have underground internet cables but that’s the only they could actually survive the battles. I’ve seen some images with tanks taking down poles in one of the separatist cities. If there were net cables there… no more WoT.

    • I must admit I have mixed feelings. The UKR Army is supposed to cease fire; and EU got observers in eastern oblyast to make sure it does so. So who the hell is shelling Slavyansk?

  3. this is like saying i didnt get run over today cuse i stayed at home -_-

  4. but also can be a fake from a wannabe world of tanks adviser, did u think about that?

    in my opinion i would imortalize that sittuation with a photo or a video….but no … not every young man has a smartphone in 2014 or a phone with even vga camera:)

    btw ,i live in ukraine and i rpg tenks everyday:)

  5. I don’t think that I could play WoT while some idiot is lobbing real shells at me!

  6. This is one of the most bizarre things I read in a while.
    An all-out war situation is happening outside his apartment or house, and of all the things he can think off doing in that period, he desided to waste time on (ironically) a war game!? What kind of mindset is that!?
    This damn game is getting in in every pore of the body making guy like a senseless zombie unaware of his

    • Yeah, that’s what I ask myself. Of course, most of the people of Slavyansk/Donetsk (and mostly any other place in the world, in fact) are peaceful people, but I don’t exactly understand why their goverment don’t supply them with guns and ammunition, so that they could fucking defend themselves.
      Not that a gun can save you from shelling, when you sit in your appartment, but I guess starting a guerilla movement would be a nice idea. Fuck, your are being killed – you can at least TRY to defend yourselves.

  7. Let’s keep the warring in games, hope this conflict will end swiftly without more useless loss of life!

  8. Frank, maybe you can ask Edrard to write REAL post on how it is where he lives now and how it affects wot-news and ftr, instead of this propaganda? Because, you know, everyone can write sth. like that and i belive Edrard and you more than some random guy on interwebz…

  9. .. well, basically taking a dump at the right time can save your life – a bit far fetched

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    • Funnily enough I was thinking just the same thing… except I met this 6′ blonde nympho…and I wasn’t playing wot…

      btw.. wtf is your name.. you been sniffing what comes out of the bubble wrap when you pop it?

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  11. I wonder how far is the water punp to this guy’s house? He must be lucky that shells went to water pump instead of misfired his house. Anyway, I hope situation there gets better

  12. “Thank you WG for the MM that makes me lose all the time” is what i read out of it :)