19 thoughts on “Gotta Keep My Tank Clean!

  1. Feel sorry for the guy at 1:40 catching a blast of exhaust right in the face

  2. cleaning a tank is like cleaning a monster truck…ur just wasting water, time and money

    • I thought the same thing my first few times washing my tank. However, a dirty tank is harder to do maintenance on, and they take lots of regular maintenance. Also, you clean them before parking in a motor pool, else you get it dirty and that is even more work to clean. In the US, we had large tank-sized drive-in water pools to help get the tracks clean. And the water was recycled anyway.

      • If you’re lucky – we had concrete pads and fire hoses. Come wintertime it wasn’t quite as much fun anymore.

  3. Wash my Tank now humble peasants or eat my bullets instead!!!

  4. Its a T-55 for sure, and most likely a rebel one, due to it being filmed in Donetsk (rebel held) and Ukraine doesnt use T-55s for active service

  5. gits didnt pay and they smogged the employee with exhaust… bloody typical customer!