21 thoughts on “Meanwhile in WG EU Android Assistant…

  1. It seems WG EU has something to do with the Android assistant as well. Good for them, they’re trying to improve their fail ratio by bringing their fails to other platforms as well.

    • The Fails are too OP to be contained in one platform only
      first PC now Android next The WORLD :P

  2. there’s a reason why I uninstalled this crapapp two hours after getting it.
    Oh, and I also love how they go “Can be yours at half price!” with their 30% discounts (15 for the, soon-to-be premium, Ferdi)

    • Hey, if the Ferdie is going to be a premium, does that mean that if we’ve unlocked it we get it free? Just curious, since I just unlocked it last weekend when I finally elited my Tiger P… LOL!

  3. Hang on…. So Wargaming_EU social media / media reporting made a mistake?
    HOLD THE PRESS… this is front page news!!!

    oh yeah… not ;-)

  4. su 152 was a spy all the time…thats why he trolled his team more than his enemies…